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  1. I think I am going to get some new rear shocks, I serviced the air shocks a while back and it improved them a lot but they are still crap for our lovely pock marked roads so it is time to get something better. I have done a bit of research, general consensus is that Ohlins are best but at a price that is just stupid, next best are less than have the price so I’m planning on getting a set of THESE. I’m pretty sure anything will be better than stock so these should be a major improvement, I’ll be running rings round sports bikes any day now.
  2. They are all switching to hydrogen fuel cell which is what they should have been concentrating on in the first place.
  3. The family became a Harley dealer 100 years ago this year.
  4. Click on a link in one of @zzzak's posts. Reading that bollocks will put you out like a light.
  5. The imaginary bus driver.
  6. Buckster

    Is zzzak

    @zzzak will be along shortly to tell us it is all fake.
  7. Buckster

    Is zzzak

    It has landed without issue.
  8. I don’t drive for Stagecoach, not that it was Stagecoach, I have no idea what company it was.
  9. Buckster

    Is zzzak

    It isn’t Musk, it’s another company.
  10. I don't text and drive, I'm a professional driver, I'm not @busabeast.
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