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  1. I struggle to understand how you didn’t find it cramped.
  2. Pedro

    About Pete

    Yes, opening this forum now I realise how much of a big part of the audience he was.
  3. You preach? Like in a proper event with people listening? Still feels like a long time to go until it’s weekend for me, I only want to get to friday evening so I can stop having sad conversations with my clients
  4. You were the one saying you'd like to try one out for comparison, if you want to see what a BMW is about those are it. Can't see how a 1290 is any less complicated than any bike, though, particularly anything with a boxer engine which has the engine heads accessible out of the bike.
  5. Doesn't look at all proportioned to me. Weird shape.
  6. They're fine. They're a warm bike depending on wind protection, but a Harley will be much worse in hot weather on account of the huge air cooled engine. People claim that Ducatis and KTMs give out more engine heat too, which isn't surprising considering the power they can make. What gives off serious heat sometimes, on a modern BMW flat twin, is the catalyst. That will sometimes roast your right foot. Forget about the silly cruiser, if you want to try a proper BMW try a GS or an RT on proper roads, like it or hate it but that's what BMW bikes are about.
  7. What the hell is a donair?
  8. Bike got dropped getting out of the rental van!
  9. I would love to leave my bike parked in their garages for a week. Pick it up looking like 6 years ago!
  10. Da fuck? This thread is gone to shit! Quick, @YamaHead, save it!
  11. Pedro

    Pedro's food

    Stopping by “my local” on the way home, for a coffee and a drink, right now sign says: unbelievably, it’s all true!
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