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  1. she has got a face like it
  2. yes the leaves are starting to go rusty around us too
  3. no but it would probably suit the roads over there , are you thinking of doing distance rides ?
  4. the breccy looks good though
  5. you need an enduro with grippy tyres (xr 250)
  6. no pun intended eh Pete
  7. i never was into tenting i would sooner throw a mattress in the back of my van its drier
  8. i once went through a place called conset county durham and there was a steel works there, and everything was covered in red dust trees, cars , busses, buildings all the roads and even people if they stood still for long enough not a healthy place to live
  9. yep my dad was the same he was an engineer and always wore a tie with his overalls
  10. and exactly the same for me too im jus not able to get out on the bike at the moment
  11. it looks very nice hope you enjoy
  12. and if it ever caught fire life could turn interesting
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