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  1. Plus Long Covid, Flu, Hernia, and fat Polish munters.
  2. No 300 Rallys coming to Spain!
  3. 205kg apparently......Yamaha got that right!
  4. At least this one isn't being sold off to the Yanks bit by bit though.
  5. 20-25 and blue skies. That's all I want!
  6. XTreme

    A Gang

    Have they put deposits down on vans and garden sheds as well?
  7. Buck.......during his Redneck years in the US. Before he adopted his KGB agent look!
  8. No update from @Earache yet?
  9. Why have you saved photos of Buck on your phone?
  10. And there's no sign of it stopping! But you know what'll happen when it does? A fucking heatwave! This year I've had too cold, now too wet......and coming soon, too hot!
  11. Probably too trail oriented for Alan I'd have thought. I just looked at the Strom 800DE......230kgs! WTF?
  12. Front definitely looks a bit light!
  13. I think everybody knows there's no way I'd vote for a Harley, an Indian bike, or a Chinese bike! My vote went to Tango as I said at the outset.
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