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  1. As a company we charge £50/h for an engineer £45/h for a supervisor £40/h for a electrician and £35 for a labourer but we don't do an hour we do half day minimum, we are a specialist company though and don't do house bashing. I think a one man band outfit would charge about the same as what you paid if you could find a reliable one that is
  2. No fucker wants it so I guess he’s keeping it
  3. Look at this fucker that's the type of thing i'd end up doing https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/gallery/huge-999-response-rescue-motorcyclist-9123989?fbclid=IwAR0EZbfWv2ZuaVl0_BD8w1mYeE-70q1Q0Yk2IebPU-ogT9t9g6bZlNQjV7w
  4. Nothing like that around here now Bob all been closed down. We have a new track on one of the spoil tumps from the open cast in Merthyr And there's Bwl motocross track but i think that's only a practice track
  5. It amazes me how many people in general feel they shouldn't have to do any maintenance and it's always someone else's fault when it goes wrong because they didn't do it.
  6. There's some good fishing in this thread at the moment i knew i would rope you in
  7. On the beach photos are classed as cheating more than photoshop, i withdraw my entry
  8. What makes you think we don't
  9. See if he will let you test it out for him Bob lol
  10. There were plenty of those in wales, but you have to remember where the EU got that money from in the first place
  11. No i did use the public bogs my point was when i flushed it probably went straight into the harbour Proof the bogs exist
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