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  1. I ride alone … because I prefer to be by myself
  2. Quite the effort, thank you!
  3. I do have sort of a stalker, a mean unbalanced person who was related to my girlfriend. A stalker, who indeed bothers you or makes you feel sad, ruins a big part of your ability to be relaxed since you lose control of when you interact with them.
  4. You already did, and pointed them at me also as a joke. I chose to consider it annoying and ignore you.
  5. What I think I did was tell out how brits are perceived from abroad, and in a couple of times point out when I thought an individual was complying with that cartoonish generalisation. As a joke!
  6. Pedro

    Summers over.

    See? Nature is plain overly aggressive in that scenario! What are you supposed to to do?!
  7. Regardless of opportunity, and Pete does provide opportunity, why would one want to “bum” him? More so in an abandoned building?
  8. Doesn’t matter, a Clio can act like it’s a Williams and be all Motorsports, a chinese piece of cro can only pretend to be a toaster! There was a Dacia on the 24H Nurburgring this year, ran by some twats, but all the same they’re not acting the twat like they’re bigger than they are! That’s cool!
  9. And whenever I speak of what everyone thinks of brits I get tarnished!
  10. Congratulations, that’s just great!
  11. Pedro

    Summers over.

    Winter time, a sweetie and a fireplace, it’s rocking! Now nature gets in the way of the nookie? Not fair!
  12. I like Dacia, they’re not pretending to be a Ferrari, nor are they chinese
  13. I don’t know if it works or not, my bike has one of those now and I don’t care to see it
  14. Don’t know how come you’re not a YouTube millionaire by now Pete
  15. I say randomly make polls with switchable votes vs not, no warning!
  16. Time to form a task force
  17. That TT 650 bike, when choosing between being given one or a CBR600 / Yamaha R6, would you genuinely go for the chinese bike?
  18. You’re right, what matters more now is design quality and lifestyle, maybe. Originality maybe? They’re going with cheap instead, instead of making something people will want to buy, they make copies of stuff people want, and then some of those people, the ones that convince themselves they really want cheap instead of desirable in order to buy something new. Yes you can, they can put whatever they want on their bikes. They have a reputation for being cheap too, which is sometimes not really the case if you compare specs, at least here in Portugal. For similar money you can buy a japanese bike with the same size engine, quite more power and torque, lighter, but that bike is not pretending to be a Ducati.
  19. Pedro

    Pedro's food

    It’s ham, like the smoked cold kind you buy from the supermarket, not proper fried bacon. I don’t know how to refer to it in english. Thanks, though!
  20. I should have put security cameras here, would have made a hell of a youtube clip. He’s doing great, yesterday he thought he was going to die, my mom spent 4 hours in the car half crying, and now they’re bickering at each other already and complaining I bought orange juice for breakfast when he felt like milk , after me spending an hour and a half in an overcrowded supermarket full of tourists. You can tell your mom I’m now contemplating finishing the job, she is free to let the cane rip.
  21. My day didn’t end as planned, plan was to cook dinner for my brother, a friend, and my mum, and eat a great squid pasta with plenty of wine, laugh and be merry. Instead, my dad, who had arrived at his holiday home last night, was doing some cleaning using a chair or a ladder or whatever and decided to fall off it, had a severe enough tumble onto hard concrete that he went to the local ER and got everyone quite worried. Being an elderly bloke, like most of you, he is a bit fragile, and this hospital having a poor reputation doesn’t help matters, so instead of being merry at home I drove my mum (usually mad at him, now teary eyed and worried sick) 300 miles here, at a steady 90mph to fly under the radar while still making progress, full mileage at 90 or more except for a toll booth and a detour half way and a stop for fuel, not bad for a european country. Old man is now home, whiny as fuck from a few (quite a lot) bruises, dealing with quite a lot of pain, but overall ok. He checked himself out because he couldn’t deal with that stretcher anymore, lol Good thing I kept myself a bottle of white wine in the fridge last time I was here, which I’m currently enjoying outside.
  22. Being married is important, you wouldn’t wish on anyone you love to have to deal with your passing while having no obvious legal rights, or for every formal entity to instantly see them as unrelated to you.
  23. Pedro

    Pedro's food

    Lunch today was a nice sandwich, croatian roasted peppers sauce, mozzarella, olive oil, thinly sliced tomato, couple slices of smoked ham, and a fried egg
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