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  1. went there with my dad on the bikes , remember sitting on a bench with him having a coffee with pretty much the same view as in your second pic ... brought back some happy memories @Clive
  2. wish i could do work and restore bikes like this , im on par with @XTreme im afraid when it comes to spanners etc looks good @Skippy
  3. Would of thought the mrs would be encouraging you to fuck off out all day on your own .
  4. Now you know how we feel when you post
  5. any way , when you going to shoot the bloke dumping the rubbish
  6. looked like to gays at their wedding .
  7. so you been polishing..... did you do your helmet ?
  8. when have i ever said van action soon..... and not given you van action ?
  9. All in good time sweet heart .
  10. What did you have a Blue rinse and a catch up on all the village gossip .
  11. did he refit your screen for you ?
  12. is there no old trains any where.... would of thought they would of just chucked some where and left em... unless scrap price was good.
  13. yeh so.... but i didn,t go buy the same bike as stu , you chatting on the GS forum ?
  14. Four hours is better than until the 13th July … you can’t help some people …
  15. Go to A & E tell em your in agony , they’ll sort it ….
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