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  1. That Honda TL is nice , unusual in the blue. My brother had a road legal TL125
  2. You’re a fucking hero Dave , I didn’t get past 10
  3. You can push anything with bumpers that feckin ugly
  4. Superb Pedro, looks like a great day out. I reckon the Portuguese must be like the French where it doesn’t matter what you ride, everyone’s welcome no matter what they ride
  5. Except her feckin annoying personality
  6. No offence Grace but I wouldn't want any on them , 20-25 mpg is not my bag nowadays . You're much younger than me though so crack on
  7. On Friday we had Spaghetti frutti di mare..........
  8. Bless, another egg and chips man
  9. Go ahead, some fecker stole my leg 20 years ago and now they've stolen my galbladder so what's a head between friends
  10. I have no idea how you got from the Buggles to Tom Petty apart from the fact that I reckon he's taking the piss in this video as well Bloody ace artist though, I'd be happy to listen to Tom Petty all day
  11. The Buggles (Trevor Horn) were really good pop music producers who basically decided to have a hit themselves. I like the video because you can clearly see that they're just taking the piss really...........
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