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  1. https://www.rideapart.com/news/582218/dainese-speed-demon-logo-anniversary/ If you want to be sure you're parading around advertising the devil go to the Dainese website. They have the original devil sketches on there. https://www.dainese.com/gb/en/dainese/history.html?_gl=1*1itx3jx*_up*MQ..&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrtevyYbh-wIVB7LtCh0cjQCuEAAYASAAEgLiHvD_BwE#dainese-history__tabs
  2. It's a demon. As in a speed demon. You have a jacket with a devil logo on it
  3. Is it flowers, acid or bondage you're looking for? Any which way if you check out Yen's rally pics I reckon he could hook you up
  4. Doing a Yottam Ottolenghi masterclass. I love this chef. He makes Gordon Ramsay look like the nobber he is.
  5. You lefty softy - "Is it ethical to eat roadkill? Studies suggest the most environmentally friendly diet is a vegan one, but for those hell-bent on eating meat, roadkill could be a more ethically conscious alternative. The animal rights campaign group Peta supports eating roadkill over eating meat prepared in slaughterhouses."
  6. My apologies. Here's some stuff you enjoy. It's gay You're gay That's gay Gay Gay Gay Definitely not boring...
  7. He's a twat. His ego's so huge that because he got away with the constant verbal abuse of staff he thought he could get away with violence too. They didn't want to sack him because his programme was popular and profitable but even the BBC couldn't turn a blind eye to him attacking someone. The unprovoked attack was because the egomaniac arrived at his hotel after the kitchen was closed and was given a cheese sandwich when he wanted steak so he went off on one at the producer and punched him in the face. Not a nice person.
  8. Looks good Pete. If I was being ultra picky I'd change some of it (running for cover). Some of it jangles slightly. Starting a sentence with 'And' or 'But' is a trigger for some. I do it and don't care but every time I do I'm aware it annoys the grammar nazi's. I'd probably avoid starting a sentence with a conjunction. Comma's before the and's are dodgy. While correct for some as they connect two independent clauses most people will have been taught to not use a comma before an 'and' but I suppose that's personal preference. It is a tad over comma'd. I'd cut down on the ellipses. They can be considered by the younger generation as passive aggressive (I know it's weird but they are) and are a way of spotting an old person online (along with excessive emoji use). I'm guilty of both of these things. I'd replace the 'I' and 'I'm' with 'we' because you use 'we' on the front page so it's more consistent. This also gives the impression of a bigger company. I won't use a web business that is only one person, if they get sick there's no-one to take over and your website (and therefore business) can be screwed. A pet peeve of mine is when the scroll speed is too fast for you to read the content. Your lovely client feedback isn't readable by the average reader, it spins past before you can finish. On a forum or other informal setting spelling, grammar and punctuation is largely irrelevant but on a businesses main website many people look at those things negatively. I'm afraid I do too. It's an indication they don't have a proof reader which is essential for a professional finish if you want your business to be able to play with the big boys. These are things I mostly learned in a painful or expensive way. Anyway there's my tuppence worth. It's a lovely clean website that draws you but the grammar nazi's (and they exist in droves) would have difficulty with parts of it.
  9. Ark at all these tough biker boys caught up in a pissing contest. Flowers are what you need. Lots of flowers and some acid to release you from your male bondage.
  10. Thats the plan. Just sorting out solar power first
  11. Yep I'd like that. I'm gonna go for one with the app that allows you to preheat your car before you get in it. I can't adequately defrost my car windscreen by hand, I can't reach the centre. On those occasions I consider running the car to defrost it necessary for safety so I leave it idling for a few minutes until the screens are cleared. On a private drive not a public highway before anyone mentions it's illegal.
  12. Who are all these people so familiar with wetting themselves it’s the first thing they think of? I think seat heaters are marvellous. Next car I’m going for a heated steering wheel too.
  13. When I was a kid I threatened to break my brothers legs but never actually did it. Congrats to Mandi
  14. Aaw come on, you do one unbelievably stupid noteworthy thing, put up pics of it on the internet for everyone to see and no-one let’s you forget it
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