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  1. He's trying hard to land that fish.
  2. Yeah but if I am honest it would be the Hornet all day long for me if it were my money. Best value package of all of them for my needs. Plus my SW Motech luggage would got straight on.
  3. Funnily enough I was talking to the salesman up at Damerells a couple of weeks ago about the new trans alp, vstrom, hornet and 8gs thingy. He rated the Suzuki 800 twin motor over the Honda 750. Reconned that despite the figures on paper the Suzuki felt quicker than the Honda. Not that, that is an indicator of the comparison between the bikes I found it interesting just the same as they have demonstrators of all four. Probably say’s more about the salesman riding style or perhaps where the bigger commission lay. I prefer the look of the Hondas personally but if it were my money it would be a new hornet or a 650 vstrom. I like the new trans alp but that 650 strom is a proven icon to my mind. Also I think that new Suzuki 8GS thing is just to weird looking for my liking.
  4. I think that is spot on, I have always had shorter legs but have had big heavy bikes, just gotta ride accordingly. Tis experience plain and simple, strength a little bit. The heaviest I had was 259 kilos and was fine as long as you didn't forget that. And yes I did drop it once on gravel at a junction.
  5. Can almost smell that room from here.
  6. Bugger didn't know that.
  7. I am sure I witnessed something very similar to that in Cardiff on a Saturday night after the rugby
  8. May not have the Ginger hair but still got the ginger skin then. . I get accused of being Ginger cause I am part lobster in the summer.
  9. Looks like I will be chucking sickie from work this weekend all gouty with a foot like a peach. Singing on Sunday so will get the Mrs to drive me and I can hobble around for that but overnight driving shifts aren’t on the cards. Rest of the weekend gonna be YouTube and good rugby tomorrow on the blink box.
  10. I have done that twice when I was in the Saab club, did it once non stop there and back with a couple of mates. Breath taking beauty. If I was to do it again I would like to bimble it and take my time, with a few nights air b&b.
  11. Been many times mate, great roads, rugby, singing and Brains what more do you need.
  12. You are right and when I fist sat on mine it felt like a pumped 125 but I could flat foot it, it feels light and is easy to manoeuvre and move around. Stuff that never entered my mind a few years ago but now I am a codger it is a factor. Also I won’t be taking a pillion anywhere with the exception of my youngest who is a hobbit. I look at lots of stuff and do often hanker after a big blaster now and again but I always change my mind after a bimble on my little CB. It’s right for me. Although a new Hornet could be on the horizon in a couple of years.
  13. Nothing to startling. The usual suspects, Wales, East Anglia, Scotland or maybe Ireland. But all depends on circumstances and could just end up in Devon for a couple of weekends
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