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  1. I thought the submission had to have a bike in it?
  2. You’d be surprised mate, the two Himalayans I had never had a single fault and that was after I bashed them relentlessly around the local trails. Maybe I was lucky?
  3. Played like a knob today but still managed a half decent score……..a natural talent clearly. Back at the bar and had a few lagers so now I need to ring the missus and ask her if she’ll pick me up………….brave of me.
  4. I reckon you shouldn’t hold your breath @XTreme
  5. Seriously folks, surely you fancy a road trip without getting soaking wet, freezing cold and spending the GDP of a small nation? Plenty to see and do down here………🏍
  6. Triiiiiiiiiiiiip! C’mon down………what could possibly go wrong?
  7. This is what happened when I showed the photo to our Labrador. My other dog asked if you were Welsh.
  8. More mountain bike adventures for me today. All easy-going trails but still required a bit of effort. Going to ache a bit tomorrow
  9. A few more options but I’m bored now
  10. How about these ones?
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