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  1. I haven't been on it for years a couple of the guys wanted to have a look, it hasn't changed much wont need to check it out for another 10 years now
  2. No this guy never done the internet, dial up connection was probably too fast for him
  3. Everything i got does about 50mpg the new Africa Twin is probably the best averaging around 55mpg. when i was running it in i did average 70mpg once but it was the most boring ride of my life When i had the 2 gallon tank on my 650 it used to hit reserve about 70 miles which works out about 40mpg and this was very consistent until i went for a ride with an old friend of mine, god he was slow you needed a time lapse camera to see him moving, i couldn't get the 650 into top gear most of the time, that day was the one and only time i got 110 miles to reserve about 60mpg. I haven't checked the MPG since fitting the flatslide carb a few years ago
  4. I think i have a clocked one, when i bought it it was showing 3500km i converted it to MPH straight away and now its showing 21000 miles i put 10000 miles on it the first year i owned it. After i bought it and the honeymoon period wore off i noticed both front and rear discs were totally worn out, i replaced them with cheep after market discs and there's no sign of wear after almost 20000 miles so now i'm asking myself how the hell were the ones it came with worn out after 3500km the only conclusion is one or more of the previous owners disconnected the speedo. I've owned the bike 12 years but it was parked up for 5 years where it didn't turn a wheel as i was using the 650 everywhere
  5. Its the Chinese way their too short to reach the top of the tank like normal people
  6. Now you put it like that i feel bad what i meant was i would take any shit, I've seen a photo of you your a dish so i cant see your fella giving you up any time soon so no free bike for me, trying to redeem myself here
  7. Saturdays ride was going to be just a reccy ride for me on my own to check out a few dirt tracks i hadn't ridden before just outside the Llandovery area, i advertised the ride on the TRF forum to see if one or two fancied a day out and before i new it there was seven of us so ended up having to plot a route i already new. Start time was an early one for me 08:30 and we were meeting the seventh member on route. Plan was a road ride to Sennybridge area which was about 30 miles or an hour away on the roads we were taking. Two of the lads that turned up were on two strokes i didn't fancy the road work on those i had explained before hand how much there was they said they were ok with it so after introductions and a few rules of the ride explained off we went. Headed up the Cynon valley to Penderyn and then Ystradfellte and onto the devils elbow to meet up with the seventh member of our group Here's a stock a photo of the devils elbow A couple of miles after this we were onto the first of the trails and the road work was soon forgotten This is a bit of a tough one plenty of fails here i was lucky enough to see it all Jason here having a breather very new to this stuff he went home early on the last ride with me but he was i'll LOL Steve concentrating hard But not happy with just riding the bike he throws it to the ground and decides to do some weight training as well Even the two stroke boys found it a challenge Steve gets going again for the whole of 5 yards and he's down but still smiling Andrew on the mighty DRZ400 And Paul bringing up the rear finding it much easier on his CRF250L than his CRF450L Stopped for fuel in Sennybridge as the KTM two stroke needed fuel every 40 to 50 miles, done a few easy lanes after but no photos on those . The next eventful lane i know as Lampkin lane named after Dougie Lampkin an ex world trials champion due to how difficult it is but we were going down it so no problem. At the bottom is a small river crossing with a very slippery base Steve finds out just how slippery it is and Unfortunately Steve breaks his leg in the fall Luckily there was a mechanic there with a set of Allan keys to fix it So after the laughter stopped and with Steve rebuilt we took on the exit from the lane Almost got run over trying to video fucking two stroke riders don't give a shit LOL Next up was a steep climb, last time i done it it was wet today was easy compared to then everyone made it ok which was disappointing LOL From here there were a few more lanes with no photos taken, then into Llandovery for the two strokes to fuel up and a sandwich for ourselves Heading out west of Llandovery and done a few lanes I've not done before and onto another little stream which i forgot to mention was a little deeper than it looked LOL Stopped for a breather here Jason thoroughly enjoying himself testing the water resistance of his new boots There was a few more uneventful lanes with no photos before we were on the route home Stopped here on the roman road waiting for the others to catch up Steve still full of energy, when they did catch up the lad on the KTM two stroke had binned it twice behind us luckily only had some sore ribs After the roman road a few of us decided to check out the famous motel hill by going down it isn't any better than i remember this was taken just after Andrew had picked his bike up just doesn't show how steep it is No more photos from here, stopped to fill the two strokes up again in Sennybridge before the road ride home. I think everyone enjoyed themselves they were all still smiling and alive when i left them so that's a good sign
  8. If your relationship with the other half is ever on the rocks give me a shout i'd put up with any shit for a free bike
  9. I haven't a clue what that was/is used for would look good on the set of mad max though LOL cant even think where that would be located While looking for info on Llyn Brianne a while ago i found this video covering the construction of it
  10. @boboneleg One of my favorite places Llyn Brianne never seem to get bored of it. I was keeping an eye out for you and your gay tyres, They would have worked fine yesterday everywhere was bone dry. I thought we caught up with you going through the Crychan forest but then realised it wasn't you Because A) we caught up B) the guy and bike looked like they were straight from a catalog shoot C) the guy was tall and thin we had an eventful day and a great laugh hoping some photos will show up soon
  11. Well if you see us your welcome to join us for a bit to show them how its done
  12. We'll be passing Usk res probably mid morning. we will be a group of four Honda's a yellow DRZ and i think one of them orange things I'll keep an eye out for you as well
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