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  1. We haven't moved anywhere Rick!
  2. Some sort of flu then?
  3. Most of those are roads Tym!
  4. We had a bit of a storm this evening. These shots were taken by my mate the copper who was out on patrol when it came down!
  5. Waiting for @yen_powell to have a shot at this!
  6. I was thinking the same thing you know! And to think that comments were made on another forum about how I fucked up forums in the past! I fucked them up? Look at what I've had to work with FFS!
  7. Which is which though? Each one has a ref no! I'm surprised you missed the first one though!
  8. Somebody's going to have to start naming! We can't have one big stand-off!
  9. Bike looks great Bob.......but the more I see it, the smaller it looks!
  10. How many of these classic albums can you name? I got 16 before I looked at the answers!
  11. I thought you did something to that recently Fred?
  12. All the Welsh up there sound like Scousers......it's fucking weird.
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