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  1. Use my meme in situations like this Tym!
  2. Yes.....the DR hasn't been sold in Europe for over 20 years now!
  3. Shouldn't we have BIVOTM......Bike in Van of the Month.....in order to appeal to all demographics?
  4. No......the subject was raised HERE!
  5. You asked if I voted for you.....Bob said he was one and I added that I thought Sofia was the other one! So it's neither trolling nor petty!
  6. Surprised they haven't updated it to injection......I wouldn't like to go back to carbs.
  7. Exactly.......same reasons as me when I voted for the Vespa. As I said, the question was raised.......should it be called something other than BOTM cos it's not solely based on the bike? I'm fine with it as BOTM myself......it's been like that since the early days of MB. But if other members think it should be retitled to something that describes it better then we could do that.
  8. Of course.......so should we be voting for the rider then? What factors made you vote the way you did? In my case I thought it was a great quality pic......and the general vibe of the Vespa in that rural environment looked great! Like the previous month with the stately home and the GSX......it was just a great scene. I voted that way because the total package was great each time.....not because I like the Vespa or the GSX.
  9. @Six30.....know anybody living around Burton on Trent who'd be interested in checking out @Richzx6r's profile?
  10. I made the point in the BOTM vote that if we were voting for the bike (and no other criteria) then I'd vote for Pedro's every month. And you might vote for Fred's. I'm not complaining about the Vespa winning.....I voted for it and I've owned a Vespa.....so I don't have an anti-Scooter thing. But just think WHY you voted for who you did? And I guarantee it wasn't solely because of the bike......there were other factors involved. So should the title be changed to be representative of all the factors involved?
  11. A point of order has been raised so I'm putting it out there for opinions. After all, we're not one of those dreadful forums where the owner is a control freak that thinks he's ruling a Kingdom and everybody is his subject. Everything is done democratically here! And by the way.......
  12. You couldn't make it up could you Pedro?
  13. ......about why is Bike of the Month called Bike of the Month? Which is a fair question when you consider that we're not just voting for the Bike......we're voting for everything that the image contains. I'm talking about the combination of a bike in a great location with great image quality etc. The sort of pic that gives you a good vibe! That's never been more apparent than this month with @Mawsley's Vespa winning by a landslide......because I don't think anybody who voted for it would aspire to own a Vespa! So nobody really voted for the bike did they? Therefore, my question is should Bike of the Month be renamed to something else? Something that encompasses all the criteria that we use to place our vote? What do you think? And if you think it should be renamed then throw out some options!
  14. @Six30 would jump at that shit!
  15. I've had the DR and the GS.......and if I was doing distance it would be the GS every time. But that's me. You may find the DR better for you though. But I'm comparing a 2015 water cooled fuel injected machine with ABS compared to a 96 DR.......so in many ways it's not a fair comparison. The DR is a brilliant machine though, and if I could buy a new one then I'd be there in a shot.
  16. Nothing wrong with calling somebody a dumb Brit.......if they're behaving like one! After all, the stupid fuckers are everywhere. But it isn't right to call someone a dumb Brit.......just because they're a Brit. If that makes sense. Now this is a typical example of a dumb Brit.......who deserves to be called a dumb Brit! And a stupid fucking cunt as well.
  17. The boy raised his game after I set my Rotties on him Bob! Made him the man he is today! Bald!
  18. When they look at women's clothes is the worst!
  19. The DR will do the distance no problem. But the general riding experience will be easier on the GS......after all, the basic F or G is more road based than the Dakar and Sertao.
  20. No.....I voted for Mawsley! You were my second choice! But I noticed you gained a vote after Sofia logged in yesterday.
  21. I hope you're not hitting the bottle again Pedro?
  22. And we know who one of them was don't we Pedro?
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