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  1. You know you could have done it alot cheaper, a can of petrol and a match and you'd have been warm
  2. It was just a spur of the moment thought, don't have more than that
  3. That's pretty damned deep, if we had anything more than we already have the whole country would grind to a complete halt
  4. It was -6 when I went to Durham around 7.30 last night
  5. I'd say we'd all need to be full faced helmets at least and with dark visors to sell any
  6. It's been working fine for me so far. Has anything changed?
  7. I haven't really thought about it much but there could could be a forum pot of funds from things like a forum calendar or something else. Obviously the way it works would have to be properly thought out. And yes it would mean camping, so for all the posh twats who are above a night's camping would have to find alternative accommodation but it could work given the right people being involved
  8. Never said it needed any, but it could go towards maybe a forum meet event or something
  9. It's not a bad idea that @zzzak. Maybe we could make a forum calendar. could bring the forum some money.
  10. You keep saying Pedro, that's me up for member of the year nomination then.
  11. So the wife is picking up the pieces after you're demise from the operation. We're off down south on 23rd to 28th apart from that not a great deal
  12. I didn't say London though every town and city is going the way of nobody wants to go to them so a town/city vehicle is pointless
  13. It's a bloody good shot, did Fred help you with the photoshopping?
  14. That's a rather good shot of it, was it taken through a telescope or just with the phone camera?
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