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  1. I really like the R18 but have you seen this? https://www.visordown.com/news/general/bmw-r-18-given-special-makeover-two-italian-outfits-and-showcased-mbe
  2. Happy Sunday Hope youre getting a sunny Sunday looks promising here at the moment Might be a bit absent for a while, got a lot on. See your shortly. Play nicely or not. Most likely not
  3. Nope but I had others plans. Heyho Back to the vets now, got there yesterday to be told they didn’t have a vet could I come back tomorrow. Wouldn’t mind so much if the dog didn’t get so nervous at the vets and produce the most disgusting long lasting stench, you know the sort that has to be washed of the rear end. This will be stench take two
  4. I’m beginning to see why we have high numbers then. Apart from that shortage you’d be hard pushed to find a household here without a box of covid tests. But in Spain even capped at £3 euros its going to deter people from testing. My family have all had to test weekly for various reasons and that would be €12 euros a time, one one period we had to test twice a week which would be €28! No way I’d pay that if we were symptom free. I’m guessing that’s why you didn’t test when you and the wife felt a bit dodgy cos you don’t have a box of tests at home?
  5. Bloody weather forecast. It’s after 3pm, been foggy all day and I don’t think this is going to shift now! hmph
  6. @XTreme how does getting covid tests work in Spain? I read that the covid lateral flow tests have to be bought or appointments have to be made and that the govt had to intervene to cap the price at €3 per tests cos being ripped off for basic testing. Is it not like here were everyone has a free pack of them (shortage’s allowing) at home and tests regularly as a matter of course?
  7. Never heard of it so THANKYOU very much for that
  8. And theres a question over whether Carry on Biking suits
  9. Typical Ive been reading the wrong stuff all this time!
  10. Its suits the forum in a lot of ways Lionel. Carry on Biking while you can you bunch of geriatrics, carry on biking with the terrible carry on humour, carry biking the endurance/ hard core rider/ traveller. Can be taken many ways.. yep theres even carry on options in that sentence
  11. Wizards Sleeves is definitely not fancy
  12. Blimey ordered the battery from them at 19.30 and 19.50 get an email despatch notification- booked yodel will pick it up tomorrow. Itll then take a day or two to get here but thats pretty good going, much happier already! Thanks
  13. Oooo yuk I looked that up! who knows what ads google are going to send me now! Excellent trolling with long lasting consequences as you’ve successfully disturbed my algorithms fuck you!
  14. Im a yes for the gifs alone. And who says we’re not serious enough? Serious people should have a serious look and themselves, they’d quickly conclude they take themselves/life too seriously and if they don’t conclude that they should go and find other like minded souls who also reach seriously poor conclusions
  15. Thats great news although Im a tiny bit sour as Id planned to go over the mendips today til flaticus battricus decided otherwise! I did say it would probably be wrong and stay foggy til midday, you gotta read the full prediction I didnt know there was a prison at Shepton Mallet, so is it just a visitor centre full of empty rooms? Bet it felt great to be out after all that time. How’s the legs now?
  16. Oh Sid leaves Charles (Hawtrey) alone youre making him blush.
  17. Thats exactly whats bothering me, the sleeves are open at the top and a bit exposed so water could run down them and the only place it can go is to where the connection is. So I was thinking tape n grease the top of the sleeve and just grease the bottom end?
  18. The batteries not getting wet and I dont see any corrosion its just some of the wire sleeves in other areas really arent great and the wire ends are too exposed for my liking so I was thinking bit of judiciously applied electrical tape and some grease as a preventative measure
  19. Cheers I was going to ask where Im most likely to get a fresh one from Thanks. I know thats more conductive but do you think one is more protective than the other? ie which do you think will cling on better in the rain?
  20. I dont think so, Id ask for opinions sit on it for a couple of days let it germinate at then make an executive decision which Id guess will be a yes. Cos this place is a Carry On The domain name alone is worth having, sounds like a successful brand. Surprised it’s available.
  21. So I yer well listen right batteries that need topping up with water are extinct right? Got the battery off and this illustrious piece from the ‘Chonggqing Shenchi Battery Company’ has a tube and fill lines. So Im guessing maybe that’s why it screwed. What do I put in its place? I definitely don’t want something that needs watering, I can’t kill a plant in a matter of days so a battery stands no chance
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