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  2. XTreme

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    Have they put deposits down on vans and garden sheds as well?
  3. Will Gingilocks ever get the right temperature for her motorcycle?
  4. there's only 7 entries cos there's so many rules a regs that most people can't be arsed.
  5. Buck.......during his Redneck years in the US. Before he adopted his KGB agent look!
  6. Six30

    A Gang

    Nephew just put a deposit down on this , 390 Ktm , got his first part of test next week , can’t do main test for a couple of years My other nephew has just booked his direct access test for July … I got a biker gang forming .
  7. No update from @Earache yet?
  8. the problem with riding in a group is that I can't stop for pics whenever I want so there aren't many pics. I'll see if I can cobble something together over the next few days.
  9. So after my two day trail ride I confirmed to myself that the Rally (CRF250 RLA) needs some attention to the rear shock. First of all it needed a good clean so off with the bodywork and get on with it........... Bodywork drying in the sun......... Found some more pebbles I also found this, a good illustration why you need to keep fettling a trail bike. Luckily I didn't lost the bolt and it's been loctited back in now .......... So onto the main job, getting the rear shock out. Rear wheel out , remove shock guard , remove battery to give room to get at the top mount bolt on the shock .......... and the shock is out. I'll take it into work tomorrow and give it a clean in the parts cleaner to see what need to be done. It's five years old now and the rebound adjuster is seized so I'll have to see if it's worth rebuilding or get a new shock............
  10. Why have you saved photos of Buck on your phone?
  11. what .... you would of got out your bus and fucked him up his arse
  12. And there's no sign of it stopping! But you know what'll happen when it does? A fucking heatwave! This year I've had too cold, now too wet......and coming soon, too hot!
  13. Probably too trail oriented for Alan I'd have thought. I just looked at the Strom 800DE......230kgs! WTF?
  14. Every afternoon for the past few days it’s turned to shit with massive thunderstorms and rain. I’ve started to drink rum and pineapple to lighten my mood. By the time it stops raining I may be an alcoholic
  15. You're forgetting about the T700
  16. Wasn’t me, it was a bus from the same depot though, the manager said he is glad it wasn’t me as the video may have turned a little graphic.
  17. Look at this guy....some say he's the spitting image of Bon Scott...( without the beard)
  18. If it's anything like the Africa Twin you will find the speedo over 10mph fast once you go past 100mph. When i done a top speed run on mine i was pretty impressed with 140mph showing on the clock and then i found out it was only 130 after using the GPS
  19. And the truth revealed it self....A new age love affair.
  20. I've just increased my vast tea stocks with a trip to Costco.
  21. Yep, it was sandy. There was a bit of a breeze coming in off the sea, which kept the temperature down a bit........still got slightly burned though!
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