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  1. Now out of ICU and in the cardiology ward.
  2. Bloke in the next room just died.
  3. They confirmed that I had a heart attack...... But I had no pain.
  4. They stuck a catheter in my dick last night. Fucking agony.... It's still in now.
  5. Puked up over the floor.
  6. I was strapped in and connected to machines so it wasn't a great ride. Fucking noisy things.
  7. Went to Docs at 9am about a stomach bug. They did some tests and by 11am I was on an Air Ambulance to Granada. I went straight into Surgery where they put 3 stents into my heart arteries. Now in ICU for the next day or two.
  8. Sounds like a normal day's riding for you Terry! Were there any Peacocks involved?
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