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  1. Found you a new top box for the belcher @XTreme
  2. Going away again tomorrow...got lots to do....currently sat on my ass doing nada. You know when you have so much to to that you dont know where to start so you dont...im there.
  3. Do you have any more pics of it?
  4. Well there is that....
  5. Washing and more washing and housework. Much easier living in a tent. Need to put the tent up somewhere and let it dry out too if rain holds off. Away again on thursday to south coast. Busy as a bee me
  6. She's wasnt feeling too well. I hope she is getting better !!!
  7. Good grief man i just ate !!!
  8. Slept for 9 hrs straight. Theres way too many people here now. Its quite unpleasant. Hubs is coming after work thank goodness !!! Using this for campung practice was a good and a bad idea......
  9. Ta think ive fixed it?
  10. https://youtube.com/shorts/Y8K0mpYNKNw?feature=share Centurion Scooter Club set up before the others arrive today. My first night spent in the new tent was a success and i love it. The showers and toilet facilities are awesome here which i wasnt expecting so bonus. 24hr food on but nowt for veggies so ill be living on chips . Had an awful time getting here yesterday when a scooterer skidded in deep gravel infront of me...i braked but lost the back end of my bike, he was rolling in my path and i hit him. My concern was dropping my bike on him so i just concentrated on keeping it upright, its a heavy bike and fully loaded it would have broken bones. I felt absolutely dreadful. Witnesses and the guy himself kept saying that i did right but man i was devastated. Anyway onward with the weekend. Oh and sorry about the psycho goblin type laugh in the video....if it plays as it keeps saying youtube wont play it.
  11. It absolutely will !!!
  12. I second that emotion. Both my boys are fully helmeted
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