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  1. It’s a difficult situation for sure. Im lucky as my wife encourages me to go a lot of the time. Even if she wanted to ride pillion it’s not going to happen as one of us nearly always has to be there for our son. id go stir crazy if I couldn’t get away now and again
  2. It’s a Trail tech striker, very good looking but keeps failing in the rain so it’ll be coming off when I get home
  3. We then did some trails until we got down to the river Lot and then headed back to Jax Shack
  4. We made it out to do some trail riding today but without leader as he was poorly. So we downloaded the GR652 into our GPS and off we went, the main bonus was that it was nice and sunny today. and then it was time for a coffee break
  5. That’s coming on nicely Ray
  6. It obviously has an identity problem, it thinks it’s a Teutonic oil belcher
  7. Too many puddle dodgers in Spain What you say @Slowlycatchymonkey
  8. Aren’t they busy with too busy with the travelling opera to worry about that
  9. We were riding in rain for 3 days so I’m sure you know what that’s like
  10. No photos from today as it pissed down all day. At Jax Shack now, fed and watered. Raining again tomorrow so it’ll be a maintenance day
  11. Met my mate at Nevers, I’d booked a Chambre d’hotes which turned out to be ace
  12. Did a couple of trails but a long day and got drowned in the last 10 kms
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