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  2. Fair play to you Fred. With the mafia staff car I failed at the first hurdle, couldn't get the fecker started, battery has died a complete death .
  3. But then my daughter wouldn't have a car and i'd be driving her everywhere
  4. You know you could have done it alot cheaper, a can of petrol and a match and you'd have been warm
  5. yeh .. i feel sorry for @boboneleg mrs as well
  6. Better than living with a selfish, grasping simpleton I'll wager!
  7. would of thought she would of needed one daily living with a twat like you
  8. Changed the lower suspension arm on the daughters car this morning. When i said i'd do it for her it was after watching a YouTube video, it looked an easy job, jack car up take wheel off undo 3 bolts remove suspension arm fit new arm do up 3 bolts fit wheel on and lower jack easy but no my daughters KA is different to the one in the video i watched as there was a big lump of metal bolted to where the one bolt i had to take out was so it had to come off as well took me 3 hours and it was fucking freezing I had to unbolt the front bumper to remove that lump of metal luckily every bolt came undone without any problems. Saved the daughter £108 in labour oh wait it saved her £178 because i paid for the part as well
  9. Camping in a tent .. you lunatic , van action …
  10. She'd not long had the major painkilling injection......it's worn off now. But apart from that we're in no rush to see that Munter!
  11. She managed to get to Holland for the wedding... she just dont like the fat pol
  12. You got that wrong .... im as smooth as Tennessee Whisky.
  13. From your collection no doubt.
  14. Ok, good point I will check that out. I just assumed they would be linked but they may not be I supposed.
  15. Are you sure? On some cars they're not linked to the rear window heater and you have to switch it on manually on the door card button. Edit: VWs is usually where you adjust the mirrors, toggle to select left, right, or heater on
  16. Couldn't agree more, but the Skoda Kodiak coped well. I was surprised that this £50K car doesn't have heated mirrors, could have done with them last night. Had to go and help my clinician last night with and End of Life patient who had a fall, very sad. Then had to escort a drug addict out of the Hospital later. Interesting shift.
  17. It was just a spur of the moment thought, don't have more than that
  18. Completely PeteProhibitive weather!... Nice ride there Russ... Glad you made it through that heart-stopper of a moment.
  19. I know! He brings the subject up......then says he hasn't thought about it!
  20. Main reason I bought my 32 y/o 4x4 Chevy....put taller tires on it....which works really well up my steep driveway. Pretty kool to see people go grocery shopping in this little town in the snow....in a side-by-side ATV w/ tracks & a blade on the front. Saw a couple slide up to the store on a snowmobile once....just another beer run. The county cops are all kool with it.
  21. That's pretty damned deep, if we had anything more than we already have the whole country would grind to a complete halt
  22. Completely uncivilised weather!
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