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  1. I am seriously considering getting shut of the scoot when it gets its new MOT in September, 300 miles in the last year, hardly seems worth the outlay.
  2. It's a nice view from the top of the cliffs...but its a killer coming back up those steps if you go down to the beach.
  3. Apart from a hours rain yesterday it has been fine, 20c and sunshine but the wind only eases after 9pm......not a sparkling forecast for tomorrow
  4. Had a few hours out, ended up at Flamborough Head.....Still fucking windy.
  5. No fear of my wife riding again, her gear (apart from her helmet and boots) does not fit her any longer.....so any rides for me consist of a couple of hours at the most, she should have learnt to drive years ago.
  6. Would have more room in a prison cell..
  7. Dry here. But fucking windy......and next to no phone signal......caravan is like a shoe box......Happy days.
  8. Setting off at 10am to Scarborough........daughter and granddaughter will come when they feel fit.
  9. Nope....me and wife are fine Give the mouth to mouth a miss ta muchly.
  10. They are both bad at the moment............. We could go on Monday if they are somewhat better....,we will see.
  11. May not be venturing to Scarborough tomorrow........daughter and granddaughter have developed a very bad cough......daughter tested herself and granddaughter for Covid......so far negative result.
  12. That's what millionaires do......the Jet set.
  13. We are going to Scarborough nothing to say is there.
  14. Na.....on the roads I took there is absolutely nothing of interest to photo.
  15. It was a hot short ride, traffic very bad (rail strike ) on the roads I normally ride....did only 20 mile, came home to a cool drink in the shade.
  16. Got my shorts, T shirt and flip flops ready........going out tomorrow morning.
  17. Neither is the CFMoto,under the bodywotk its a Kawasaki 650..........let down by crappy Italian electrics.
  18. Yep....CFMoto did not look far for inspiration.
  19. Just looking at the weekend weather, and for next week, I think we may stay at home. Get some paint from B & Q instead.
  20. Yeh, in comparison the T500 was a decent bike .
  21. The 550,s were a bag of shite, rust, corrosion and electrical and mechanical problems, certain spares (at the time) were very hard to come by, and Suzuki GB would do their best to avoid helping.....
  22. 76.....I was riding a Suzuki........I learned by that mistake.
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