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  1. dunno mate, i wasn't taking in the atmosphere. didn't notice any particular mood in the hotels and restaurants, the brits I saw seemed to me to be as loud, ignorant and vulgar as ever. but then I was brought up in genteel lincolnshire villages, not big inner cities. N0 1 says that she was shocked last night when they went out for a drink around 9 pm and there were already girls her age absolutely legless lying in the gutter outside or stumbling around the bars screaming at each other with piss stains running down their legs... it's not so much the state of them that shocked her but that they were in that state by 9pm. To be fair, I saw no evidence of this in the Lincolnshire countryside I spent saturday afternoon walking around.
  2. I left home at 07h00 friday morning, and drove to Liverpool, I had reckoned it would take about 10 hours... it actually took 14! just because the traffic in the UK is soooooo slow and dense. The brits drive like complete twats on the motorways too, any time there's 4 lanes, lanes 1 and 2 are completely empty with everybody driving 4 inches from the car in front in lanes 3 and 4. I lost count of the number of times I just played the ignorant foreigner and overtook everyone on the inside... wankers. On Saturday I drove from Liverpool to Louth and had a wander round the town but apart from the chinese restaurant, the indian and the "Mr Chips" chip shop i recognised none of it. Did the high school reunion thing sat night which was amusing and drove home sunday. 2200km in all. that's why I wasn't on here this weekend.
  3. sorry @boboneleg I was in Liverpool and then Louth and then back to Augy, 2200km in 3 days ( in the Car) and I'm still reeling from it now, haven't turned on the putor till now either. Happy's to you as well, how did yours go?
  4. Hey, i dont give a shit! No more supply worries from the yUK, im off to work for a company importing from Asia… what could possibly go wong ?
  5. MooN

    Top box porn

    Look st the size of that one!
  6. Sorry i misunderstood. bout an hour and a half, or 2 h if not on the autoroute, 140odd km i suppose.
  7. Not really taken that much notice to be honest Pedro, when they look worn i change them. I rarely change front and rear at the same time. Ive done about 50,000km on the tiger and dont thing ive changed tubes.
  8. I'll keep an eye on pressures for the moment and plan to change the tubes with the next tyre change I guess. My problem with that is that there is absolutely no trustworthy motorcycle mechanics within a 100km radius of here so any tube change is going to involve some organisation.
  9. Really? Wow, never done that. the tubes I have in must be 4 or 5 years old...
  10. should I be replacing tubes periodically? I never did on the tralp, I had the same tubes for years.
  11. Do modern innertubes eventually go pourous? how often are you supposed to replace them? I'm having a bit of an odd phenomenon with mine at the moment. The tiger has spked wheels, so runs tubes. they're fitted in "tubeless" tyres ( pirelli scorpion III) and have been without problem untill this summer. With the temperature range having been larger then usual this summer I have expected a certain amount of pressure variation but have been finding that both front and rear tyres need systematically pumping up, and always the same amount. the rear ( officially running at 2.9kilos pressure) will be missing 0.4K when I check with cold tyres wether they've been let overnight or for a number of days, The front ( usually at 2.5kilos) will be missing 0.2kilos. This has been the same EVERY time I check tyre pressures, which has been every time I ride cos I know they'll be low) I use a pressure guage to check the pressures and then a foot pump with a manometer on to pump them up. Both guages correspond. I have found no leak at the valves ( and anyway, if it was a valve leak it would surely continue leaking, not just drop the pressure by 2 or 400 grammes respectively... and to have BOTH valves go dodgy at the same moment...! Unlikely in the extreme I would imagine. So, my next thought is " Pourous tubes". is that still a thing with modern rubber? I ran tubes on the transalp too so have been using them for 20 odd years and never suffered from it before. Any other explanation? Just to throw out any theories you may come up with, I corrected the pressures on saturday morning befor leaving for a weekend trip. Over the weekend did 800 and odd km's getting home sunday night. Checked tyre pressures monday morning and they were spot on, not lost a gram! and yet they've systematically lost pressure overnight for the last few months.
  12. work. working on boats everything is done kneeling down and ofen at arms length, my knees are fucked cos of that. my shouldaers are fucked cos of getting in and out of confined spaces and / or lifting weights (bateries) or wrenching at arms length. Back is fucked to to the endless working in confined spaces or leaning over an engine. Rheumatoid polyarthritis is not helping...
  13. ill be 66 and about to retire, If i make it that far.
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