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  1. My mistake, thought it was at Snetterton this weekend, but it's at Thruxton,
  2. It's in your locality, go there, nearer, and (from yesterday's TV coverage) not so busy.
  3. Happy birthday Rich
  4. When I (rarely) go there, I go on a Tuesday when it can be quiet, but with the kids on summer hols I doubt any day would be quiet.
  5. It is gonna be packed, but have a nice trip. 🏍
  6. Cleaning and disinfecting the paddling pool, may be the last time it gets any use this year, thunderstorms forecast for here on Monday. And a drop in temps
  7. Just been talking to the scoots previous owner, he told me I can alter the odometer from km to miles (I should have read the handbook) just wish it could be done for the speedo.....numbers are so small, the kms are not much bigger.
  8. But the scoot passed the MOT with flying colours.
  9. Always a sad day, I once had to take a friend's dog to be put to sleep as they could not face the doing it. Even though it was not my dog I felt really bad about it.
  10. We have seen one, flying one minute, it then went behind some trees, but never reappeared.
  11. Checking scoot over for tomorrow's MOT, everything seems to be in order. I can't see anything amiss.
  12. Start a poll..... Keep this up and you will have had Covid longer than the BMW.
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