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  1. No class, that’s your trouble Pete. Just as a reference, here’s what a proper Himalayan should look like.
  2. Can’t believe she ain’t got handguards on that Himalayan. Fucking sacrilege
  3. I guess for me I’ve never been in a position to buy a car that would have excited me……..the nearest I got was a Triumph TR7 when I was 20 years old and much later an early Audi TT so that says it all really. Not much of a four wheeled pedigree!
  4. See, I was right. Bikes are about ‘want’ rather than ‘need’. I need a car but I don’t really want one.
  5. Blimey, someone’s been gossiping. Always partial to a takeaway Pete. Dunno, I do like a curry and of course there’s always an Italian…..
  6. I’ve had a huge number of big capacity, powerful bikes over the years including GSXR’s, Blades, Zx’s, R1’s and of course, a couple of Hayabusas. I can honestly say I’ve been a passenger on all of them as my skills and abilities are far outweighed by those of the bikes. Moving on and having recently picked up a cosmetically challenged, 23 year old CBR600F3 with only a 100bhp (on a good day) I cannot understand why 99% of us would ever need anymore. It’s still far faster than me and handles more than well enough for public roads. The problem is that bikes sell based on what we want rather than what we need. Mind you, that’s half the fun right?
  7. Keep me posted mate and I’ll tag along.
  8. What the fuck have you got on your feet?
  9. It goes everywhere the old XR250s go
  10. Royal Enfield Himalayan, cheap as chips, plenty of character, enough power for the dirt, decent comfort to get you to and from trails, more capable than most of us, easy to fix and crashes well. It’ll do almost 90mpg no matter how much you thrash it. Not only that but looks cool-as-fuck when you pull up next to the latest bit of expensive, light weight, made-from-unobtainium, plastic coated hardcore, purpose built dirt bike in your cheap, nothing-matches riding gear (that’s compulsory ) a minute or so after they’ve arrived. Oh, and you’ll laugh your tits off most of the time too.
  11. Enough said. …………..the miserable fuckers went and changed the name of the place a while ago.
  12. Fred’s sunset for me. Mean and moody. The sunset I mean.
  13. Here you go. I don’t think it makes it any better though?
  14. Hardly worth entering with this but it’s the only photo I’ve taken of my bike in September so far. Shame, as I’ll have some better ones when I go to the Sierra Nevada on Thursday
  15. No problem here (yet). Anyway, must dash to top up the car and two bikes and Jerry cans and garden buckets etc etc etc. Fuckwits, all of ‘em.
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