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  1. I said shipped, not delivered.
  2. Like any brand they have got better with time.
  3. Because Wales is shite.
  4. That's Pete's evening sorted, I hope he has plenty of tissues.
  5. Ran some pussy in a truck off the road earlier.
  6. Now you mention it I do seem to recall.....
  7. I spent a couple of years in California in the eighties, I lived near Laguna, he used to do a lot of testing there.
  8. I'm tempted to get a tig but I've yet to find something I can't do with the mig.
  9. I succumbed to Aliexpress, ordered some footboard inserts.
  10. Buckster


    Took you a full week to think of that?
  11. I met him many years ago and he didn’t try to touch my bum so possibly not.
  12. What are you talking about? Southern puff.
  13. Yamaha’s are only ridden by puffs anyway.
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