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  1. Really like the posh looking pegs even if they mean a mallets required. Nice to see the joy brimming over.
  2. Good luck, hope your pills are as blue as the sky
  3. Not a lot and if I repeat it it'll get deleted
  4. I agree but it seems to be fine for some to bang on about guns n politics all the time without anything being deleted. Just saying.
  5. Genital mutilation was a big deal back when the NHS was trying to stop it being offered for non medical reasons and the things we still have to look out for today with female circumcision is so much worse it'd bring your breakfast back up! If it was possible to be able to unsee or unknow things that stuff would be near a top spot... but it still ranks under that pic of a Welshmans ginger mange
  6. He said earlier he doesn't have one. Its an American thing over 80% of them have no helmet. Every year a percentage of these poor babies will become infected and suffer deformity or worse.. and yet they continue with it, the idea is its cleaner. Even if it prevents a minute percentage of children from getting a urine infection (which is easily treated) this does not offset the risks. Plus a baby can't consent to it which is quite a big thing when you consider it causes a loss of sensitivity. Bet you weren't expecting that answer
  7. Are they a jamless mini doughnut or is there a jammy middle?
  8. A 200gram box?! Im impressed!
  9. Ive managed 7. Feel sick now, gonna blame the covid
  10. When I’m ill I always want chocolate and I’ve literally just asked Mr Slowly if I can have some of his chocolate salty balls Tasty.
  11. Cheers. I'm feeling a bit better this morning so all good. Just taken me by surprise by how vicious it is, hope everyone has had their booster!
  12. Have a really really shitty cold, the sort that knocks you on your arse. Thank fuck I’ve had my jabs. I can’t imagine what this would be like without them!
  13. Wow Tym thats spectacular. It deserves a stage and a belter of a song to accompany, something like I believe I can fly or maybe I'm the urban spaceman baby
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