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  1. Personally I've only ever put one person on ignore on any forum. There are other ways to deal with shit that you really don't agree with. I just take a little holiday from the forum , that way I won't say something I may regret later, plus I don't have to read the crap then.
  2. Needs lots of money for mange tablets
  3. That truck must be pretty big (by UK standards) coz it makes the S10 look small
  4. You've done well, Stowford Press is a nice pint. Obviously you must be in some Brit enclave ..............
  5. Exactly, I'm struggling to believe you can get decent cider there.
  6. Boot story............ So when I had my accident in 2001 my leg was left hanging on by a piece of skin and my work boot was still attached to the leg. Once I was out of intensive care and on the recovery ward I had a nice view of the incinerator chimney puffing away during the day. One day I was looking out of the window when a nurse came in . I asked her if that's the incinerator over there, she replied yes and asked me why I was asking. I asked if that's where they burnt my leg, she looked at me slightly worried and replied , yes I suppose so ? I said 'well that's a disgrace' , she looked slightly shocked now and was almost scared to carry on the conversation but as nurses are trained so well she said 'why do you say that' ? I was trying not to laugh now but said with a straight face 'I had a brand new work boot on my leg, they could have given it back to me before they burnt it' , she now looked very concerned but as I grinned you could see the relief come back to her face. She came over to me and said ' you wait till I've got to take your catheter out' , you won't be laughing then
  7. I have a story to tell you about my boot, I'll put it in the 'your funny stories' section
  8. Good job it wasn't your kecks , that tape would have rotted in seconds
  9. Probably a bigger and better car
  10. I had a really spooky moment this evening , I had a tune in my head today as I heard the word 'marina' and whenever I hear that word it always leads me to this track. So this evening on the Liza Tarbuck show she only goes and goes and opens her show with the same track. You'd be lucky to hear this once in a decade let alone twice in a day. So what show does it come from ?? and btw , when I was seven I was in love with Marina
  11. You're ok @Buckster isn't reading this
  12. I can still hear the 'woosh' sound of the blackboard rubber flying past my head from our History teacher Mr Wilson, nowadays he'd be up before the beak in a crown court , feckin kids nowadays haven't got a clue what they're missing
  13. How many miles on your Super Tenere now @Earache ?
  14. Cheers dudes.................
  15. Nice one Eric, good to see you back Did you go into any of those abandoned buildings to see if there were any midgets or dead dogs, asking for a ginger dago friend ..................
  16. and ???? are you telling me you need to get Tony the Tools around just to remove the sump guard. Any decent sump guard would have a recess for you to get at the drain plug, feckin German shite
  17. Photos or it never happened , go and get some film for your box brownie now PS, the girls are getting excited now...............
  18. That's bloody ace Fred, it could only be improved with a mural of some thrash metal band, for your better half
  19. I think for ginger's age it's the Torre Canyon
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