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  1. Oh in that case im a bit sorry.....
  2. Nothing wrong with being nice you should try it for a change
  3. Happy sunday to you too
  4. My neighbour is waaay shorter than me at 4ft 10 !!! Ha ha ha made my heckin day
  5. Im not against eating meat per se im just doing ok without it. The factory farming side of it and the unnecessary cruelty doesnt sit well with me so i don't bother with it. Like i say im fitter than most my age and im well so no brainer really.
  6. Im vegan. Vegan and keto = practically impossible. Unless all you do all day is prep food and think about food and organise food and food food food.
  7. Went for a 2 mile run early doors so no one sees me sobbing....didn't die Hyrox prep has started so my posts are all going to be about fitness and healthy eating from now on......well for today at least.....ignoring the croissant ive just crammed into my face Im so shit.
  8. Its beginning to remind me of a certain thread that shall remain unmentioned......
  9. Still not erect then !!!
  10. I wonder if she's ever been a wedding escort bike before a couple of balloons and i think she will look ok. Rest of them are scooters escorting the bride to registry office and then on to the doo tomorrow. Update Popped some confetti balloons and flowery stuffs on her.
  11. Ive had a truly brilliant day. Filled with amazing friends and family thanks everyone.
  12. Going to Andys dads in a couple of weeks with camper and bikes. Taking his dad round the isle of wight on the back of Andys bike.
  13. What an awesome adventure !!! All the best to you both and im looking forward to reading about it.
  14. Aberystwyth then round the coast to st pauls bay, tenby via horse shoe pass then return up the centre of wales..... n that
  15. Beginning of june we are off to the lakes for a few days. July we are doing a trip to south wales and if i get any opportunity to naff off for the weekend somewhere then im gone.
  16. Ohh you boys are on form tonight.
  17. New tent bag arrived and its red to match my bike much to my husbands disgust Really impressed with it. Got the tent, pegs and poles, groundsheet and my crocs in it plus it doubles as a rucksack. Not that i will ever use it for that. Theres loads of straps with it and a nifty carry handle Aaand its red.
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