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  1. Yummmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. Is that what you call your arse/Ass
  3. The attraction is knowing that you wont be there
  4. Renegade


    Covering holiday leave in my old job so will be back there in 2 weeks time for 2 weeks.
  5. Renegade


  6. Renegade


    No, just a day out with Gail.
  7. Renegade


    And 2 hours from me, and I will be by there tomorrow. The Blue Lagoon.
  8. Hurts my neck after an hour so stop and have a rest sorts it.
  9. Havn't stopped going out on the bike.
  10. 2nd day in and I'm bored
  11. Mine is weird as well
  12. I can sort that for him.
  13. The wife doesn't pillion anymore, so a long bike ride would not be happening. And our passports ran out about 10years ago.
  14. One more week and I'm retiring, I'm 70 in a few months time so me and the wife have decided we are retiring. I've worked since I was about 10 (Brought up on a farm) so it's about time I had a rest. Any ideas to keep me occupied ?
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