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  1. So Six doesnt like sound butt, likes air cond. Dead bodies stacked like cordwood in the back of a van would like ac no sound sytem too.
  2. Cant complain so far, and i like how it functions with the idiot user.
  3. Tym

    Gunfight advice.

    Hold on we;ll ask him. gurgle gurgle was hisresponse, my advice, dont fuck with Texas.
  4. Dont let your first gunfight be your last, first lesson. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10407591/Texas-synagogue-terrorist-British-accent-officials-liaising-Met-Police.html
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/body-temperature-may-not-be-an-effective-gauge-of-covid-19/ar-AASPuVE?ocid=uxbndlbing Another pet peve, acting like taking my temp means something, i average 96.5 at "normal" readings i actually have a fever.
  6. Blondes have more fun, dont be a hater.
  7. For any Brit who wanted to know if the go pro ten was a nice camera to have during those wonderful summers y;all are famous for, sink your teeth into this one, ooops, sorry about that teeth chit, not famous for that eh what?
  8. Good news, turnover means commissions!
  9. Seems like everyone sells property in spain, does anyone actually buy any?
  10. Whoo storm surge warning for high tide 4 extra feeet of goodness.
  11. Old gay money to you peasant.
  12. I got a new stalker its confirmed by po po! whoo hoo im a fucken leg end in this town.
  13. Its like getting a second christmass, a leather glad smoker, grrrrrrrrr....
  14. Children need their hands held less.
  15. You guys just dont know the secret to a good chick magnet facebook video
  16. Yo @XTreme both the resident trolls are dud's lately, even with a good windup they strike out! Cant we do better then these two?
  17. I rolled down a window today to take this, the effort was underwhelming as for i have power windows.
  18. Im irish, i wish you would take saint pat back first.
  19. Stopped by the croquet field, muffy said her nose was to cold to play, we got some hot muffins at Stuffins Muffins homemade muffins, muffy loves stufffins muffins. over to you non BMW drovers, you know who you are..
  20. Took mum to the farm, no problems with a heated car....
  21. Without a king England is a rudderless ship.
  22. Import a e30 with 5mph american bumpers, i can push a house with these things.
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