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  1. Saul

    About Pete

    Couldn't agree more, I miss the old fucker. Am only starting to realise how much.
  2. Mental weekend for me. Got my singing groups monthly meet tonight. Working Friday overnight, big funeral Saturday Morning, singing at a wedding Saturday afternoon. Singing at a beer festival Sunday afternoon and working Sunday Night. I want to work Monday Night for the extra bank holiday money but probably not the best idea given the rest of the weekend. i should be arranging sets lists and stuff now rather than wasting time here.
  3. I remember my Mother going through that most weeks, I know not the same church as you but the sermons `i had to listen for her as a test dummy still stick in my head. I didn't enjoy it.
  4. Entirely possible, perhaps this latest incident will temper her.
  5. I dare say, but I think part of my idea for a RE twin is using it like a large Meccano set and playing around with it. I don't know if it is everywhere but round here most sports bikers have loud end cans pull away like lunatics all revs and noise then wobble around the corners. Then get off and prance around in their power ranger suits, humps and scuffed knee pads when they got their knee down on a slow roundabout. Bit sad really. My scruffy mate with his Triumph Scrambler likes to show them up no problem. Entertaining to watch.
  6. I agree I would't do it, I think she is just to focused of a character and hard to be around for to long. Probably why she does it all solo.
  7. Okay , wouldn't surprise me given the time she has spent in Africa,
  8. Cool Bike. I have looked longing at them as well, more spendy than a RE though, I would be less inclined to play around and tinker with it just because of it's value. But that may just be a problem in my head.
  9. WTF is that about, who shits their pants?
  10. There is some truth in that, my boys immaturity really gets to me but I do have to bite my tongue as I know I was probably worse at his age. I just wish he would get out there an live rather than behave like a 20 year old incel most of the time. He does work though so perhaps I shouldn't moan. Just want the best for him really as I suppose most people do for their kids.
  11. Yes I can servicing and looking after one of them at home would be a blast.
  12. I do hanker after one of those twins, not for everyday but something to play with. Allsorts of aftermarket tat to bolt one to them and play with. I would love that, plus they do sound cool as hell.
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