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  1. There should be two votes, BOTM and TBOTM, that’s Bike of the month, which I would win every month because I have the only real bike here and then Trans Bike of the month for the rest of you casuals.
  2. You’re not here because you ride a bike, you are here because every forum needs a gimp.
  3. All of them are lesser bikes than mine, I’m the only one here that rides a real bike.
  4. Someone beat the crap out of that with the ugly stick then took a shit on it.
  5. Fucking grow up you ginger twat, you can stick your “woke” philosophy right up your midget bummed arse.
  6. A fucking scooter! I did vote for it though.
  7. It’s smaller than his nose, but his nose is massive so his cock could be average.
  8. Don’t take it personal that they are seeing you in the dark or when they claim the lights are broken.
  9. Interesting, wasn’t that guy the poodle on Allo Allo?
  10. When did you transition anyway?
  11. Another sheep shagger, just what the place needs.
  12. I’m on the coast so it does blow in now and again.
  13. Big storm blowing in here right now.
  14. Bob could have used that a few years back.
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