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  1. XTreme

    One bike

    She's still got the 600?
  2. You retired now zzzak? I'm supposed to be (I'm 67 now) but I'll be working forever!
  3. Hi zzzak......long time no see! How you keeping?
  4. XTreme

    One bike

    Most I've ever had at one time is three back in 1975, Last time I had two was 2007.
  5. XTreme

    One bike

    Yeh......give it to him Six......maybe he'll fuck off back to the Epicentre of Misery then!
  6. The wife was a bit pissed off.....because the first time she met my old girl, she remarked how much that the wife looked like this particular girlfriend. And my old girl being as tactless as she was blurted it out a few times over the years. So the wife had lived with this "she looks like girlfriend X" for 7 or 8 years. Then she finds out that girlfriend X is black! I remember her saying to me "How the hell can your mother say that I look like her if I'm white and she's black?"
  7. Long story from 1971......I had a Vespa and a slag on the back.....mate of mine had a garage with a wheelbarrow!
  8. I think I've mentioned this before.....but she's the one I didn't know that she was black. She turned up with her boyfriend in 1990 to fit loft insulation......the wife let her in (seeing her for the first time) and came out to me and said....."You never mentioned she was black?" I said "WTF you talking about? She's not black" The wife said....."Go upstairs and have a look then". So I went upstairs, took a look, came back down and said "Fucking hell.....she is black. Well she wasn't black when I knew her". The wife said....."How can you go out with a girl for 6 months and not know she's black?" I said......"Well in my defence, she wore a lot of make up, and I'd usually drunk a lot of beer". Wife said....."You had sex with her.....you must have noticed how dark she was?" I said...."No......it was pitch black behind the chip shop and the Guildhall Car Park".
  9. XTreme

    One bike

    We're talking about bikes not birds on the side Fred!
  10. Do a thread on it Fred......some of them here are into all that stuff.
  11. I avoid Brits like the plague......the only reason I know Tony was that I used him for airport runs to pick up my boys when they were flying in.
  12. Nice one Michelle......great shot!
  13. I didn't get a lifetime.....it started turning grey at 40, and then white at 55. I was short changed!
  14. I am truly Billy No Mates! Saw on FB that Tony the Tools was out on the weekend with his missus on her new SpeedTwin......and three other Brits. No idea who they were! Don't want to fucking know them either! Also, the guy who changed his AT for a Strom (the one I spoke to the dealer for) and his mate (also a Strom) haven't seen hide nor hair of them! And of course the guy with the Harley who reckoned I had a moped.....another no-show! Weird shit really........I can't figure out whether it's the Motorcycling Tourettes or my reputation as a Savage that puts them off? Or maybe it's because I is Welsh......with some Roma and Jewish blood thrown in for good measure? What you say @Pedro
  15. This is you this is......you fat fuck!
  16. It won't freak @Tym out one bit......they might get freaked out however when he puts a loaded gun in their mouth! Who was the last one you had planned for that Tym.....was it Mad Dean?
  17. Motul Chain Cleaner, adjustment, Castrol Racing Lube! Job done!
  18. Always done chain maintenance and most oil changes......if they were easy ones like the Strom, Fazer etc. The Beemer is a lot more involved so I ain't getting into that one!
  19. Just got to lube it now.....I'll give you a pic of that!
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