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  2. Aren't HD engines made in Japan ?
  3. Taking the dog to the vet today.... And ear infection or something... So I'm taking the afternoon off.
  4. You do realize that these two fruitcakes were riding kawisuki
  5. I'd have taken it down to a single lane by the low stone wall so a car could partially turn into a gap in some centre hatching before carrying on up the slip road. That way he wouldn't have to make such a tight turn at the last minute and could pay attention to what is coming and make turn more quickly when he does go. They've got the poor sod doing a u-turn.
  6. Today
  7. I can see the van shadow in the background.... Look's like you just pulled it out of the van and took a pic.... I'd say immediate disqualify... Anyway that's one ugly sukini...
  8. Your on my list for
  9. They pull that on him … and he’ll be in , he couldn’t resist that shit
  10. Designed by Yen, given away by the fact he doesn’t speak Italian and just wrote “stop” instead of “fermare”, hence the locals can’t understand what they are supposed to do.
  11. Maybe Vesuvius will warm things up while you are in Pompei, it’s overdue.
  12. Dodgy road junction , this is view from balcony , already seen one accident , motorbike hit car and came off last night he was ok , seen few near mrs this morning
  13. That's a humiliating confession that I'll never have to make!
  14. The Harley Gayboys have been trying to draw you in to their sordid lifestyle as well then @zzzak?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Not from Sorrento he won’t, geography isn’t your strong point is it ginge?
  17. I was born in England you twat.
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