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  1. Designed by Yen, given away by the fact he doesn’t speak Italian and just wrote “stop” instead of “fermare”, hence the locals can’t understand what they are supposed to do.
  2. Maybe Vesuvius will warm things up while you are in Pompei, it’s overdue.
  3. Not from Sorrento he won’t, geography isn’t your strong point is it ginge?
  4. I was born in England you twat.
  5. You should rent a van.
  6. Choices, choices. What do you say Pete?
  7. This place would fall apart without me.
  8. The poor guys are probably wondering why the hell they are getting stalked by a ginger puff.
  9. I’ll be out on the bike tomorrow.
  10. To wake up to this site promoting Nazi propaganda! I’m sure I’m not alone in not wanting to be associated with this, the offensive material needs to be removed and the poster needs a time out or banning. Conspiracy bullshit is one thing but promoting racism and antisemitism cannot be tolerated even if the poster is deemed to be mentally ill. If this remains on the forum this afternoon I will be boycotting the forum.
  11. Trains, this place is the pits.
  12. It’s one of the serfs that runs the treadmill for power.
  13. Turns out it was divine providence.
  14. No, but I am considering going full time in the church in another role.
  15. I've spent most of the day working on my theology course.
  16. So that's why you speak with such a high voice.
  17. There is a lot of this on this forum now, you lesser motorcyclists need to just accept your place and stop being negative about those of us that ride superior motorcycles. You should be thankful for being allowed to be in the presence of greatness. Me and Marcel and to a lesser degree Slowy are basically your benevolent rulers now, your monarchs. Show some fucking respect you peasants!
  18. Would never happen in America.
  19. It was the locomotive involved in the great train robbery.
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