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  2. Like that song from Bruce sprinting...lol.. Born in USA 1901...Indian...
  3. The oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world inspiring the youngest minds.
  4. It’s mostly going to be places from which I’ve posted a lot before already, though. I’m really looking forward to not stopping for a few hours.
  5. Ahhh, so she's a nocturnal racist then. They're the worst kind.
  6. Nice! Going to be 40C in Utah as I depart for there Thursday - and I thought that was hot. Only 72F / 22C here today - should be out riding in it. Take pics for us!
  7. Just been talking to one of my neighbours today. She lives on the back of our darker skinned friends with the barking and howling dogs. She when round to complain as she works nights and got called a racist too.
  8. Today
  9. My bike hasn't moved properly in weeks. But just booked a room at a friend's place for tomorrow, and am leaving mid morning on a day full of small roads to get there, then heading south for another day full of more or less twisty roads and views ending at my place or at another room somewhere. It's supposed to be getting properly warm but I urgently need to get out and spend a day or two on the bike.
  10. Harley-Davidson Announces BUILD Moto Sponsorship (Harley-Davidson/)Harley-Davidson Press Release: Harley-Davidson, Inc. today announced their new sponsorship of BUILD Moto (“BUILD”) starting with the 2025 season. Harley-Davidson has signed on as the new sponsor of BUILD Moto for the next three years. The sponsorship includes donated items like motorcycles, parts and accessories, as well as access to motorcycle manufacturing experts and additional support for program operations. BUILD provides high school students an opportunity to learn technical skills including design, welding, fabrication, repair, machining, media, and more, through motorcycle construction. In addition to acquiring technical skills, teams also participate in marketing and fundraising efforts and host local events showcasing their work. BUILD program elements also emphasize the development of strong teamwork and interpersonal skills. Teams of students from local high schools are organized to design and rebuild a motorcycle to American Motorcycle Association (AMA) flat track racing standards. Each team is matched with at least one faculty advisor from their school and up to three mentors who act as coaches and team leaders. Teams are required to document their progress with photos and videos posted to social media. Teams are judged on design, execution, and completion of milestones throughout the build timeline, culminating in a bike reveal and awards event at the end of the program. The bike builders from the 2024 season also received a special invitation to show off their motorcycles at the Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival opening ceremony at Davidson Park in Milwaukee on July 25, 2024 at 11:00 a.m. “Our involvement with BUILD Moto represents our commitment to STEAM learning and helping to teach the next generation of designers, engineers, and trades experts. Working with high schoolers who are empowered to create a bike that is race-ready is really rewarding. It’s a thrill to see their confidence grow during the build and showcase what they’ve learned as the pit crew on race day,” commented Shanna Beanan, STEAM Program Manager, Harley-Davidson. BUILD is a 501(c)3 organization that operates through contributions from volunteer board members, mentors, faculty advisers, local businesses, volunteers, students, and parents. There are several ways to get involved. Become a mentor. By mentoring a team, you’ll be working directly with the students to build a motorcycle.Work a booth. Supplies are provided to host a BUILD booth at any event that reaches students and motorcycle enthusiasts to promote awareness of the program.Lend your expertise. As a subject matter expert, provide one-time assistance to teams on a specific skill, in-person or virtually.Volunteer at an event. Help with parking, selling merchandise, set up, and/or tear down.Source
  11. Looking at that video, all I noticed was that I miss German country roads
  12. I didn't say she wasn't wrong, but he's also at fault. He is still a Hypocrite to blame only her for almost crashing.
  13. You don't know well enough Saul....you'd know if you did... I don't bullshit or lie...lol.
  14. And perfect looking weather, too! Nice pics.
  15. I think it'd look better another colour but bucks right, he looks in the bike not on it. hand guards with indicators
  16. So your mother had to stop your sister beating you up?
  17. Interesting 5 carb set-up on a vintage Caddy....
  18. The old Dacia passed its MOT today Several advisories though....worn discs, worn anti roll bar bushes, corroded (but not leaking) exhaust, and worn Mc Pherson strut top mountings, the discs and exhaust are the ones originally fitted, so they have lasted well, i will get the others done when/if funds are available. Scoots MOT in 3 weeks, no problem with (famous last words lol) it passing, it has only covered 200 mile since last MOT.
  19. Mate you do know that telling people how tough you are normally convinces them you aren’t.
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