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  2. Hah, hah!!! I found you bastards!!! Kind of like my parents when i was young, you keep moving hoping i dont find you? anyways, Sunday was a fun dirt day! Took the KTM out to see if it still ran (carbs instead of fuel injection makes for fun times). Turns out, once you get some good fuel going thru it, its alright! North of home is an area known as Carizzo Plains. The little San Andreas fault runs thru it, but we dont worry about them trifles. The main road thru is a mixture of asphalt and gravel, but the best part are the offshoot roads. We probably spent about 3 hours putzing around in there, dropping bikes, etc. Great time had by all, as we prep for a trip to Moab, UT in October. Here's some pics. finished off at a great hole in the wall burger joint in beautiful downtown Taft, CA
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  4. Pic 023 is heading east on Hwy 351 to Imnaha... Pic 022 is heading north on Hwy 395 to Ukiah....
  5. Ooh yes that’d be way cool, a motorbike that belongs in a 5 year olds dress up box right next to his spidey costume.
  6. This place is my Sanctuary..... can't wait till the water level recovers....
  7. My dog's playground right behind our campsite... which leads up to Chief Joseph trail & on up into the Wallowas....
  8. Red underbrush coming in @ 6k+ ft. elevation from the Wallowa lake tram....
  9. Check it out, i have a beach chair from the old McCooks mansion prior to demolition and new beach parking spots, no wonder they charge to park in those spots eh? lol If you dint notice all my 21 summer pics were from McCooks beach in niantic CT. Thanks for keeping up otherwise.
  10. Oh sweetheart then we’d all know exactlywhere to find you
  11. Pedro

    Border run

    Good job avoiding the raptors!
  12. Please do. If only to eliminate Lyme disease from the equation.
  13. I dunno the smell of weed makes me smile. Always good to know there’s folk who don’t give two hoots about convention
  14. Not quite, I can’t explain and the symptoms didn’t make sense to me. Sofia and her vet friend guess it was some kind of blood parasite like a tick bite or similar, I’ll have a few blood tests done in a few days.
  15. Some sort of flu then?
  16. Not so much, caught some kind of bug a week and a half ago and got high fever and weakness, not covid but it did take energy out of me. Am slowly coming around.
  17. At least it only costs you £60 for boots that most people pay £120 for.
  18. Most of those are roads Tym!
  19. We had a bit of a storm this evening. These shots were taken by my mate the copper who was out on patrol when it came down!
  20. Waiting for @yen_powell to have a shot at this!
  21. I was thinking the same thing you know! And to think that comments were made on another forum about how I fucked up forums in the past! I fucked them up? Look at what I've had to work with FFS!
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