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  1. Whoo hoo suns out! Freak me look how high my gass is and no 420 anywhere.
  2. Looks like a pretty good Suzuki to me id buy it to park it out front on blocks next to the chevy. .
  3. I I think the fact Pedro is way more mature then i am gave him the edge on sussing out a certain posters problem. Just another case of good looks not being worth much, other then being in photo's.
  4. To Pedro, Pedro was right. I was wrong. Must be something about portugal, i should move there when im done doing Duty™. Kudo's Bro, wiser then the years lived so far.
  5. Put them on ignore and be done with it we dont need to hear your opinion about them, ignore them, and they will ignore you.
  6. This is interesting, me and NASA were born in 1958...if the roads would dry id like to go for a cruise...butt, untill then, do you know.....
  7. You want me to give up my guns when a crowd of people like that exists? Not no, butt, hell no.
  8. Jeez...even a KLR gets better mileage per motor then that.
  9. Ive had this ten for a few months, just reaaly like it now, its user friendly.
  10. Everything you post now carries more weight because you own a BMW GS.
  11. on a related note i can highly recomend this go pro ten, first go pro i;ve liked using.
  12. How do you know when your BMW needs oil, easy! They stop dripping it.
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