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  1. Aw Six youre gonna have to bring your game up a couple…or ten more notches.
  2. In your dreams… your powers are weak now old man
  3. Jeez this is a bit playground. He’s a good man.
  4. What? what’s that? Its like a beeping kind of noise, the type you hear on vehicles reversing Ah so you are a smooth talker
  5. I like the sentiment but the implication Id be the any shit youd have to put up with isnt quite the dream ticket Id be looking for you smooth talker
  6. Abr is a large commercial bike festival where you spend 3 (or 4 if you have a VIP ticket ) days pissing it up listening to music and test riding bikes. Theres also off road riding, talks from people who’ve done all sorts of shite on motorbikes and over 100 different bikes available to try out. Oh and the food n music is good. Covid wise theres no safer time to go out, the vaccine currently works, hospitalisations and deaths are at an all time low and you have to draw the line somewhere and get on with living whatever time you have left with infectious disease thrown into the mix. Covid is here to stay, it will mutate to the point tweaked vaccines are needed so youre going to have to pick n choose what you do risk wise on that front forever, same as dengu fever, malaria, Ebola, Japanese encephalitis or any other infectious disease that can kill you. You can still catch the plague from a squirrel in this country but a sense of proportion is necessary when viewing the stats. For me Overlander is a more enjoyable event. Lots of people there who walk the walk and a far more low key affair where youre likely to find yourself at 1 in the morning sitting round a camp fire of some people youve never met laughing your tits off because urr umm what was that you just gave me?
  7. Id say you do have a good eye! It was my dear ol pops bike and I bought it off him (at friends n family rates) for Mr Slowlys surprise Christmas Prezzie 2019 four weeks after he’d passed his test. Quite possibly the best prezzie Ive ever given anyone, the joy was off the scale.
  8. If left them open because two males left a sopping wet towel in the back that caused my car to go mouldy, not something most women would overlook! One is one of my favourites
  9. Ooh and Happy Fathers Day to all you good Dads out there.
  10. Waterproof bag arrived for across the back of the panniers, dont think I needed the 200 litre option and the dimensions on the website arent quite right…. On the upside my first thought was Buckster would like this bag, it’s cadaver sized and waterproof so no leaky DNA in your boot
  11. Pissing down here, guess who left their car windows open?!
  12. On my doorstep waiting for my bezzie to pick me up. Swinging by the rugby club to pick up our husbands and having a curry n few drinkies together. First time since the end of 2019!! Excited doesn’t describe it!
  13. Asserting her independence against the authority already ay, sounds like youve got a good’n there, you want then to have something about them, something that lets you know they’ll be alright in life. You dont really want a mousey do as your told goody two shoes, they tend to get walked on so in a way pain in the arse as it is for your poor wife its a good sign me thinks.
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