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  1. I noticed my penis has doubled in size every 10 years,so things are looking up with age.
  2. Old people nap all the time. i wake up tired.
  3. This wouldnt happen if Buck drove the bus.
  4. Might as well just pleasure yourself then.
  5. Encouraging masturbation on the lords day going to hell in a handbasket you are.
  6. This is how im going to power it.
  7. Baby steps, so far still no headlights, no reverse lights, and no brakes, butt, she starts everytime and has sound now....
  8. Your(six) doing a fine job @Sir Fallsalot Just did the math, to change the oil and filtre in Woody is going to be a $100 job. Oil "used" to be cheaper than metal.
  9. First there are no English muffins now London broil isnt from london, humans are weird.
  10. Next to that is the biggest diamond you have ever seen.
  11. If i was going id break out my wedding ring i wear when in such situations.
  12. The brown ones need special education skills to handle properly....yet, when you get one to sit and roll over so you can scratch their nipples its worth the effort.
  13. You left out the option: My socks are my sandles, yes i buy in bulk. Why do you ask...on the bright side they get holes and thrown out before i need to sort them in the wash And i still call sandles thongs, yes im very old school.
  14. Guess who hoarded nitrogen phosphorous and potassium because i let my garden go fallow last year and stocked up anyways.... Time to milk the veggie "cash" cow this chit isnt cheap now.
  15. Any of you Brits know how to cook a London Broil? i gots a top round on sale says london broil on it. Do you Brits Broil on the wrong side or what, whats a london broil anyways, why is it different from say, just Broiling in general .
  16. im sure not one dead ukrainian thinks that Bob .
  17. Im sorry i smelled she/it and just assumed.
  18. Does he/she/it even have any competition?
  19. About .6 times bigger........i;ll get me coat.
  20. Wow, i remember all that...sucks having no dogs around too.
  21. Check it out Tammy i got Woody started!
  22. A trained security ferret, he hides until someone gets to close when the bike is parked, then attacks.
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