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Welcome Tammy


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Tymmy is Tammy's biggest Fanboy. Anyone that wheelies two stroke triples into telephone poles is just to damn cool for school. Ask LittleGuy™...:littleguy:



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20 hours ago, boboneleg said:

Hello Tammy, good to see you again 👍


Very interested in your transamtrail trip :littleguy:

Yeah we're going to be doing it at the end of May.

Only 14 days off so we'll see how far we can get..


I'll be on my CRF1000 and Elen on her Versys 300.  Hopefully we'll be camping most of the way.20211225_151115.thumb.jpg.167f9526003ec92e84fb494cda591cbc.jpg

I'm in a free state no so I'll be able to have 2 9mm with me on this trip to keep us girls safe..

I'll do a post about this. I had to buy a lot of camping gear for this so I have lots to show off..



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8 hours ago, Mawsley said:

Is Tammy a real person or just one of Tym's personalities? I’m getting strong Cusack/Identity vibes.


Yeah I am I guess

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44 minutes ago, Slowlycatchymonkey said:

Excellent. Welcome. Looking forward to the camping gear show and the transam tails. One question, did the babys seatbelt work? 

Yes she is the smallest of all my grandkids but she is willing to do anything.  The belt was to keep her from standing up because that's what she did on her first ride...

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8 hours ago, Tammy said:



Best part of my TAT trip was me saving a goat

The rest of it I felt like falling asleep. 


You saved a goat thats freaking awesome. 🤪

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