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  1. I liked that. Your XR must be on quite a respectable mileage by now
  2. I don't know ... some pretty great return rates
  3. I like that. Did you ever carry a flask or did it start with covid? Are you going more or less gay with your next tires, Bob?
  4. Don't know how to tell you, but the way most countries in Europe see the British (mostly English) is young grandparents, young kids eating junk food, angry mothers, teenagers throwing up with a half eaten burger in their hands and then carrying on eating, kids eloping with young pregnant women, brawls between groups of groups of football jersey wearing youths and sunburned topless youths, 2 liter beer jugs, etc
  5. I don't mean this to sound offensive, but this whole thread sounds like what europeans think of british family life.
  6. Two straps, it's just the easy failsafe. Screw it, one thin strap and two cameras, that makes way more sense!
  7. It's a magic land where twats come from!
  8. You can use whatever you want, but exactly how does it work better? Do your emails get damaged or wet if you send them via gmail? Does the gmail guy deliver to the destination's neighbor without leaving a note?
  9. Proper lasagna is not something I would feed such a young child, unless you're cooking some bland british shit ... too much cheese, too much salt, too much fat as well. Kids aren't against strong flavors, they do get addicted to it, though. However, you should start with healthier things with no saturated fat or salt, and spices aren't good for their stomach. Grilling some chicken or turkey filet isn't that troublesome, some plain or lightly buttered pasta, white rice, steamed veggies, fruit, vegetable soup, etc, and maybe some of the grown up's food as a dessert like a treat if she goes through her own food first. That's what I would do, if the person cooking can't be bothered to cook something for a young baby, then you could all go on a baby food diet
  10. I do love riding with no helmet, around town and stuff like that on a warm summer evening. However, can't imagine actually getting on the road and go touring without one, regardless of the safety issue it seems unbearably uncomfortable to maintain any sort of speed. Having said that, a Goldwing or anything with that kind of wind protection is probably the way to do it.
  11. You're obviously right, I was confusing that Scottish island (Islay) where all the cool whisky comes from with Ireland, being a lot of islands and all ... say no more,
  12. Get them to send me to Ireland, then, I hear they have nice whisky too
  13. I don't really remember you talking too much or too little, Pete.
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