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  1. Ive reported both posts.
  2. Now this issue of matser bation, i dunno, im lucky, at least i get to do it with someone who is attractive, your results will vary.
  3. First off i aint no born again bible humpin King James version of christianity, im a Roman catholic so all i do is consult my local priest for morale authority, so if thats the case fornication seems to be just fine with the boss! Fine with me. Remember, we are all sinners, thats what we are taught, so go out and make a name for yourself! They are taking notes.
  4. We have a nice B&B next door first nights on me... as far as NavakaScotia...is that safe from russian missles yet, i dunno, people actually live there?
  5. Tym

    Under pressure.

    For a custom twin turbo setup? Tammy said to me i only live once. I trust Tammy.
  6. The next tune up should be a good one.
  7. Based on my numbers you need to work at it some more, i have you down for Dumbass of the year so far if it makes you feel better.
  8. Just the thing for Britain's road crews me thinks. https://utwpods.com/collections/safety-pods/products/walkingpod-pro?utm_source=2060digital&utm_medium=facebookinsta&utm_campaign=retargeting
  9. How did such a nice person like @Grasshopper show up? Was it our engaging dialogue members banter each others head in with here...lol
  10. Air was below freezing, water was 55f.
  11. Went to the beach, its Pedro Day, no fees, pick any spot.
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