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BOTM April 2022 Submissions!


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You know the criteria......it must be your bike and it must have been taken this month.

If you make a submission and then get a better shot later on.....then just submit the new pic and tag me to delete the first one.

This submissions thread will be open from now until 8M Thursday 28th, at which point the voting thread will open!

Voting then takes place over two days with the Poll closing 8PM Saturday 30th!

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1 minute ago, Richzx6r said:

It would be great but for that black Chinese blotchy thing in the middle of the pic.....oh wait a minute that's your bike isn't it peteCracking Up Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

You're the last person to pick holes with peoples' bike colours Rich.

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12 hours ago, Richzx6r said:

This will be my submission 

I'm calling it B Road near alnwick 

If it doesn't win......you all suck!!

Oh and look its red.....



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9 hours ago, Buckster said:

At least it is isn’t pink.

that monstrosity of a thing that goes round the headlight, what the fuck is that !! , which by the way looks like it should be mounted on a turret in a prison looking for attempted escapes looks pink.

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