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  1. Is that Clive eating all your shit behind
  2. That's still relatively clean by the time we got home it was almost all one colour (brown)
  3. I knew you wouldn't let me down with the sexual innuendos
  4. The Beta bum boys dirty day out went well today, cool weather to stop us burning up on the trails and plenty of mud to slop about in I hate slippery logs especially when the ground around them offers no grip seen too many of these today Waiting for a pull its a little stuck My mate testing the water And my turn, look at the shit video from my mates phone the tight git wont replace it Photo of the bike with strategically placed gloves for next months BOTM Just listen to my bike purr on the trail, got to say now the suspension is sorted i'm loving it
  5. I just scrolled by beat that you wannabe Beba lovers
  6. Years ago before the computerised system they have now when you got pulled over they would give you a ticket to produce your documents at the local police station within 14 days. If i got a producer i would wait until the 14 days was almost up as i would usually be taking two tickets in to be signed off, My record was six for the same vehicle no matter how many times i told the pigs i already had one they would just say well you got another now. I remember the copper behind the desk going nuts when i handed in the six all at once because the pigs dishing them out didn't do the paperwork he did i just smiled politely
  7. Going to try and find my illusive bridge again. Its like a graveyard in here tonight or it would be if Yen was here
  8. Looks like the Beta Bum Boys are at it again tomorrow my mate just convinced me to go out again
  9. Looks like i'm listening to Tom Petty tonight youtube is selecting for me and i ain't complaining
  10. Just heard this mentioned on some crap the wife is watching in the living room thought i'd have a listen as it tales me back
  11. To be fair when i looked i couldn't see the number plate myself there was so much crap on it but that stretch of road is notorious for speeding bikes back in the day i was regularly doing 140 where i was stopped today. i don't normally travel on the main roads probably why i haven't been pulled before now
  12. I thought he pulled me because i was overtaking on chevrons just after Libanus heading home never mentioned the way i was riding at all just said he thought i had no number plate fitted
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