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  1. Tym

    ChristMass Lights

    Only dogs hate, i like to go further.
  2. Tym

    ChristMass Lights

    The good news is Jesus loves you, on the other hand i dont give a fuck, so there is that too... To the rest of you, merry fucking christmass. Nothing better then merry fucking.
  3. Come on even you infedels put up lights lets see your show, mines going underwater cause im having Paipo'o ChristMass! Aloha hoales! lol
  4. A girl made that mistake once, im sitting there as she modles a way to tight short look at my ass bar outfit...how do i look she asked. The last thing i ever said to her that day was....."Black is such an unforgiving colour." We dint have much to say after that.
  5. Duct tape un trimmed off colour zip ties and bailing wire add a patina all their own.
  6. I really like that green/ colour scheme @Mawsley s scooter has, looks nice.
  7. Horrible day here, snows in the forecast and it was 28 amercan degrees so i did this today. First time in the water after 30 years of sitting on a wall in NYC, a classic thruster from Simon Anderson. Now she's called the Truckster cause she can carry so much weight....lol...nice blue fade on the bottom...worth $600 to 1K on the collectible market. Of course my many facebutt girlfrinds expect the money shots...
  8. When you fight a pig both get muddy.
  9. Seems like a lifetime ago now.
  10. She was a sweetheart dont see many like or as much as her.
  11. Velcro stuck to the surfboard well, Sikaflex 291 rocks.
  12. Well you looked pretty good in cut off shorts then.
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