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Come on Down!


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At the risk of repeating myself, I'm still waiting for all you big mouthed blowhards to turn up here! 

I mean, what's so off-putting about riding with an old bloke who's nearly 70 and carrying a Hernia? And who rides a boring, gay moped with a top box the size of Wembley Stadium!

I know that in the past Dell ended up in hospital, Lyn had to fly home cos he was so traumatised, the two XT600's headed for Africa never got past the town, Pedro got Rottweilers set on him and was then incarcerated underground, Tony the Tools went into hiding, and two of Skippy's bikes ended up fucked. But they were isolated incidents! :classic_laugh:

So as nobody seems to want to show their faces then you'll just have to check out my ride reports! And dream of having the cojones to be able to do something similar!

Temps were late 20's so I had to wear my very thin (and barely holding together) 25 year old jacket! You know the one I mean, the ragged blue one that makes me look like a homeless person on a bike.

But on a positive note, I believe this pic is going to be on the front cover of "Rugged Individualism Monthly" in October!


We've gone from Granada province, into Almeria, and we're now in Murcia.......



Epic top box I know.......



Always interesting things to see here......



Seems like they've had a bit of rain here as I came across some potholes full of water, and soil that had run onto the road.


Then we got to the smoother stuff......


Inspirational photo I'm sure you'll agree!


You don't want to break down in places like this......no mobile coverage. So not the ideal place for Indian, Chinky, or American bikes!


Talking of breakdowns, this is the abandoned petrol station where I found the Beemer was belching oil out of the crankcase oil seal.


Fortunately no such issues with the Honda! It just works! No drama, no fuss, and no having to ask for help on FB owners' groups!

What @Skippy would give to have downpipes like these! Though what @Skippy would give to have a motorcycle that won't fuck up is probably a more relevant point.


So there we are.......that's how it's done! Now who wants some of this?

Come Here Lets Go GIF by The Late Late Show with James Corden

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