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  1. XTreme


    Got my Pension today! Soon be gone in bills though!
  2. Look at this shit coming up this week.....
  3. Fucking migraine now.....thought I was due for one!
  4. XTreme

    Nom Nom Nom

    Yes.....Pedigree Chum is a big seller there!
  5. Worked right through the day yesterday so I could get an hour or two today.......but woke up to find that it's now pissing down.
  6. And the punters paid out money for that shitshow!
  7. If he'd wanted a real fight he'd have taken Joyce!
  8. I think Fury's treating like a sparring session.....cos if he knocked him out in a couple of rounds the punters wouldn't get much for their money.
  9. Chisora seems to have little punch resistance these days!
  10. Couldn't figure out why he had so many problems with that guy. No way can he step up in class yet.
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