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  1. Going deep guys! Getting the surf for the turf!
  2. I usually just charge for a whole weekend , why bother doing tricks when one big fish will pay the bills, umm, what was the question?
  3. Appointment cancelled due to insurance wont cover till septer 29th, i waved at the nurses and went home. Mums just a bit upset it took quite the talking to to get me to make this appointment, even Pete bugged me, then they pulll this
  4. Tym

    Welcome zzzak

    Its so good to know you;re still around zzzak, wow have i missed you.
  5. I sneek up behind packs of Hardly Ablesons on the tomos and act like im part of their parade, and i wave allot.
  6. Have you heard the wheelbarrow story yet?
  7. You try to be nice and this is what you get jeez, sorry hunny.
  8. Tym

    its raining ...

    Never owned one are they usefull for some reason?
  9. Name the country and im sure i can refer someone...
  10. No, i never waste ammo when a knuckle samwhich does the job. Unless they are hiding in the tree line and some recon by fire is necessary from Ma Deuce.
  11. Happens quite regulary to be honest. No freaking out, i told the State Trooper id just start open carrying my firearms as a show of force. She said sounds like a good idea she wishes more poeple would do so her job would be easier after we take a few of the pervs out...lol
  12. Tym

    Summers over.

    Pics would be nice. Didnt you get a freee camera with the purchase?
  13. My day so far.....
  14. No its in person stuff, online Facebook deals with my stalkers there quite well, they got rid of Buck for me.
  15. Tym

    Summers over.

    IMHO a garage should be the first thing to secure in life, every man needs a cave. Every women too it keeps their men out of their hair all the freaking time.
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