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  2. Triumphs are built in Thailand? What's @Buckster going to say about this?
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  4. Somebody rammed you up the ass Yen?
  5. That's probably the bloke who knocked me off on one of the corners by riding straight into my back wheel a few laps later. Apart from eating a load of grit and mud from the speedway track as I slid along on my chest and face, the little finger on my left hand now has a bend in it, I think I broke it, it certainly hurt enough for a few weeks. A marshall had to get my seat back from the middle of the track.
  6. So Six doesnt like sound butt, likes air cond. Dead bodies stacked like cordwood in the back of a van would like ac no sound sytem too.
  7. It's mechless Bluetooth, civilised bikes have sound systems.
  8. no ...... and is that a fucking radio/cd player on the dash, you seen this shit @XTreme is it so you can put your Pat a cake Pat a cake cd on at full volume driving past schools
  9. Nothing to do with camera ability, just like to see a little more of the surroundings.
  10. they're built in thailand Pete...
  11. I like the multifacetedness of "carry on Motorcycling" but I also think that non brits won't get it.
  12. Is that Clive eating all your shit behind
  13. you have a cup holder on your bike...
  14. Leave the lens cover on would be better still.
  15. Wider lens or maybe move back a tad could be good too.
  16. first time i been out there for a while , think motorcross starts in April, will go and watch some of that
  17. Greasy as fuck is the technical term, had a lovely bit of wheelspin out of one corner.
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