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  1. You go to these places hoping to get bummed don’t you?
  2. Guns are designed for one primary purpose, to kill people. Why is it a surprise when people get killed around guns?
  3. It can’t be beaten or killed, it’s immortal like me.
  4. I understand the woman killed was known by Anthony in California. Was his handle AdvRider?
  5. We all are, more hoping than waiting.
  6. Too much bike for a ponce like you.
  7. It has changed a lot, they even have another bridge over the Medway. Rochester is a total shithole now, it was never great but it was a lot better than it is now.
  8. I ride, I don’t have time for photos. You fuckers do thirty miles and spend all your time taking pictures, casuals all.
  9. Build a school underneath an unstable slag heap, what could possibly go wrong?
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