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  1. Retirement, definitely the best thing I've done recently! I sleep the sleep of the dead these days and only wake up when Mandy brings me a cup of coffee whilst she's getting ready for work at around 06:30! When I was working I would have been up and out the door most days by that time.
  2. Anyway, for me it's a bit of fun and I do actually think of where I can go on the bike to try to get a decent photo, so it encourages me to explore a bit more, which has to be a good thing? What it's called is really semantics?
  3. There's certainly more XT's for sale here than DR's, so I guess that the same is true here as well.
  4. I thought that in order to meet the new emissions regs injection was a must?
  5. Imagine my disappointment, @Pedro, I went to all the trouble to remove my top box for 1 vote! I won't be making that mistake again!
  6. But the bikes rarely change, so the setting or the photo is the only variable from month-to-month? But, the bike is the constant, so calling it BOTM encapsulates it for me. This reply probably makes no sense to anyone else, but I know what I mean!
  7. I suspect that @Mawsley posted that pic primarily for this reason and the voting was also a kind of protest vote? I have nothing against the Vespa and it was a great photo, but I voted for @MooN because I liked the bike and the setting. It was a close run thing though, because I also liked Michelle's photo and @Sir Fallsalot. In fact, I liked all the photos, so maybe it was my affinity with the Triumph that swung it! Edit: I lost my train of thought in my reply. Personally I think that Bike of the Month still encapsulates the sentiment of the subject, but maybe to keep in line with current trends it ought to be called TOTWVOAVTIASOTM: Two or Three Wheeled vehicle or any vehicle that identifies as such of the Month. That should keep everyone happy?
  8. Very chilly start to the day ( Mandy had to scrape the windows on her car before setting off), but it warmed up a little. So, after my shopping trip, I made a sandwich and flask of coffee and went for a little spin on the bike. Our local beach has a fair amount of driftwood washed up following all the rain last week.
  9. The family name of the people who owned our house before the couple we bought it from were called Fuck. That raised a few eyebrows when we were signing the contract!
  10. That's a ball ache mate. Hopefully you'll find another site soon.
  11. I loved and still love the Asterix books. Sometimes some light reading like this is more fun than wading through something heavier.
  12. We have the log fire in the main room along with the aircon unit, but the bedrooms have small convection heaters on the wall as well as the aircon units. So I'm guessing that they're probably cheaper on electricity than running the climatisation units. I should be able to see our electricity consumption via an app, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment. If it was working I could try a comparison check.
  13. They're good for my French, as there's a fair bit of slang in them and I also enjoy them, as they're not too taxing on my basic French!
  14. It takes a while before the warm air starts to come through and I guess that it's not cheap to run either. We bought a floor standing convection heater when we first arrived last year, so I'm using that to take the chill off the room.
  15. It's reversible air conditioning units, so it can be used for heating as well as for cooling. I'm not sure how efficient it is though and what the running costs are.
  16. We're getting through the wood for the fire at an alarming rate, but at least we've got the reversible climate units to fall back on if it gets too cold! METEO France tells me that the current weather is 9C below the seasonal average! The wind seems to have dropped a bit now, so hopefully it'll warm up a bit.
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