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  1. OH yes definitely a KTM but a new engine not the 390 marketed through Gas Gas https://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/new-bikes/gasgas-400-adventure-bike-spyshots/
  2. That's what he thought when buying it but it was actually a warning telling him not to buy it DTT= Don't Touch That
  3. Yes I've heard that hoping its not something that needs constant servicing like an enduro bike
  4. That reminded me of a story an old friend of mine told me, when he was an apprentice he used to have marmite on toast for breakfast in work everyday but somebody else was helping themselves to his marmite and when complained they all took the piss out of him, so he got pissed off one day and picked up all the dead flies he could find in the cabin and mushed them up in his jar of marmite the marmite was getting used and he kept up the moaning about it so whoever it was would still think it was funny and would carry on using it
  5. Just finished cleaning up after cutting the grass and the heavens have opened great timing
  6. I was wondering where my torch would end up dropped it in a sewer in Chepstow a couple of months ago
  7. That's just rip off Spain for you much cheaper in a civilised country https://motorcyclepartswarehouse.co.uk/gloss-black-chopped-tour-pak-top-box-luggage-for-harley-davidson-touring-97-13.html
  8. Do you want her in kit form or one piece the postage will vary depending on which
  9. I'd have thrown that bap away and just ate the mystery meat lol
  10. And rusty because there was no oil left to protect it
  11. I think i remember why i got it, it was because we had a new virgin media box and it only had HDMI and our TV only had Scart. We bought a new TV shortly after so it didn't get much use must have worked or i wouldn't have kept it
  12. I'll post it tomorrow by that i mean the wife will post it
  13. Cant remember been in the cupboard for years you can try it. Might be the wrong way round says it converts HDMI to Scart so not sure if it goes the other way as well
  14. I have one of those Bob Send me your address and i'll post it to you
  15. Having a clean up out the back garden and spotted a couple of screws in the gravel so thought i'd drag my large magnet around to see if there was any more as i don't want to get a puncture on one of the bikes, there was a few
  16. Listening to it now on the TV
  17. That's because you were distracted by something
  18. All looks the same on my PC
  19. Sky's looks good here tonight still raining though
  20. Ok Bob i was up and out early getting some decking boards currently burning the old wood store i pulled down last weekend bloody rains not good but unlike Pete it don't stop me
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