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  1. well as my mum used to say many years ago if you are to ill to go to school you a to ill to go out to play (if you catch the meaning)
  2. i saw yesterday the keyboard player out of depech mode has died
  3. strewth who is the dude with the top hat ?
  4. Dunlop are having the same sort of problems with their rear race tyres
  5. just read that the purple helmets are throwing the towel in and this will be their last year
  6. me too got to keep affording the bikes
  7. meat and potato pie chips peas and gravy / went to the eat in chippy next to tescos on sunday nice clean place good fish too
  8. never mind Yen thats given you the chance to buy some new boots
  9. and could do better
  10. awesome have a great day
  11. we certainly are many years ago i used to have a mk2 escort van with lots of lights, fancy seats big chrome wheels, kelly supercharger tyres, cb radio, side pipe exhausts and a bed in the back
  12. could always try a monkey bike
  13. yes no funny business
  14. ok i will try and behave
  15. like the dominator
  16. the gpz 9 looks good
  17. that doesn't look like a standard can
  18. are you expecting it back in one piece ?
  19. it's the 650's big sister and it looks well
  20. i will probably be taking the xt over to the mates next week to sort it out for putting it back on the road seeing as it's been in the cave for the last two years im looking forward to being on it again and also still looking for a gs
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