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  1. Top day yesterday, absolutely great museum and amazingly beautiful bit of Dartmoor hills with poneys. Loved it, now in a pub’s tiny room waiting for tomorrow to come and catch a boat to Spain. You have some really beautiful areas in this island but pretty shitty data connection so not able to post photos today.
  2. No, there's a bit that wraps around the handlebar, an arm, and then the bit with the blue bit that clips onto the phone. You can leave the arm out and bolt the two end together without it. Looks like this except mine has the vibration dampener:
  3. You can get rid of the little arm between the piece that hold onto the handlebar and the bit that holds onto the phone, and just assemble one to the other for a cleaner look.
  4. No I didn’t. After Isle Of Man we stayes a couple of days in Wincham, rode around the Yorkshire Dales and then Peak District, then south and a couple of days in West London, then south and spent a couple of days in Lee Upon Solent, always visiting and staying with friends, and today on the New Forrest, which is the prettiest area in England in my opinion. Tomorrow will visit the Sammy Miller musem and head to near Plymouth to catch the Ferry on Sunday. I was hoping to go back near where you are but decided to spend time with some of Sofia’s very close friends, will have to save it for next time if my license plate doesn’t get banned from the UK.
  5. Yes, Lee on the solent for the last two nights, now heading out not too far away but not sure were we’ll sleep except going to see a motoring museum. It’s been interesting, mostly visiting Sofia’s friends over the last few days. Ferry from Plymouth on Sunday.
  6. Always nice to spend a little time on the bike by yourself on a birthday, good one.
  7. Dany’s my good mate who started riding motorcycles a little while ago but manages to ride several times to work so gaining experience with every week. He’s good people!
  8. It was lovely scenery and pretty roads. I will leave my opinions and considerations to my ride report, but it’s being quite the culture shock.
  9. Yorkshire Dales, two days ago: Peak District later on today, looking forward to it.
  10. I will. It was all nice tarmac roads, though, Sofia’s Triumph isn’t a trail bike.
  11. He is one of the true gentlemen in MotoGP. I don’t often say this about spaniards
  12. A very cool place to ride a bike, really liked winding the GS up the hill.
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