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  1. Wasn’t me, it was a bus from the same depot though, the manager said he is glad it wasn’t me as the video may have turned a little graphic.
  2. I have heard mixed reports about them but the AD pads sound like they will be equal if not better than the EBC organics, time will tell, I know that price wise they are a lot less than EBC which I think trades too much on its name.
  3. Skippy was squealing like a pig?
  4. Rich and Pete will both bum you, don’t worry.
  5. It’s okay, you have voted for your bum chum.
  6. I don’t worry about “no parking” signs, I’m a badass Harley rider.
  7. Oh look, @Six30 didn’t get a vote, again.
  8. Sounds like LSD, so I have been told.
  9. A question that has been asked many times by many people.
  10. Don’t forget you are giving me the option to review @Six30’s post before they go live.
  11. Try it, you haven’t even voted yet.
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