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  1. All that stuff looks the part.....but living with it on a day to day basis is something else. Particularly as you get older......it turns into more of a physical challenge than a relaxing pastime.
  2. Selling the Tiger and going 100% Scooter?
  3. Bit of a Phil Daniels look there Bob?
  4. Another county? In my case the challenge was getting into another postcode!
  5. I can trace every IP......but they could be coming in via a Proxy, so you can never be sure. But the system you see there just picks them off and gives them a timeout. If they come back for more then it's a permanent bans. That's just one of the security layers I have in place......there's others as well. Along with individual firewalls on each site!
  6. Oh yeh......nonstop day and night!
  7. They're real time hacking attempts on one of the servers! The one this site is on in fact!
  8. Looking at shit like this?
  9. Say the word if you want @Clive to send the Incomprehensible Warning PM!
  10. Does the current vaccine give any immunity to this Indian variant?
  11. That's amazing considering the power it's got!
  12. Fucked my eyes up for sure with the early VGA and SVGA monitors!
  13. Try 80+ hours a week in front of a screen for 30+ years......it may not be physically hard but it takes it's toll.
  14. I never had that much to do with him......so I can't remember much other than he works in the Health Service and gets speeding tickets! He's not as big a twat as the spellchecker is he?
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