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  1. Oh fuck me, we've now got our very own snowflake thread
  2. Muppet, you have correct hub types fitted to the old rims
  3. You could have bought a used Caponord used the wheels and thrown the rest away and still saved £500
  4. Mostly with the drone, some with my Fujifilm
  5. Whiteford Lighthouse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whiteford_Lighthouse
  6. This was taken with a £30 telescope and £100 camera Andromeda Galaxy our nearest significant neighbour
  7. This is how I get sharp, close up shots of Woodpeckers and some others Most of us at some time have had a woodpecker visit the garden but they're normally infrequent and very timid As soon as I saw one in our garden I did the below and in the first Spring we had 10 Woodpeckers visiting constantly throughout each day, including two pairs of adults and six juveniles Firstly you need to give them a feeding station that's more natural to them This is a log I propped up and drilled holes in for a special mix of food Next was to create some yummy food for them, a mix of crushed up fastballs, peanuts and dried mealworms..... 40 fastballs zapped in the microwave for 4 minutes to soften them, 1 litre of raw unsalted peanuts, 300ml mealworm and 450ml of vegetable oil warmed for 1.5minutes Use your hands to crumble the fastballs and use a blender to break up the peanuts and mealworms, mix all the ingredients in a large container, depending on the consistency of the fastballs you may need to adjust the quantity of oil but wait until it all cools down before deciding to add more oil or more fastballs As you can see, I also added a camera bracket to the log so I could get very close with high quality lenses for razor sharp images, as I knew they were in every few minutes by then I could just set the camera on intervalometer pre focused on where I knew the eye would be
  8. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/07/m25-protester-admits-being-a-hypocrite-after-taking-two-overseas-trips-15382474/ https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1502598/Insulate-Britain-latest-Cameron-Ford-four-month-Canada-trip-diesel-van-europe-Roger-Hallam https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/insulate-britain-leader-who-blocked-25175683 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/10/07/not-perfect-says-insulate-britain-protester-photos-emerge-10000/ https://itsamazonprime.com/2021/10/08/m25-protester-admits-to-being-a-hypocrite-after-taking-two-trips-abroad/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lrhJlSzpjg https://www.dailyadvent.com/gb/news/amp/d04494fe2c71da6dcfda7151997c6b46-Insulate-Britain-leader-who-blocked-M25-admits-being-hypocrite-over-travel-tour
  9. Or maybe, just maybe you could follow that advice for yourself by fact checking information beforehand as it makes your post pointless I wonder, do you always fact check all information regardless of whether it suits your own stance or do you selectively fact check on just those that aren't to your own taste?
  10. Are you trying to say the article on that complete twat is inaccurate? or are you just attempting to discredit the information because another information source has decried the source? Either way the article and information stands, just interesting to see the tactics
  11. Well, it had been a few years without a bike but I eventual decided to get riding again albeit a bit more sedated as I could never seem to act my age on road bikes and we all know how that ends, been there done that, don't want to spend another two months in a wheelchair So a scooter it was in the hopes of limiting my own twatish behaviour I was getting a bit nervous riding the scoot, loving it but it was a bit odd in it's road manners, low speed bends/corners in particular the bike would step out on the rear causing butt fluctuations and a need for clean underpants on occasion after a while (500 miles ish) I thought I'd best have a closer look to see what's happening, the rear tyre had plenty of it's tread, I'd got rid of the chicken strips nicely, I did my normal tyre pressure test with my thumbs and all was fine Still stepping out on roundabouts and bends, so I put a shout out on a scoot group on facefook and it was suggested the tyre pressure might be low, surely not I tested it the same way I always tested my dirt/trail bikes with my ultra reliable thumbs As it happens when I put a pressure gauge on it there was only 6.5psi in the rear and 24psi in the front, whooops, fucking twat, I'd been gunning that round big fast bends and ridden around 500 miles including all the way to Aberystwyth and back. Well what a difference now, I'm even more impressed with the scoot, frankly for the roads I ride there's no need for anything more, I don't do two up riding, I don't do motorways or dual carriageways or at least I avoid them as best I can and stick to smaller A and B roads It now sticks to the tarmac like shit to a blanket or in this case shit to my undercaks with a 6.5psi tyre pressure So the moral of the story is don't be a cunt, scoot tyres are much stubbier and thicker and thumbs don't work
  12. Why on earth have people got in excess of 50/100/200mbps? Even full on Netflix with multiple users only requires around 8mbps, at 30mbps full movies download in minutes I can understand it if you're running your own servers at home for the World to use and need a great upload speed ??????
  13. The broadband here is hopeless, with a max of 7mbps if you're lucky I've had to get a 4G router via the Three network which at least gives me usable results, I have no need for anything faster, it only takes minutes to download an entire movie, how much faster does anyone need?
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