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  1. Six30

    One bike

    I got 6 heavily retarded kids … can’t be giving stuff away, the money the little cunts cost me .
  2. Six30

    One bike

    As long as it’s not Chinese you should be allowed to stay on the forum mate , we’ll if I was a mod you would .
  3. Six30

    One bike

    I might have a cbf 1000 coming my way if your interested.
  4. Six30

    One bike

    you mean its so fucking big you aint got the room for anything else, get rid of it you'd get 5 or 6 in your garage.
  5. im not surprised.... it had a 9" cock and you didn't realize it was a fella
  6. dont think boris has either
  7. Boris... what a twat
  8. Are you attempting a flounce move on a member … what you say @XTreme you seen this shit
  9. And like anybody would nick his old tat
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