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  1. doubt it it's japanese... Pete's gone all "Deutschland uber allen" on us
  2. he could probably tell me how to fix it... dunno yet, 'bout 400€ for a starter motor, 150 more for the wiring, relay, and sundries like connectors etc so 550€ ish for parts plus I guess a couple of hours dismantling and cleaning + 3 refitting so about 5 hrs work on site. the total cost will include 16 hours to repatriate the boat once its running + the 2786€ reimbursed to the client, + the cost of a weeks lost hire (2200€ ish) + the hours it will take cleaning up the engine and engine bay, washing all the curtains and linnen which stinks of acrid electrical fire smoke... I expect total cost including lost earnings will top out around 6 or 7 thousand euros.
  3. happy belated late? yeah well I wasn't even invited to the party anyway was I...
  4. starter motor and its attendant wiring is probably all the serious damage, possibly an oil line damaged by the heat. Pobably more damage done by the fire extinguisher powder, which is corrosive, than by the fire itself.
  5. Well i had an interesting day yesterday a fucking engine fire in one of our boats needless to say the punters weren’t overly happy…
  6. Im in Dijon getting the bike serviced. 70,000km. bloody hot riding down her , 30+ when i left home. Storrms forcast for this afternoon unril early evening si i might have to find somewhere to hide till they blow over. I dont mind riding in the rain but 70 or 80km/h wind gusts is not fun.
  7. https://www.femamotorcycling.eu/bike-transport-uk-eu/?fbclid=IwAR3DVk28nzbvkLjmjZIvDn0mto-P2q31YlAm7IgM-lKc6DOdxjLl4tWK6-M
  8. I'm with her on him being too rude...
  9. must be fookin huuge cos I can never find any money in it... The French obviously make smaller documents, designed to fit into wallets, or man bags. you need a bum back or fanny pack or whatever those banana pouches are called. Okay, so you'd look a twat... but you'd have your paperwork
  10. I have mine in my wallet which is eaither in my jacket pocket of jeans. I don't leave my wallet on the bike. sounds like you need a bigger wallet ( but now you know why frenchmen carry handbags...
  11. OY, join the queue!
  12. hello anyway, plenty on here have imaginary friends already so if you're not real... no problem
  13. bout time you sorted yourself out...
  14. Bonjooar... Riding in France 1) hi viz vest. this needs to be easily accessible and must be worn in an "emergency situation" ie if stopped on the road, in the carriageway, for a breakdown or accident or something. Mine is under the seat ( accessible with the key) and that seems to be acceptable. If you have one no one will ask if it's CE marked ( I don't think its a condition anyway) 2) Headlight on at all times. 3) in addition to the obvious CE marked helmet, you now have to wear CE marked motorcycle gloves. ( for the rest you can be in shorts, T shirt and flip flops is you so desire) 4) paperwork. You are required to be able to prove (a) your identity and (b) your ownership and the legality of your vehicle. This immediatly upon request by "les forces de l'ordre" ( police, gendarmerie, CRS, Garde Republicaine or any of their numerous branches). This means, in practice, that you must carry your passeport at all times ( cos the UK doesn't have identity cards). You should also have your vehicle documents with you, Drivers licence, registration and insurance. I have my driving licence, Carte de Sejour ( residence permit), registration document and insurance green card in my wallet, easy. so yes they should be with you and not with the vehicle. it is not illegal to leave the documents with the vehicle but it is frowned upon as it renders the whole point of police checks nul and void. As police here don't need a valid reason for stopping you, they can just do a papers check to verify that the vehicle is legal and actually belongs to you. If you leave the papers with the vehicle the potential thief has the correct papers with him. If you can't produce the papers they can impound the vehicle ( I had to walk a km and back once as they immobilised the vehicle untill i could provide the papers. Lucky I wasn't further from home... where ya going in Francia then?
  15. No.1 daughters 20th birthday today so party last night in a local village hall where they all slept over (on the judo clubs tatamis I think ) then about 10 of them came round here bringing all the leftover food and drink for lunch which was fun. it was also bloody hot this afternoon and we've just had a brief but intense thunder storm go through.
  16. I got out for a few hours this afternoon everything is very green now
  17. nope. My wife is a bloody star when it comes to that . though I sometimes think she's glad to see the back of me for the day...
  18. ERM... is that a topbox I see on there?
  19. pics or it didn't happen!
  20. Titter ye not, legend has it that there was a woman Pope for a couple of years ( till she got found out) in the middle ages around 850 something I think.
  21. Weather here is clear blue sky and 25°c. forcast to stay that way for the next few days. not mid may yet and already 9 or 10 départements have declared drought conditions. WTF will be going on by august…?
  22. Today’ good so far. Still early yet though…
  23. hectic day at work today, new technicien started, discovered I fitted an oil cooler wrong so that when I started the engine it pumped all the gearbox oil into the cooling system so I had to delegate the job of cleaning out the entire cooling system ( ), took 4 of us to pass a 12mm copper gas pipe through a boat, 2 boats overheated, one blew a coolant hose and bothe todays punters turned up at the same time and neither spoke any French at all so I had to do both. Lucky i've known the lock keeper a long time cos I got the last clients through the lock half an hour after closing time...f'kin hot too, 25+ most o the afternoon.
  24. don't have mot's on bikes here..., just sayin' like
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