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  1. Pity you don't have a motorcycle .
  2. An invisible bus that no one else saw, because it wasn’t there.
  3. Time for a wig you baldy cunt.
  4. If the site crashes it will be @busabeast’s fault. But he will blame it on something imaginary.
  5. You will still ride more than @busabeast
  6. Watch, he will be blaming you for the next one.
  7. They have really lowered the standards on what is considered professional in recent years.
  8. Professional driver stays on the road while the noob panics and drives into a ditch.
  9. No, the real reason is you are inexperienced but stuck up your own arse so cannot accept that you are a bellend.
  10. It will happen again until you accept the real reason.
  11. What adaptations have you done to make riding motorcycles possible?
  12. Psyche watch at Contracare most likely.
  13. Buckster

    How Much

    @busabeast will call in next time he is passing.
  14. Before you stuff it in a ditch at least.
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