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  1. When i get a trailer and a truck that can haul it . off road only now.
  2. Woody got new oil, filtre and fuel filtre, might be her first oil change in a decade or so... No more smoke and the oil pressure is stable. Win win.
  3. I made Woody's top in time plywood is selling out in floriduh...
  4. Missed it too butt who cares if Buck fucks off.
  5. Tym

    Maximum Bikes

    Found them, they are on Hunters Laptop.
  6. Tym

    Maximum Bikes

    Try the wayback machine.
  7. Tym

    Maximum Bikes

    I wonder if Cycleworld.com has the original Julian/eddie/toothless series. Classic chit.
  8. Well, AmaZon's tracking thought my package was in the truck in front of my house, until the driver sat back down and drove off.... Now AmaZons tracking says the package isnt out for delivery, and might be late. Its was late yesterday too. Just wasnt out for delivery like today.
  9. Rip to the Queen of Nursing.
  10. If you want performace and comfort just spend the money and get a GS.
  11. The Ferench are to the North? C'Est Domages.
  12. Scary, now i realiZe im old, i remember when jap meant crap.....then toyoto sent over their pickups, and a legEnd was born.
  13. They always are white with blue lettering its like a cult.
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