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  1. This photo got me a warning from the farcebook police!
  2. Alan White, drummer with YES passed away a couple of days ago too.
  3. Yes, Pete, but it's just as well, given how much Triumph dealers charge for services!
  4. Took the bike to the dealers in Montpellier last Friday for a service. Took the coastal route there and back because I wasn't in any hurry. I was surprised how knackered I was by the time I got home, but it was pretty hot and the traffic was busy in Montpellier and Sete. Anyway, that's done now for a year or 16000km. Hopefully get out for a run or two later in the week, but I'll be busy getting sorted for my boys coming over, so I'll see if I get any free time.
  5. Loosening the bleed nipples on the brake calipers before giving it back?
  6. Look what I found today!
  7. It's only for temporarily taking your vehicle into the EU and then returning to the UK. Bailing out of the UK still requires paying import duty on the vehicle and getting it registered in the destination country within their time-limit.
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