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  1. I heard she had video proof of him on epsteins island doing awful things who knows though. They are a weird narcissistic bunch imo.
  2. No where really. Just not done anything worth reporting....wirk, sleep, work, sleep repeat im possibly open water swimming this coming weekend. Found a few other lunatics to go with
  3. Looks rain free this aft so ive a few errands to do like picking up the dogs drugs and his favourite treats and a bit of shopping. Then badminton with my hubs and parents later this eve....i really should video these games as the language is very colourful and no one can remember the score or even remember who just served its like a day out for the dementia patients !!! Anyhoo bikes coming out so im a happy camper sometimes these nipping out shopping trips take me over Beacon Fell
  4. I dried my eyeballs out staring at a fire stoned AF once. Let me tell you it was pretty painful but when i casually announced it to the rest of my stoned pals....i can still hear the laughter
  5. Naah picked it up for my neighbour.
  6. I love my cannondale its a cracking bike. Ive got SPD's on a shiny new pair of Sidi shoes.
  7. I did this today shouldnt be left alone...
  8. Hubs has a puncture so he's buggered off sailing. Im breaking in my new cleats and toying with...do i go Dunsop Bridge on Ripley orrrr do i get on push iron and try to stir these lazy lurgy ridden stumps of mine...... sat on my ass procrastinating......
  9. Maybe 3 hrs?? For us and 9hrs for the scoots
  10. Supposed to be meeting the scooter lot at the border of Scotland...hmmm hope the weather improves. Will endeavour to get pictures now my ph seems to be behaving.
  11. Lovely evening spent out with the hubster. Met him from work...nipped to a pub for tea and home. Absolutely loving the bikes. We're never off them
  12. A 200 mile round trip to Ironbridge yesterday. Amazing roads, amazing weather, amazing bikes, amazing company. If i die today it will be in contentment.
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