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  1. Hail stones here right now.
  2. We have been having those for four months.
  3. The ST is a really nice looking bike, if I had the room for more than one bike I would likely have one.
  4. Fashion advisor are you? I’m sure your boyfriend is very colour coordinated.
  5. They do a keep it in your shed version as well so I hear.
  6. @Six30, you are officially fucked if Lionel is trolling you.
  7. and you are overpaid.
  8. Looks small enough for you to flat foot.
  9. Riding position looks very compressed whenever I see them in real life, would be okay for a short arse like @busabeast but not so much for a normal height person.
  10. Plus it’s cooling down, not warming up.
  11. If only you rode a motorcycle.
  12. Has your mummy not given you your breakfast yet?
  13. Extra red rape for European travel.
  14. The mistake was they didn’t realise that Honda engines are not designed for standard oil, they are designed to run on something that is commonly found in Honda owners homes, anal lube.
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