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  1. Check it out, i have a beach chair from the old McCooks mansion prior to demolition and new beach parking spots, no wonder they charge to park in those spots eh? lol If you dint notice all my 21 summer pics were from McCooks beach in niantic CT. Thanks for keeping up otherwise.
  2. I;ll be impressed when they fight with bare knuckles.
  3. They drive white vans, you dont fuck with white vans, end of story.
  4. Did i ever tell you the story where i made Tom Brady leave my neiborhood because i dint like the way he was driving? He was a complete idiot i was freaking pissed off, i almost stole his hat he had to uturn his merc convertible...lol
  5. I see one handbag, and no one is holding her...lol
  6. My job as at home sales manager at Go Pro has been great, my numbers are through the roof! Permotion to promotions for me! I havnt had to do squat i dont even answer the phone all i do is drugs and hookers all day! Whoo hoo who doesnt love capitalism!
  7. Hat? I thought Buck was the one looking up...he always seemed like a lookup, my bad.
  8. Six would love those!
  9. I could use help with hair, cant do anything right with mine.
  10. Came up with a new gig today.... adventure patriotism, as adventure riding is for the godless commie types.
  11. Tough day at work, being a mermaid isnt easy.
  12. Nice pics and did i see Buck in one of the pics?
  13. Good healing means good health @boboneleg, thats a real good sign.
  14. Well, cops arnt as good as cops in the old days either, check these undercover fbi twats....no wonder crime pays so well StateSide™ lol.
  15. Mine get hot, cold water helps...lol
  16. Got 20,000 miles on this one.
  17. Well someone had to do something like say, go to the beach...nice calm day at the Rock. Just before i was attacked by a great white and saved by flipper, my camera died. Sorry.
  18. Based on what i see wearing tight chit baggy cant come back as a style soon enough.
  19. Stick a turbo on a honda monkey, the perfect bike.
  20. We dint have to see Bruce in his new wetsuit, thats something.
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