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  1. leave it as BOTM. read the rules of submitting a BOTM pic; It has to be your BIKE pic has to be taken in the current MONTH. QED; BIKE of the MONTH. I agree with @Tango on this. the constant is the bike. Please don't make it anymore complicated then that.
  2. I very rarely get drunk, don't enjoy the sensation, but if I do I get a bit garrulous, then fall over and go to sleep.
  3. mmm... not really. To be blunt most brit tourists or immigrants in burgundy are middle class and reasonably well educated, whereas Spain seems to attract the chavs and morons ( at least partly due to all the spanish based brit sitcoms and travel shows thet swanped the telly in the UK in the late 80's ?) I have been called in to the gendarmerie to translate once or twice but the last time was a while back in a restaurant where a young brit couple were trying to make sure that there was no beef in her meal because of her religion ( Hindu). Obviously having the vegetarian option would have been too easy so she wanted something else, I forget what, but with the meat taken out. I could overhear the conversation and asked the waiter if he would like me to translate, which I did. The brit couple were very grateful and very apologetic for being a nuisance and for not speaking french, they also asked me to apologise to the waiter for them and told me they'd be sure to leave a good tip. I can live with that.
  4. good choice. Comic books are excellent for learning the language, as you say there's some slang in them and if you don't get it the picture explains it. In french and belgian comics there are almost always at least 2 and sometimes 3 levels of understanding; the basic language, the humoristic references and often enough political satire current at time of writing. I learnt masses of French idiom from Franquin's " Gaston Lagaffe" series when I first arrived here.
  5. I dunno about Germany, but I imagine it's a system too anarchic for for the teutonic mind.
  6. not in the UK pedro, at least not that I remember. ( except geurnesey where the junctions are, or used to be, alternate) @yen_powell could tell you.
  7. " Le petit Prince" is a french classic, standerd secondary school study here. I also have " Vol de Nuit" by him. You know he was a pioneer of the french aeropostal service in north africa right?
  8. MooN

    Binning It!

    I love the way he looks at it, like "who put that kerb there?" picks it up and gets on with it.
  9. yeah, I seem to remember when I took the picture I thouht about taking the box off but decided that " It's my bke, it's my ride, on my terms. I take a picture during the ride, I'm not an artist, or even a photographer trying to projetct some message or image. This is me, this is my bike, in this place, at this time. " I really don' care if others think it would be better somehow else, ( and besides, I couldn't be arsed)
  10. I'm currently re reading my way through the Patrick OBrien collection ( series of books the first of which was made into a dissapointing film "Master and Commander".) possibly not of much interest unless interested in sailing aships and maritime history. though exceedingly well written.
  11. 104 metres ( 341 ft for the cave trolls among you)
  12. I just got my 3rd dose of Pfizer vaccine. I'm now back at home to see if I can pick up the 5G...
  13. I always said the brits were better drivers than the French. 'till I visited the uk in 2017.
  14. Nope, couldn't be arsed to remove the topbox either.
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