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  1. Perhaps we could have a seperate ' Fuckmine ' category ?
  2. While I was still at school I saw Mott the Hoople at the Colston Hall (not allowed to call it that now) in Bristol. My mate Jim was a wizz at getting backstage and we found ourselves in their dressing room after the gig. I grew up very quickly with some of the shenanigans I saw going on in there until we got kicked out by their manager . Ian Hunter was a really cool dude, he thought it was funny that we'd managed to sneak in.
  3. Wow, I would to have seen James Brown live.
  4. There are some funnies on here tonight
  5. The red rock in that area is amazing
  6. Phil (in France) has done it Chris, I could give you his number if you want some help.
  7. Absolutely Fred, I took my test bike back after 30 minutes, it was the worst suspension I'd ever come across.
  8. Build them and sell them from what I can see.
  9. Go on your Africa Twin, they've got a RD04 in there
  10. It's either that or a Benly ?
  11. A ride drive report by Billy-bob from Bristol . So I needed to get out today before I started going dolally . A mate of mine had been to a place near Pontypool last week on his way up to North Wales and it looked like it was worth a visit. Over the bridge again, doesn't the weather look inviting Now, who do we know on here who might live in a place like this Anyway, the place is called the 'Baffle Haus' , it's on the A4042 north of Pontypool and it's a great place to visit............. They have some really cool bikes and cars there and the owner is friendly and inviting. You can't get a full breakfast but they do have pies, sausage rolls and some nice cake, the coffee is good as well. I'm looking forward to going back on my bike..............
  12. Nothing could be worse than the suspension on the original bike
  13. Hi Jed, is your surname ' Clampett ' Cool bike btw, only the cool dudes ride T700's
  14. You should have gone up there Bob, that sign means it's a Velo route so should be good for your Moto as well
  15. Better know as McMerd in France
  16. Zzzzzack's quiet on this one
  17. Fuckmine, does that mean I've got to go out to the garage again
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