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  1. Ooh yes that’d be way cool, a motorbike that belongs in a 5 year olds dress up box right next to his spidey costume.
  2. Oh sweetheart then we’d all know exactlywhere to find you
  3. Please do. If only to eliminate Lyme disease from the equation.
  4. I dunno the smell of weed makes me smile. Always good to know there’s folk who don’t give two hoots about convention
  5. Update- A new pain has developed, being bikeless in the sun surrounded by empty roads and tarmac is very painful. It started last week and I can stand it no more. I’m going home to get a bike then I can take my sweet time dithering and researching what bike I’m going to get. Flight booked for Thursday. So I’ll either be a bit absent from here or on here all the time avoiding sorting stuff, always hard to predict when procrastination will strike
  6. Brilliant stuff. I love reading these with the generous amount of photos and well cut vids, they always make me smile. Thankyou.
  7. It’s so horrible I invite you to join me in lala land- I choose to believe the elderly house owner died and by the time they found him/her the dogs had expired.
  8. Looks good. Had a look but the $65 for full access put me off a bit We have the 'Armchair Adventure Festival' next weekend which is an adventure film festival, it started as a free online thing during lockdown and now they'll be doing their first 'live' version down on the Cornwall coast. Theres also the Austin Vinces Adventure Travel Film Festival which Ive still not been to even though its only an hour and 20 mins from where I live So are you fired up ready for adventure?
  9. Love it, you take cracking photos. This one though I have to say reminds reminds me of decomposing broccolli
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