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Former Franco Internment Camp in Guadix


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This building was originally a sugar factory, but at the time of the Spanish Civil War it was used as an Internment Camp by the Franco regime. So it has a somewhat grim history.

It's condition is pretty bad now and the upper floors have completely collapsed.

I also checked out the Officers' Accommodation which is further up the road! Once again it's pretty bad, but there is access to the upper floor.

The first bunch of pics is the main building where political dissidents were held.......easy access to it! I found a superb Drone vid on YouTube which gives you a better idea! I need a Drone I do!

It was a 200kms round trip on this run, but nearly all motorway. So nothing of interest for an onboard vid!

I did actually do a vid walkthrough but it appears there's no video stabilisation on this new phone, so it wasn't too good! I need a GoPro I do!

But what I don't need is another bike! The most reviled motorcycle on the forum does everything I need it to do.


Anyway......let's check out the main building!



And inside......






This roof isn't going to last much longer!



Then it was up the road to visit the Officers' building!


Here it is......probably very upmarket in it's day! But it's day has long gone!


Ceilings are falling in!




Looking up to the verandah......


......which obviously needed to be investigated! And this would probably be the point where most of you would shit out!



Upper floor rooms......some of which have caved in!




This one was well and truly fucked......


Then back onto the verandah and I made my way out.


The place wasn't as creepy as I expected it to be.......because there are some places where you get a real bad vibe as soon as you enter. This wasn't one of them.

No axe murderers,  no corpses, no midgets, no dead animals......you could say it was more of a holiday excursion really! For me!

But for you lot it would be a bridge too far. Stick to going to your local coffee shop and leave the Dark Motorcycling to the real men!

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35 minutes ago, XTreme said:




Nice to see the universal graffiti cock drawn there, common to every graffitied wall throughout the world ancient or new, probably drawn with a different accent then the UK  though El cocko 

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Nice one Pete, that looks like a decent trip 👍

I'm sure why you keep banging on about your bike being the most reviled bike on the forum ?  It's only the peeps with the huuuuuuuuuuuuuge bikes saying that , they need to have a huge bike or they can't get a hard-on :classic_unsure:

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3 minutes ago, Pedro said:

Nice weather too.

Do you take souvenirs if you find interesting stuff, when you visit places like that?

No! A rule of Urbex is you leave everything as it was!

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9 minutes ago, zzzak said:

Spain would have become a part of the Soviet Union

What did the Russians have to do with it......it was Franco and Hitler that were involved?

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42 minutes ago, XTreme said:

No! A rule of Urbex is you leave everything as it was!

When, as a lad, we went on holidays in the old gold mining area of NZ there were a number of stone dwellings built by the gold miners that were still extant, it was apparently quite popular for retards to take a rock as a souvenir, all those huts are gone now, this is what's left.


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1 hour ago, XTreme said:

What did the Russians have to do with it......it was Franco and Hitler that were involved?

Don't confuse him with facts.

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