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  1. Yes i broke it after fixing it then pushed it into the corner of the garage and bought a new bike
  2. The winters coming and i need my winter bike so the rocker cover is off the dog again and as suspected all four cam followers the cam and cam bearings are toast so time to start googling
  3. wheres that Clive I've been looking at the map and cant find it
  4. Perhaps we could also remember this earlier post as well
  5. There was a small rock step just before on a steep up hill the bike is on the flat after, i thought i would be clever and pop a wheelie up it but i overdone it a bit, when the rear wheel hit it bucked me off but i didn't let go and i couldn't reach the clutch which ended up almost flipping it. Your right though get up all the hard stuff and do that on something relatively easy I am really impressed the mudguard survived there isn't a mark or stress line anywhere yet the flexible number plate has a permanent crease now
  6. Just as we pulled in for fuel it pissed down, Laurie found that scrounging in the rubbish put it on thinking he was sorted for the day by the time we finished food it had all dried up he kept it on for a few hours just in case
  7. Yes to one of the lads in the TRF which reminds me he owes me a Pint
  8. Had a good ride today the route certainly wore the newness off the Beta, There were two groups of 8 but two of our group failed to show due to a busted wheel on their trailer which had them stranded on the M4. Some of the lanes were tough for our group but i'm sure the other group got around no problem. It was 122 miles from door to door for me and i was out 10 hours no wonder i feel pooped. Just a few photos and videos taken of a couple of the lanes we didn't stop much and when we did photos were the last thing on our minds This was our band of merry men you can see flat Holm and Steep Holm in the distance just off Cardiff bay, The weather stayed good all day Some kind of hold up ahead This was it one of many obstacles to negotiate throughout the day A lot of the lanes were like this which were easy going and the rest were like this which is quite a steep and rocky Alan this is your old CCM Further up the hill The Beta at the bottom waiting patiently for it's turn There was lots of waiting, being the tail ender meant i couldn't see what was going on and just had to wait there was a big rock in the way on this one there seemed to be big rocks in the way all day though. The guy in front of me here called it a day after this lane he had had his fill and headed home Shortly after something spooked the Beta and it tried to escape up a tree Not to self let the bike go don't try and hold onto it Last of the videos this is called pumphouse lane its got a bit rougher since the last time i done it, I dropped the Beta on this one, I got up the hard bit went to put my foot down and i couldn't reach the floor and over it went, sure was easy to pick up though. More of Alans old bike being punished And this was the best effort of the day he was on a CRF250 rally It was a tough day with a good bunch of lads all willing to help each other along Last photo for you Pete just before i washed it. i do wash them i just don't do a very good job
  9. I was out with your CCM today i got some footage of it being abused for you
  10. Why you don't go out when its hot anyway
  11. Won't happen it's taken him years to find out how a still camera works and then years to work out how to post the results
  12. One thing that i couldn't eat when on one of those all inclusive package holidays the wife dragged me on many years ago was cockerel i know its chicken but didn't like it might have been the way it was prepared probably taste better southern fried
  13. Yes that's what i'm thinking, might be a Christmas present for myself so hoping to see some discounts/offers then
  14. Count me in I find cameras can make these tracks look a lot worse than they are but for some reason make a steep hill look relatively flat
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