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  1. they're built in thailand Pete...
  2. I like the multifacetedness of "carry on Motorcycling" but I also think that non brits won't get it.
  3. you have a cup holder on your bike...
  4. Never doubt the courage of the French! it was they who discovered that snails are edible...
  5. well there is that...
  6. I've never had the ABS kick in when trail braking, I'd say it was poorly calibrated if it did that... or you're braking waaaaay too hard in the corner.
  7. MooN

    My Near Miss

    i know a few people here as would chase after him for an "explacation"...
  8. just finished " The Yellow admiral" by Patrick O'Brian, the 17th in the Jack Aubry series popularised by the film "Master and Commander" based on the 1st of the series. just 2 more to go "The Hundred Days" and "Blue at the Mizzen". then I'll have finished the whole series for the 3rd or 4th time...
  9. MooN

    My Near Miss

    everyday occurence, nearly. Good job you were switched on, but I bet the air went blue under your lid . your missus nearly shat herself though
  10. shit weather here forcast all weekend, not particularly cold ( though It snowed a little yeaterday) but wet and generally crappy. No plans really. got to go buy some socks... how exciting is THAT!?
  11. old folk not having their flu vaccine does not endanger the entire country's economy or oblige the rest of the population to stay at home to avoid catching it. I used the money argument because the vast majority of political level decisions are based solely on this criteria, morality or ethics doesn't bear any weight today when there are millions in question. Untill the covid problem is resolved, most recreational activities are stopped or vastly restricted ( but I take your point though am not scholar enough to make a coherent or non hypocrital response) there are many obligatory vaccinations that are , or were, obligatory in order to eradicate a world wide desease ( polio, german measles etc) 5 million French over 14's are not vaccinated. that's about 8,percent of the population. if you remove the million or so who can't be vaccinated for medically justifiable reasons then it's even less. it just seems unjustifiable that the country is being destroyed in the name of freedom of choice for 8 % of the population. I do like the TNT suggestion though...
  12. oooh, not heard that one, any sources cited ( other than " somebody told me he read it on facebook?) It's not on the news sources here yet the latest INFOX seems to be that "immigrants constitute 50% of covid deaths in France" and that tap water is covid positive... the only references I can find to a new variant in france are english, the only reference I can find in French relate to a varient back in november last year. The uk sites seem to report a variant imported from the Cameroons (?) even more infectious than Omicron, affecting 10 or 12 patients in the marseille area. I have no idea how reliable or not these sources might be.
  13. "antivaxxers" is maybe not the right term as it evokes the rabid eejits who want to convert all and sundry to their cause, I mean those who refuse the vaccine on fallacious grounds. I understand the ethical problems linked to any limitation of freedom of choice but, it looks like ( from where I'm standing) that the freedom of choice of a small percentage of the populatoion is being valued more highly than the freedom of choice of a huge majority who want to be able to go to work, live without a mask, be able to see their family and travel freely. Please undesrtand I make no moral judgement here, I simply say that this is NOT how democracy is supposed to work. democracy in it's simplest form is "majority rule", though some would say that democracy is simply the tyranny of the majority over the wishes of the minority, Macron is not proposing compulsory vaccination ( he couldn't get away with that) but he is proposing that the covid pass becomes a vaccin pass, so those who are unvaccinated can no longer access bars, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, etc etc etc but those who have a full schema vaccinal can. Seems fair to me, with no vaccination these venues were closed to everybody anyway, with a vaccination they bagan to re open but are now closing again due, in majority, to people who refuse to get vaccinated, if that is their preference then fine but they mustn't impose their choice on the rest of us , they can remain unvaccinated whilst we get on with our lives. remember that in the UK the treatement of the unvaccinated is paid for out of your taxes. In many parts of the world (france for example) that is not the case ( or only partly) and we pay insurance for health care. Those insurance premiums are going to skyrocket in order to pay for the treatment of the unvaccinated and whilst I am happy to pay for people who are genuinely sick, I struggle to justify doing so for those who make a conscious decision to refuse a preventive treatement and subsequently fall ill as a direct result of that decision.
  14. well Monsieur Macron has kicked up a fuckin storm here re covid, he said that he wanted to piss off the non vaccinated... I dunno what the fuss is about, he only dared to say what the majority are thinking, that's how democracy is supposed to work isn't it? the latest french figures ( which concur with my experience of friends and colleagues who have or have had the omicron variant despite being vaccinated) is that the vaccine doesn't stop you getting it but apart from about 1or 2 percent of cases, if your vaccines are up to date then it's o worse than a common cold or a mild dose of flu, doesn't stop you working or going about life as normal. which means that 90 odd% of the country are facing lockdown, restrictions, and even bankruptcy in order to protect the 10 ish% who refuse to be vaccinated. This is NOT how democracy is supposed to work. yes I'm pissed off with itand its about time someone uped and told the antivaccins that they can fuck off and die.
  15. Amaury is out! had a good start this morning and was running in position 57 having made up more time on the leaders, riding hard he rode into the dust of the quad he was catching up to and thinks he hit a step or a lip which threw him in the air, came down hard and broke an ankle, he had to crawl some distance back to the bike ( that reminds me of someone, eh @Tym ) in order to activate his emergemcy beacon. A helico was there within 15 minutes so he's safe, if not sound, and of course bitterly dissapointed. Yer Welshman, Hewitt is currently 126th but he hasn't finished yet.
  16. Amaury is now 64th, 45 minutes behind the leader and 77th overall, GO MOMO!
  17. guy I know riding for 2nd time this year in the "Malle moto" category, Amaury Baratin, Bib N0 79. finished 87 of 144 on the first day despite a fuel pump problem, lost 2 hours or more on the 2nd stage due to same problem and getting very lost, finished 94th spent the night stripping fuel pumps and relays then gained 29 places and made up an hour today to finish 65th, ( 82nd overall) 1h08 behind the leader. having had no more fuel pump issues. long way to go yet. Simon Hewitt curently 135th. 3,5 hrs behind the leader
  18. MooN

    Welcome Tammy

    Hi Tammy. Tymmy advertised your presence so it's all his fault!
  19. @gymwitch If you're going to windermere, there are about a gazillion hiking shops in and around the town ( or there used to be) and they often have sleeping bags "on display" so you can get a look at the size and shape. They are also usually full of helpfull info, once they have understood the parameters ( weight being less of a problem on a bike then when backpacking for example). Though I guess you need a bag before you go up there... I love the lake district, I grew up walking the fells every summer cos we had no money but an aunt who had a B&B in Ambleside...
  20. interesting, but not sure howlong it would last with my great bulk on it...
  21. they had a whole fucking town in there @Tango, cinema, restaurants, supermarket, hair salons, hospital, banks...etc, the US personnel never need go off the base if they didn't want to and if they didn't they wouldn't know they were outside the US.
  22. MooN

    first up

    roads were dry where they were in the sunshine, not otherwise. I haven't the foggiest what that building is now though it was obviously once a church. Either the towers predate the church and are the remains of a previous building or the whole was once a fortified church, which would date the building back as far as the 9th or 10th century but rare in this part of France ( though commun in other areas).
  23. El cheapo tent from decathlon bought years ago for about 3o€ specifically for the Bol D'or ( i.e to be disposable) but still going strong. reasonably easy to put up and take down, rolls up small and into a bag that is narrower than the panniers and is held on with 2 bungees. For a 2 night trip I have a change of clothes and footwear in one pannier. sleeping bag ( a good one) and inflatable matteress ( back packing item) with wee stove in t'other. Top box has the rest of my gear ( chargers, torch, spare gloves depending on season, 1st aid kit, bog roll, maps, one meal worth of food, coffee, water bottle and book) in the summer i'd fit waterproofs in here as well, out of season jacket liner if not wearing it. I usually manage a small tool kit in there somewhere as well. A proper waterproof roll bag is better and bigger than a topcase if your using a soft pannier set up like yours I expect. I do regret not having a hammer or something to bash tentpegs in with on that trip, the ground was hard as bloody nails in places!
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