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  1. Pedro

    Border run

    Good job avoiding the raptors!
  2. Not quite, I can’t explain and the symptoms didn’t make sense to me. Sofia and her vet friend guess it was some kind of blood parasite like a tick bite or similar, I’ll have a few blood tests done in a few days.
  3. Not so much, caught some kind of bug a week and a half ago and got high fever and weakness, not covid but it did take energy out of me. Am slowly coming around.
  4. Thinking how long it took them to perish like that, and the stress they went through, is guaranteed to make you sad.
  5. What a great place, love the floor tiles on the garden and fountain. It’s very cool it’s kept like tgat and open to visitors!
  6. Happy birthday @bobonelegand @MooN!
  7. Down a farm’s road in the Alentejo
  8. Pedro


    Nice one, Clive!
  9. Out in southern Portugal with @Sofia Pretty day and weather today, report in a couple of days but:
  10. A few years ago, on the Nurburgring, I got turned back for having worn out tires, which was fair enough as even though they were semi slicks, I was sliding all over the place in dry weather. Being back on road tires there was not much of a point in driving fast, so ran into a guy i used to know and he offered a couple of passenger laps in his really fast car, to which I accepted. He bailed and I could only see him getting on track, but since the track was still very empty and the early morning mist rising, I couldn't resist and took my car out for a gentle lap with my brother. Halfway through the track, on the only piece of track with a concrete wall, braked on a big oil spill and went sideways into the wall at 100 or 120kmh. Quite lucky to not hurt my brother who was on the side that went against the wall. The coincidence? That oil spill had been caused by the car I was supposed to be in as a passenger, it had just blown it's engine and dumped a lot of oil downshifting into that corner 30 seconds before.
  11. My best friend in school was born the same day as me, and his younger brother had the same birthday as my younger brother. I always thought that was an amazing coincidence. Spent a month in Brazil when I was 19, it was a good month. There I met a few portuguese kids a similar age as me, all from my hometown ... Once in Morocco, documented in my Morocco 2016 ride report, I met the one Portuguese guy I met in Morocco, we got to be friends and travel together, he lived 25km away from my and my parents' home.
  12. Plenty of those around here, have no opinion on them. Scratch that, I have no basis for an informed opinion but still think they’re shit
  13. Galicia, no brits there! Plenty of rain, though…
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