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  1. We are only resident in these countries for as long as we're still welcome, Pete. This could be revoked at any time. Citizenship gives you permanence. Look at the people from other countries who have lived in the UK for decades and are now facing deportation. It could happen elsewhere if the wrong government gets in.
  2. It's obviously not a definitive test
  3. Ah, yes, French bureaucracy stepped up to another level! Good luck with it anyway. Hopefully you'll get there in the end.
  4. Yes, if you shoot it at someone and they die it was probably a live round.
  5. Ah, now, that's where you're completely wrong! @XTreme is a well known scrubber!
  6. Bleach on metal is ok as long as it's not left on too long and is well washed off. Harpic black bog cleaner works wonders on really grubby headers.
  7. See.....you now know about it.
  8. Is that Harpic bog cleaner or Solvol?
  9. The route number is normally in different colours depending on the difficulty of the route, Bob. I've walked that route and it's not too bad, but I don't think it would suit the Honda, mate. Some of the routes around here are rated as easy, but I've ridden them on my mountain bike and I'd hate to see the difficult ones!
  10. Caroline says that she's washing her hair that day, sorry.
  11. Most French people hate Parisiens! Yes, the French alps are pretty famous for skiing. I have some old colleagues that go every January to ski, barring pandemics! You don't see many yellow headlights over here now and McDonald's only seem to be in the larger towns in this area.
  12. Cool. Where did you go in France?
  13. Tango

    Welcome Jed

    Welcome to the madhouse, Jed.
  14. Excellent that you got across OK. Any border issues? Yeah, just because the sun is shining doesn't mean that it's warm. Hopefully your run down south will go well. The bikes are running OK? I bet you'll be glad of having the bikes when you get there.
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