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  1. Check it out dudes................
  2. The kick-start shaft on mine lost all it's splines so I kept bump-starting it. Unfortunately this eventually caused the nuts on the rear rim to shear off and my wheel collasped on a roundabout
  3. Long day out that Fred, Motel Hill brings me out in a sweat just thinking about it
  4. Well I'm going to disagree with you there as judging by the look of his leg the Welsh NHS must be tight as fuck
  5. 65% of those being hospitalised in UK at the moment haven't been vaccinated
  6. I've replied to you Mr Shirt-lifter
  7. On my Dakar (same engine as yours) I did a trip to the Pyrenees riding down through France into Spain with lots of trail riding and it averaged 71mpg, that was better than both my mates DR350's.
  8. I've never really worried about mpg until I got my CRF250 and it was doing 85mpg, that opened my eyes a bit as the KTM I had at the time wouldn't get past 37mpg . Well chuffed with the Tenere as it's averaging 67mpg in nearly 5000 miles.
  9. It does, my wife did the same for my 40th
  10. Fuckmine a casual ride report
  11. With a gay slur or something like that
  12. I'm not on the cider now so better focus Dyna Low Rider.
  13. Well that was a feckin damp squib, only one reply worthy of note. I shan't bother replying, they obviously haven't got anyone in Buckster's class over there.
  14. More logical (to me) when writing/sending/accepting emails. Also 99% of the time the spam system works as well, get's rid of the Nigerian prince's asking me to invest in their coconut farm
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