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  1. do you wanna be in my gang oyeahh
  2. and it looks like the laptop is going in again tomorrow its bouncing about all over the place and turning blue
  3. yep all the dispatchers used them
  4. is she a rock chick
  5. what a smart looking bash plate
  6. many years ago coming out of a night club in the middle of winter there was a hot dog seller so i thought i will try one anyway i noticed he had a blob of water on the end of his beak so after a while it dropped right in the hot water with the hot dogs so i sort of left the queue and the rest of the punters to it
  7. keep yer pinkies warm on a cold day
  8. think i will give it a miss thanks
  9. yes have you not watched one million years BC with RAQUEL
  10. yes you would have thought it would have been Pete
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