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  1. Made in Poland apparently!
  2. Looks like you're in the lead Tym!
  3. He's fucking Trolling again Marcel!
  4. A very rare commodity in the generations that preceded us Tym.
  5. Took the Beemer out to fuel it! It started, it stopped, it didn't break down, and no oil was spilled!
  6. My vote is in and it went to @Marcel
  7. Surprising to see only 7 entries! Is there only 7 people here who actually ride?
  8. It's that time again! Remember that you get one vote, and you are able to change it if you want because it keeps the suspense going! So here are the entries.....and the poll closes on Thursday 30th June 8PM UK time! Buckster Tym Sir Fallsalot Marcel Pedro XTreme boboneleg So make your choice!
  9. Surprised she wasn't "got to". She must have refused to name names!
  10. The Maxwell bitch got 20 years then! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-61970358
  11. No druggies bothering you this time?
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