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  1. But I meant the journalists, not the guys engineering the bike. Suddenly everyone comments on crankshaft angles!
  2. I love it, suddenly it's all about 270º cranks, everyone's an expert on firing orders now!
  3. Consider it might have been some kind of plug you didn't put in properly during your assembly a few days ago?
  4. Chandelier, toilet paper, very la di da No piss bottle inside a tent for you, I like how you travel.
  5. Bad luck, it's bad when a new vehicle starts like that. All that new confidence sensation goes to shit.
  6. Scratch that, it seems really out of focus, put this one instead, bike hardly turned a wheel this month
  7. Forgot I took these on friday night, hanging around an old school funky place after closing time, a bunch of twats launching a typical S. João fire balloon trying to get it to go over the courtroom building Fun times It didn't make it
  8. Better teach them to stay clear of the engine heads and exhaust
  9. Take the voices away and you would struggle to think it's a pursuit
  10. Is it too expensive to go to a private dentist there? I wouldn't be able to have severe toothache for weeks waiting for an appointment like that.
  11. It's a shame you didn't get the Vario topbox with the bike. It's very cool because it folds smaller like the sidecases do, so it doesn't look as monstrous as that thing you carry around
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