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  1. So a harley trumps a busa does it....
  2. It's at the abattoir so I'd say it's the end of the road
  3. Does it matter how fit someone is when it comes to strokes and whatnot? I mean Jona lomu was fit as a fiddle apart from having kidney disease
  4. Yeah it is rather warm, just like a Spanish summer I've heard, would be lovely to be out on the bike eh @Six30
  5. Just right for the bike not too hot not cold, and just for Pete no rain whilst he gets flooded
  6. Just goes to show what Pete thinks of you mate I mean rumour has it bucky is even on the books
  7. 4 speakers.... why the need?
  8. Not bad..... so what's her number
  9. Please tell me they ain't speakers down by the side of the engine on that blue land yacht
  10. Definitely can't be banned from voting, how will he know
  11. The busa is 266kgs by far the heaviest I've ever had
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