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  1. what .... you would of got out your bus and fucked him up his arse
  2. wasn't me ..i didn't vote for the monstrosity
  3. Please @Marcel say it ain’t true
  4. They need to own up then … 1 , so we know he didn’t vote for himself 2 , so we know who has no taste and is a complete fucking nob .
  5. @XTreme I’m calling foul play here … Buckster has a vote , a mod shouldn’t be able to vote for his own pic , which is obviously what’s happened here … You need to sort this shit
  6. Just caught the end of a programme about this years TT …. Said Hutchy won’t be competing because he had a stroke while cycling in Spain.. fella with him saved his life apparently first i heard of it …: some one as fit as him as well …. Shit like that is down to , how’s your luck and the cards you are dealt
  7. Shite … it’s gone again …
  8. Just out of shot was the lolly pop lady and all the mums dropping off their kids at play school
  9. Oh look someone has voted for @Buckster again … bless. nope …. It’s gone again .. bugger
  10. Looks pretty safe to use …. You think ?
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