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  1. That's amazing.....I thought those things ran for a couple of hours max!
  2. Really? So a plumber will call to your house, repair one plunger, then fit a new one in the other toilet......and all for 20 quid? Who is this guy?
  3. Very impressive Scott! How long will it run on charge for?
  4. That price includes the plunger thing though.....whatever they cost over here.
  5. I suppose about 40 mins.
  6. Look at this shit......you might not get it though! https://www.surinenglish.com/andalucia/change-the-weather-andalucia-powerful-storm-will-20240301042555-nt.html
  7. Where you've been......on remand?
  8. Juan Cortes does that! Last oilchange I did was on the Strom 4 years ago!
  9. Replacing it myself is not an option on my watch! The wife used to do shit like that but that's too much for her now with her arthritis!
  10. I don't know......maybe playing the buffoon is just a ploy to get hits, which equals more revenue? After all, you can get right to the top in Britain by playing the buffoon! There's definitely an audience for it!
  11. I called Domingo the plumber at 10am and he just came round to replace the upstairs toilet mechanism and repair the downstairs one! It cost €50 (£42).......how much in Britain these days for that cos I can remember plumbers charging silly prices?
  12. This Winter seems to have gone on forever Clive!
  13. Weather's not that good...... ......and I've got a site to build as well. Hopefully I can get out for a while tomorrow though! What about you lot?
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