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  1. You must be terrified.
  2. Buckster

    To much...

    Seems reasonable and it looks like they got rid of the body afterwards.
  3. I will save my usual epic stuff for later then.
  4. Well the post has arrived.
  5. You understand that’s actually a GIF? Although I suspect you pronounce it “jiff”.
  6. For the eighth time.
  7. That's why he is a fat twat.
  8. He bought all the strawberry ice cream in Canada.
  9. Big talk for a little fat bloke.
  10. Last time you did that @Marcel ended up in the ghost site for three days on his own, he thought there had been an apocalypse and no one had told him.
  11. You should be wearing a bra.
  12. No I was looking at a picture of you.
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