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  1. How the fuck could he let a bike get into that state?
  2. We're not getting into "Good Morning" and "Good Evening" territory are we? Cos you know where that leads!
  3. They just took the car to go to the beach......apparently she hates this town! Swansea: "Hold My Beer".
  4. Didn't see Fatty today again! Apparently she's now got the flu as well as her bladder infection. In fact because she was ill we weren't allowed to go in and play with the kids......they weren't very happy about it. However.....last I heard they still plan to take our car and go to the beach tomorrow!
  5. Great shots Dave.....fucking sump was a gutter though!
  6. I'm hoping I'll get a new engine......unlikely cos it rode really well. My guess is sump gasket leaking.
  7. When it stops belching it's guts all over the floor! 250kms with me on it was more than it could handle it seems. But still......if they want to put a new engine and box in it that's fine by me!
  8. Nobody should have to be facing a Nuclear Holocaust with a bad website Tym!
  9. Does anybody clean their bike where you live Reggie?
  10. Superb shots Eric.....I remember the Insane Asylum from your previous trip! But that weather is a nightmare!
  11. Back to work and another one gone live: Costa Tropical Properties
  12. I'm back from Albox! Got that shit over with for two months!
  13. Yeh......I thought I recognised that fence!
  14. So it's shopping for me in Albox tomorrow morning! Bits of work to do in the afternoon......and on Sunday Fatty is taking the car! So we'll be here with no bike and no car!
  15. And here's the Teutonic Oil Belcher in happier times.......
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