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  1. Yeah there's fuck all drainage, it's a reenactment of passchendaele every time it rains.
  2. With the rains our lawn is like a swamp, it's totally unusable for anything but 3 or 4 weeks of the year
  3. We've got a moss problem with our lawn, how the fuck do you get rid of it?
  4. Must say you do have a point, I'd bet he's been buttering her up for ages over this final bike replacement, either that or he's upped some insurance premium
  5. And I'd bet that was all you were wearing too you deviant fucker, are there no boundaries to you showing your nether regions
  6. So a sports bike isn't practical at all? I've had enough on my 1st ninja for a week away easy enough with my panniers and tank bag.
  7. You didn't tell us you'd bought the new bike already
  8. Has he flounced finally then?
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