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  1. I doubt you would need a Chinky or a scoot as a excuse.
  2. A Chinky!.....I would rather have another one than the scoot ..... beggars can't be choosers.
  3. Because they have dug out the top soil (and sold it ) leaving you with shitty clay soil mix, it happens on many new developments too....crap drainage.
  4. Our front lawn, is almost 100% moss, tried to clear it a few years ago, but failed, it looks OK as it is, we call our bungalow Moss Bank
  5. Have a nice ride both of you Bastards!
  6. You have to be brutal and rake all the moss out, something I should do, but can't be arsed, the lawn will look crap for a while, but with a bit of grass seed it will recover.
  7. Mowed mine the other week, it has been so wet here for so long that half of the lawn is now moss, very spongy to walk on..
  8. No .....as usual I came later. Onto the forum
  9. 2 warm days and a thunderstorm ⛈....a UK summer.
  10. Can you give me some idea when that 2 weeks will be?...we want to book a holiday, fed up of coming home early cos its cold/wet/windy or all 3 at the same time.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/aqRuYAZiD9sD5tBn/ @Marcel le Moose Fondler,s pet?
  12. Only upside is we don't have a water shortage, in fact we too much of the bloody stuff.
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