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  1. It's Distal Phalanges Solar Distortion. The only cure is they never see daylight again. Well that will cure it for us any road.
  2. I don’t think I can handle new normal Buck. I feel like I something bads gonna happen and I should go n hide.
  3. I liked abandoned engineering but couldn’t hack the constant repetition padding it out, if they could do a cramma version that would be better
  4. Sounds like diabetes. Get yourself checked.
  5. A refined place? Here? Even Jesus couldn’t turn this around.
  6. Nope, missed that an excellent suggestion for deviation from a traditional recipe, I salute you, but it’s usually in a pie isn’t it?..
  7. Finally an advent calendar for real people but who deserves it most?
  8. It’s pretty traditional really. Just the sweet and sour of old like cider vinegar and salt is balsamic and soy. You can’t pick up on it, its just better at making meat taste meatier. More unami.
  9. That won’t work out well in the front row!
  10. Came close to getting a takeaway but there was some ox cheek and ox tail shouting at me from the meat counter so had to do it justice. Served it with a creme fraiche sauce I soured with some fresh lemon and flavoured with super strong horseradish to cut through the richness. Baked some bread (no pic soz) and rolled out the carpet with some lovely unpasteurised Normandy butter. I’m thinking my demented mother might enjoy it, it has that old school thing going on, I can imagine her mum making it for her. Although probably good and bland without the sweet smoked paprika, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and honey
  11. You didn't warn Pete about the dirt. He'll be gone for an hours shower now!
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