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  1. Aaw dont you all look lovely. This’ll sound weird but here goes anyway- the sort of people that if you find yourself on your own and suddenly in need of a hand you look around you and think “them, I’ll ask them, they look decent, they’ll know where theres a garage/hotel/preist”
  2. "had a look" is just a turn of phrase. I only go on Facebook to say happy birthday occasionally. Cant completely avoid it because some businesses only fully operate on social media platforms but its not my thing.
  3. Happy Sunday Hope theres lots of pleasing yourself on the day of rest!
  4. Doesnt look much like the sort of place youd get regular scrotes looking for bikes garage or not (although I note theres a garage, theyre just too posh to consider its a thing that needs mentioning in an ad! Tweed, a shotgun or two, a Labrador and a Landy. Im sure six will help you out with the latter
  5. Sliders are those things like flip flops with no 'toe thing' and a big plastic band across the toe width aren't they? Tango is I believe wearing posh flip flops!
  6. So youre going to the area you want to be in? Thats so much moola on accommodation Get any good prezzies? Or a large HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CLIVE might swing it?
  7. Happy Birthday @Richzx6r £1357 a month?! I think I must have fallen asleep and woken in a different century Or is really a mansion?! Either way be careful matey, expendable income equals freedom and choices, getting tied up in high monthly payments doesnt. Anywhichway HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  8. Sure there will.. of your bike in a van taken from different angles, all dating from 2001
  9. With you on that. Hydrogen made from solar power looks promising.. maybe. Its so good. It is a lot noisier than I thought it would be though, with no engine the whir and the road noise fills a lot of that sound space. Its the power delivery that blows you away and thats definitely a woosh and a whir, like flying. Twice I approached a line of traffic I'd usually of take max three cars on but its so quick off the mark its safe to do five or more (Im not talking about speeding although it can ) it just doesn't waste time getting there. It also has a superb walking speed. 1-3 miles an hour is doable so you can cruise in a traffic jammed high street! Anyway soz to bang on. I'm going to wait until Ive ridden it a bit for a more realistic report.
  10. Possibly the best sound in the world. I didnt want to like the Livewire and the lack of engine sound, particularly the bit when it fires into life and tickles you is something I thought would condemn the sonic milk float to its doom but it has so many things going for it I defy anyone to have one for half a day and say they dont like it. Im still firmly on the side of my noisy beloved combustion engines (pollution and planet wrecking aside) but its damn good. When Ive had a bit more time on the Livewire Ill do a report, just want it to be fair and considered rather than a knee-jerk reaction. ps the engines not hot which you don't really think about until its bastard hot outside and it was a lovely surprise this afternoon!
  11. I also thought they were real mice, I assumed downed floating carcasses but didn't dwell for long cos it was so grim Steven Kings IT and the Losers popped into my head. Im sure I am normal.. sometimes
  12. Ive read the bylaws and section 6.11.7 states that if an outstanding candidate is identified prior to the official voting period the current MOTY may bestow said crown on the individual when they see fit. Ive had a look a Marcel and Im happy.. to pass the crown onto Clive immediately.
  13. My god there must be an easier way to check for chain wear? I dunno, look at it or get some sort of tool? Nice t-shirt are you rocking socks n sandals with that?
  14. Mr Slowlys decided to join me for late lunch. This means it’ll be too late for varnishing
  15. They really are. Surprisingly secure.
  16. Thanks for that but that’s too bulky for me to bother with. These grippy Velcro strips are good for holding the brake on, flat small. Usueful for lots of things. I’ve actually got one on each leg at the moment holding my flowery trews inside my boot https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0746LNW8M?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  17. Me neither but it’s a thing. Doesn’t roll forward so easily but back oh yeah. I’ll just have to remember to leave the back wheel wedged against the kerb of whatever I can find.
  18. Not been at home to ride it and when I got back had to work a lot to make up for gallivanting!
  19. Don’t know Pete but I’ve never ridden anything that felt so light. It feels lighter than my 115kg 125.
  20. Ha there’s no parking brake! Wot an oversight! Apparently there’s some sort of mod you can do but most people bungee the front brake. Harley fucked that up a bit ay! Some guy said he got off and turned back to look at the bike rolling backwards down the road!! You don’t expect to pay top dollar and have to carry a brake lever bungee with you do you?! Mind you what a wally not checking his bike was secure before waking away
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