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  1. You go and punch one guy after a hard day at work and you never hear the end of it! This deleting people thing never stops, was it even vegan cheese in the offered sandwich?
  2. It’s “your eyes”, since you’re being corrected…
  3. It’s not Dainese, it’s a wolf. He couldn’t pull Dainese devil cool!
  4. Also, non gay boots don’t have zippers on them!
  5. If those boots are anythinglike my old Dainese ones, the soles are shit and they will improve immensely when you replace them with good rubber ones.
  6. What’s cool about camels is that they stroll / glide around and most of the time deal with you with total contempt.
  7. Like when you used to ride with no heated grips before trying them! I ride mostly in jeans so my ballsack and arse do get cold sometimes, so I'd love a heated seat and if BMW had them when I bought my bike I'd have specced them in.
  8. Pedro


    If you don’t have a hangover it clearly wasn’t too much, it’s just drinking!
  9. Stopped just for you, @Grasshopper Oued crossing My favourite:
  10. There might have been some form of ruin exploration today, completely off grid with no sign whatsoever of what it was I visited on google, plus camels and wild donkeys. Won’t say more except it’ll be on the report. You can imagine for now… I love how happy kids get to sit on the bike!
  11. Pedro


    I stayed for three days somewhere where I had to switch off traction control to be able to move 1 meter from the overnight parking location as the rear wheel sunk a little into the sand. I like that a lot
  12. I mean, we've got a locomotive on the front page. discuss... I'm off to drink tea while watching football with some enthusiastic moroccans.
  13. Get some argan seeds to smuggle home
  14. Wait until you try a bike with heated seat. BMW lent me a k1600 once, the bastards!
  15. I’m saving bandwidth, and not writing, but maybe the not writing is a good thing
  16. Can’t see what good screaming would do, but whatever gets you pumped up!
  17. It’s going to be a kickass ride report!
  18. Made it to Tata in time for a day time beer! All rolling roads and made some progress.
  19. That’s the thing, you get scared and you crawl along and then you burn your clutch / front digs in and spits you out / no momentum means not in control in sand. So you ride like you’re not worried about crashing so that you don’t. I was, though!
  20. 52 miles in 3c to go to work! I envy your commitment to motorcycling!
  21. Is that the guy that’s been trying to sabotage your bikes since? Maybe either complain to husband or just accept to pay in ass, it’s not worth your life!
  22. Two more pictures, my report will have around 450 pictures once I get proper upload speeds and time.
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