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Yens graveyard music thread


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3 minutes ago, Sir Fallsalot said:

I want my 40 seconds back that's as far as i could go :classic_laugh:

Yen starts with Dio and Foreigner......and then fucks it all up!

Disgusted Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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19 hours ago, yen_powell said:


They played at the Bristol bike show but the weather in the night was bad so i just stayed in the beer tent getting pissed. didn't even go out for the wet T shirt competition so it must have been bad.  It was the same weekend as Glastonbury so me and my mate rode down there in the day and climbed over the fence for a mooch about as you could back then 


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5 hours ago, Mawsley said:

Eat the rich, eh?

What say you, Bruce


Phil Campbell many years ago was playing in a local pub, My wife was talking to him after the gig and said you've come a long way from playing at Wembley Arena to the Criterion in ponty :classic_laugh:

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