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  1. Isn’t that what you have tattooed on your butt, except only one N and it says full access to Corinthian sports club
  2. Aber mag rally in Aberaeron. hic! Buuurrp
  3. Good sky here tonight and no Pete I didn’t use photoshop
  4. Nice one Bob i haven't done those, in years this one they are trying to close
  5. It's not rape if he gives himself willingly
  6. MOT on the dog ran out today, i won't be able to get it done until a week today.
  7. I wanted to put a laughing emoji on that for the bus comment but couldn't because it's quite disturbing, Just seen it on the news and they showed a picture of a man they want to find, when i saw it my response to the wife was why am i not surprised
  8. There was talk of type approval being forced on us here in the UK years ago but luckily it didn't happen
  9. Did you find them outside a bike shop asking for a friend
  10. What about this one then its for sale £6k what a bargain
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