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  1. I cut up a bit of inner tube the same width as the clamp and wind it around until I get to the right thickness, it doesn't really show, acts as a vibration dampener and stops the bars from getting marked, which only matters a bit if you want to sell it and the accessories you remove leave ugly marks. Or if you care about vibrations quad lock make a dedicated vibration dampener for about £15 @Saul I never had a problem with any iPhones image stabilisation being damaged until I got to iPhone 13 and then sure enough it was suddenly f*cked! At least I now have a dedicated satnav phone
  2. Bollocks. I really should have watched the product pages YouTube tutorial strongly advising not to over sand BEFORE spending so long sanding down a dining table to a 400 grit. That's it I'm going to watch telly and see if I start caring about the end result again at some point
  3. Just finished a full English brekky cooked by my son, the thick slices of boudin noir were excellent but now I need a lie down for at least an hour to assimilate the behemoth
  4. Well you can slow down look around and park really easily without there being another car about. Great for driving but you can see it's killing the businesses. Definitely a lot more boarded up shops now, I know the cost of living crisis was a killer for a lot of small businesses but the streets are a lot emptier and the pedestrians are a hell of a lot more kamikaze because you can easily cross any road including the main ones without going to a pedestrian crossing!
  5. More nutbags than on this forum
  6. Love the cobweb. Was gorgeous here this morning too. I think I've had my last ride in summer gear today.
  7. It's a lot better since the clean air zone though don't you think? Although the Uni's and colleges going back this week made me make a mental note not to venture into Bristol their first week back!
  8. Must have been the FPM survival plan- Be too big to fit in top box
  9. Mr Slowly has quadlock on one bike and ‘Peak Design’ (very highly rated quadlock type thing) on another and they're both good. The adapters that stick to your phone don’t feel that secure, they cannot be put on silicone cases. Mr Slowly used the quadlock adapter on his case for one trip and bought the dedicated case. The support bracket is a standard ram mount.
  10. Fibber you’re a massive drama tart.
  11. Right I gotta go. Lorry arriving in 10 mins and I have to be about.
  12. Thats cos Six used to be able to use his personality to keep people away, then he joined here and discovered a raft of piss taking fuck ups. Then in-spite of himself started to enjoy their company, try as he might to piss everyone off out of it he’s addicted to the magnetic personalities and quite horrifyingly finds himself engaging in other peoples lives. Poor bloke
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