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  2. I don’t like the gold wheels or the paint, but that is a cool bike. Had never noticed the one sided swing arm.
  3. I doubt you would need a Chinky or a scoot as a excuse.
  4. Pedro

    Pedro's food

    The black is the skins which were face down into the coal, aren’t mandatory eating if you’re a delicate southern flower. If you’re a man and respect the ocean and where your food comes from you’ll find it’s the best part.
  5. Pedro

    Pedro's food

    Magic happened. It’s coal roasted codfish, which when done get their bones pulled and into the pot with olive oil and garlic they go. Put the clay pot on the heat and leave to bubble away until it smells like magic, and serve with boiled potatoes and the optional raw onion slices. I love it, might be my favourite typical Portuguese thing. It’s hot, so having a nice glass of cold wine is mandatory. So delicious that even my dad who nowadays doesn’t like food much finished his plate.
  6. Just convinced a chap I’m a bull shitter . Popped out to get some bits, took the CB125 as it was easier than moving it and getting the Hornet out. Anyway got what I wanted and ended up chatting to this guy who had a CB1000R with custom paint. Anyway the conversation moved on and he asked me what I had. Told him I had a Hornet, as he was getting ready to go I went over to Bambi, Daughters name for the CB125, to leave and he gave me the bull shitting wanker side eye .
  7. Othing wrong with moss, it’s better than grass, doesn’t shelter ticks and doesn’t need cutting down. It’s nature! Put a couple of logs on the ground to feed bugs and a few bird houses on stakes, and it’s a natural garden on purpose.
  8. Yeah there's fuck all drainage, it's a reenactment of passchendaele every time it rains.
  9. I’d rather have a bath win my nan …. than have either
  10. Today
  11. A Chinky!.....I would rather have another one than the scoot ..... beggars can't be choosers.
  12. Pedro

    Pedro's food

    Magic is happening as I post this
  13. Were the horses in China? Were they connected to The Man? Were the horses Israeli? I bet there’s something to this, horses are killing off people that refuse vaccination!!!
  14. When I bought my Transalp, a long time ago. My dealership had some issues with some of the 125cc coming from Italy. Usually missing stickers, but this one time a bike wouldn’t start before the client came to pick it up. Engine was spinning like mad though. Bike simply came fully assembled but no piston and connecting rod
  15. Because they have dug out the top soil (and sold it ) leaving you with shitty clay soil mix, it happens on many new developments too....crap drainage.
  16. That's mighty white of ya Buck!....I do appreciate it.
  17. …because you will just go back to conspiracytheorysforthegullible.com for something else to cry wolf about.
  18. I’m merely pointing out that my dog could have submitted a VEAR report, or even a couple of dozen reports attributing his dinner being late to me being jabbed, and you want to condemn the vaccines given to millions on data that it potentially hugely unreliable. … and you accuse me of coming up with a conspiracy theory
  19. Though they were made in India, with the dodgy clutch baskets etc, maybe just the engines?
  20. Reflected off what? The torch is pointed straight at the matchsticks.
  21. I accept you because you are a cyborg.
  22. Unless the bike is a RE or Chinese
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