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  1. That's a humiliating confession that I'll never have to make!
  2. The Harley Gayboys have been trying to draw you in to their sordid lifestyle as well then @zzzak?
  3. Always been the same! Irrespective of how many bikes you have you can only submit ONE of them per month. You can enter the Harley but you'll need to delete the KTM entry.
  4. That means you swing both ways then!
  5. When's it going to be on the road Tym?
  6. Here it is again, and just to remind you that it must be your bike and the pic must have been taken this month. If you make a submission and then get a better shot later on.....then just submit the new pic and tag me to delete the first one. This submissions thread will be open from now until the evening of Wednesday 28th, at which point the voting thread will open! Voting then takes place over two days with the Poll closing 8PM Friday 30th. I'm not expecting a big entry because I don't think many of you assclowns actually rode a bike this month considering the inactivity in the Ride Reports section! Nevertheless.......the show must go on! Are you ready.......
  7. Buck is a real English man!
  8. They keep calling everybody else Gay to try and deflect attention away from their sodomising lifestyle!
  9. They could try and draw you in with stuff like this you know.... What you say @Six30?
  10. I was thinking the exact same thing! He's young, not very bright, and could be easily manipulated by older guys on tractors!
  11. They'll be trying to recruit another member to their Harley GayBoy gang soon......mark my words!
  12. With the Harley being the same colour don't you get confused which is which?
  13. You won't come anywhere near here though will you?
  14. Traffic on the right.....white number plate.....you're in France?
  15. Mawsley taught him prior to flouncing!
  16. All their stuff is excellent......particularly the bike cleaner spray. Far better than that Muc Off shit!
  17. If he ever went there he'd have got out of paying!
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