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  1. Absolutely right how dare they close the kitchen before he arrived i would have done the same
  2. Its your eyes then because that tiger is nowhere near any sea
  3. I have tried a heated seat on a motorbike it had me squirming around on the seat just too hot even with it turned down same effect with car seats for me.
  4. Our transit vans in work have that, will be standard on all vehicles soon i think.
  5. If you buy an electric car you can do that. There's also pre heaters that have been available for decades but you need somewhere to plug them in always thought about fitting one but never got around to it
  6. yes but what about the journey there and back
  7. I'll look forward to seeing it in a ride report that's not to a supermarket or is that too positive for this thread
  8. My wife's car has heated seats she likes them but i find it gets uncomfortable pretty quick with them on. Only thing i like about them is their good for taking the chill off the leather seats on a frosty day. As for a heated seat on a bike i cannot think of a time when i was riding along and thought, hmm my arse and ball sack could do with warming up its the hands and feet that get cold with me.
  9. Talking of photo shop when are we going to see a photo of your Honda shop purchase
  10. Your right Bob i just love the way it looks though This is the photo on the phones default settings
  11. If that was Canada whoever took the photo would have still applied a filter to make it look like that no photos look like that straight from the camera without some kind of setting up before or after
  12. My job today was just outside Brecon town it was 0°c and there was a frost on the ground when i left for work. On days like this the reservoirs are usually like mirrors and i wasn't disappointed when i got to Llwyn Onn res it was pretty spectacular After getting to story arms i could see down towards Brecon there was still some fog in the valley and guess where i was working Driving from the above to this was a bit disappointing, Fucking fog didn't lift all day and the temperature never went above 3°c, i was fucking freezing all day and you think you got it rough Pete LOL
  13. No i seem to have lost the enthusiasm for the bikes at the moment so i thought i'd just hang around here and troll you all day LOL
  14. Yes he's a member of the TRF so i'm in the Facebook group with him he seems quite excited about it
  15. But did you know i'm originally from Quakers Yard, i made the big move south about 35 years ago
  16. Used to cycle to there when i was in school to chat the girls up, we just called it flower as most of the locals back then did, I never knew it as Fleur-de-lis and years later a friend was talking me about the times we used to hang around in Fleur-de-lis and i didn't know what the hell he was on about and said i'd never been there, until he said yes you have we used to cycle there after school you know flower then the penny dropped LOL
  17. Sorry i'm allergic to that kind of pussy LOL
  18. The first time i used heated grips was on the XR they were the type you stick to the handlebars and put the grips over them, only settings were high low and off. Me and a mate were heading over the Brecon beacons for a days riding both on XR's, it was dark and there was freezing fog, i could see my mate reaching back to warm his hand on the silencer just as i was turning the grips from high to low because they were a bit warm, when we got to sennybridge our clothing had ice on it and my mate couldn't feel his fingers they were so cold LOL. I found heated grips made the difference between staying out or going home
  19. Damn right Bob, always used to play the hard man card saying heated grips are for pussy's and shit like that what a fool i was
  20. I use both and don't have any problems. with the heated grips and muffs i get away with my enduro gloves almost all year around. never have to use the thick gloves. maybe that's why i don't have an issue with the controls
  21. You need to fine tune them to see if you can sort the issue remember your earlier post you seem to have to do things twice to get it right well this is the first time LOL
  22. You just over thinked it, saving lives i am not what your dirty mind is imagining
  23. You will have to keep at it to keep fatty fed, she will eat two more spuds than a starving pig LOL
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