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  1. you are such a fucking class act!
  2. MooN

    One bike

    I can't afford more than one, and If I could I probably wouldn't. I have always preferred to concentrate on one thing at a time.
  3. MooN

    Summers over.

    weather's shit here too at the moment, the frogs are complaining about it almost as much as brits do.
  4. erm nope. it was me working this sunday. I haven't workes sundays for about 5 years but we're short staffed and the two techs I have weren't about to work every other sunday so I do 1 in three. I actually usually enjoy sunday at work cos I'm on my own and don't have to a listen to the head office bullshit or organise the techs work for them and put up with their whining and general stroppy childish behaviour. Sunday hours count double but hours of "in lieu", not paid.
  5. I had much fun today, i got called out to our biggest boat, hire costs around 4000€ a week at this time of year so we only get "well to do " clients and mostly serious boaters, looking to "try befor you buy" sort of thing. they stated that they'd started the engine, pulled away from the quay and were in the middle of the river when the engine cut out and wouldn't start. I managed to coax them over the phone to use the thrusters to get to the bank and secure the boat. when i got there the engine woud start but then die after about 1 minute. I eventually discovered that one of the teenage children had pulled the emergency fuel shut off lever... rich fuckwits with out of control children. lucky I have nothing better to do with my sunday...
  6. the employer is supposed to provide the neccessary tools over here. mine doesn't, of course, but they're supposed to...
  7. oh yeah, sorry didn't realise you were doing an electric.
  8. MooN


    If it's any consolation Pedro, you'll be pleased to hear that I suffered no side effects at all from my 2nd pfizer jab
  9. My cousin James Lister is one of the uk's top Luthiers
  10. you get an e mail from them telling you that there are customs charges that they, as the transporter, have had to advance. the actual amount varies on the value of the item but usually between 30 and 40€. you pay online and get your parcel a couple of days later, but still a week or so longer than previously and can be anything up to a month, if it hasn't dissapeared completely. It took me about 10 days and 3 phone calls and 2 e mails to get a proper invoice out of them (DHL) and on the invoice, which they are clearly loath to give you, it clearly states the value of the item, the VAT, the customs clearance charge (0€!) and then an " administration charge" of 30 odd€... + VAT on that charge! legalised theft in my opinion. I am prepared to py the DPD fixed 7€ charge as I understand that there is more paperwork involved and the charge is clear and justified. DHL are clearly doing their best to hide the charge by lying and telling you it's a "customs clearance fee" implying thereby that they have had to pay this fee to the customs.
  11. well at least with a bit of luck the shortage of lorry drivers won't last, you won't need them cos everybody I know is simply stopping buying anything from the UK cos it's too slow, too expensive and too complicated. we're all pooling info on new suppliers of parts from germany or holland, they're loving it and starting to compete for our business. DHL is currently adding a 30 to 40€ "administration charge" on anything coming from the UK. (DPD is more reasonable at a fixed rate of 7€) which adds insult to njury.
  12. has it already been meniond that you're not normal?
  13. having had the animals euh...sorry... children vaccinated, I thought I'd go for a wee spin as it's a nice evening. northbound from Auxerre on the old N6 "voie rapide" a stretch of dual carriageway but limited to 90km/h. Just after the speed camera all the brakelights and hazard lights came on in front of me, "Fuck, accident!" I filtered to the front and see a bike on it's side on the cebtral reservation and the rider lying in the middle of lane 2. I yell at the stopped car s to phone the ambulance and start to see if the bloke is ok. He was, thank goodness. I held his head from behind and kept him talking till the ambulance and gendarmes arrived, about 10 minutes I guess. as far as I could make out he had a nasty open gash on the top of his left foot and possiblly a broken rib or two. apparently he had been travelling in the opposite direction in lane 2, southbound, the car in fron t braked hard, he couldn't stop, avoided rear-ending the car but hit the kerb of the central reservation ( no barrier) and that threw him off, across the central reservation and into lane 2 of oncoming traffic, a couple of cars swerved to avoid running him over....he was VERY lucky he did'nt get hit. He reckoned he was going between 90 and 110km/h when he started braking. Unfortunately for him his bike was totally illegal ( track bike, no lights, no speedo, slick tyres, and no reg plate.) so totally uninsured. Pillock should never have been on the road on it. The marks on the central grass reservation showed the bike had travelled about 15metres on it's side and he was a good 5 metres furte on from the bike. the car driver who saw this coming towards him managed to swerve out of the way but was unsure if he'd hit him or not, he was badly shaken and shock was clearly setting in by the time the police arrived. Having given details to the police I was allowed to leave and rode home... slowly...
  14. MooN


    that is a good quote. I shall pinch it and reuse it. there's and old well known prayer, I think probably hebraic originily along the lines of " Lord give me the humility to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and most of all the widom to know the difference..." recognising the limits of one's ability or knowledge is, in itself, a sign of wisdom.
  15. all other considerations aside, it does look like fun!
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