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  1. Yep, it was sandy. There was a bit of a breeze coming in off the sea, which kept the temperature down a bit........still got slightly burned though!
  2. Tango

    May BOTM.

    I took my bike in for a service on Friday to the joint Triumph and Honda dealers in Montpellier. While I was there I thought that I'd take another look at the transalp. No sooner did the demo bike get back from a test ride, it was back out on the next one. It certainly seems to be generating plenty of interest.
  3. I guess that I don't need to mention using a smear of red rubber grease during reassembly? If our bikes were not going to be used for a bit I used pop the calipers off and pump the pistons out a fraction. Then clean the pistons as much as was possible, put a smear of red rubber grease on them and then push the pistons back. Then I'd repeat this cycle until all the pistons moved out at the same rate. Finally, push the pistons back in and leave them until the first use of the bikes, remembering to pump the brake lever and pedal before trying to move them.
  4. There seems to be a lot of people who make enough money from YouTube to be able to do it full-time. As @boboneleg says, Patreon along with advertising if they have enough followers. Maybe you should consider a career as a YouTube influencer Pete?
  5. Were the previous discs floating? My OH had solid disks on the front of her Bonneville, which we ended up replacing twice because they warped due to the pads dragging. We then fitted a Brembo floating disk and the problem has never returned.
  6. I used to have a good collection of old motorcycle enamel badges, but they just disappeared and I often wonder what happened to them.
  7. I think that it's a reflector, @Pedro. Looks like the tail tidy got rid of the factory one.
  8. Weather looks cracking, mate!
  9. Thunder.......just as well that I got out on the bike earlier.
  10. Anyway, you wouldn't see stuff like that happening in Paris.............er......ah.....yes!
  11. The place is looking better now.........burn the rest of it down and it'll be perfect!
  12. I sat on one a week or so back, Pete. Need to contact the dealer to arrange a test ride. I do like the look of it.
  13. Funnily, some of the reviews that I've seen recently go along the lines of "it goes well, handles OK and is pretty comfortable, but I wouldn't buy one because it's got tubed tyres and no cruise control"! Go figure!
  14. The white ones will be the best seller, so I guess that they don't want to tie them up as demo bikes?
  15. I was a late developer, Pete!
  16. Yep.......my dad knew his place!
  17. When I was a kid my dad came home from work in a Jag like that red one. My mum took one look at it and sent my dad off to take it back! I think my dad then got a skoda octavia, which was a rare car back then!
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