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  1. Watch last last month. Tricky as it keeps going back and forth but enjoyed it.
  2. I slipped over in the ice this winter gone. I surprised myself how quick I was back upright before anyone saw me.
  3. Fine on my Mac using safari.
  4. I see there'e a MotoGP sprint race on this afternoon I'm also told Suzie's had some plastic surgery over the winter and it's not been a success.
  5. Found an excuse to nip over to Lowestoft via the back roads so after much moving and pushing other bikes and things about the domi was out for a bike test. I await comments as what I need to collect wouldn't fit down the front of my jacket.
  6. What is it with blokes, as I've gotten older I sleep less. I'd love 6 hours. if I had a night like that I could listen to Mandi more. I now class my out building as a garage as it has a garage door on it and it's prob bigger than Persimmon Houses are supplying. Got my toolbox in there with Mandi CBF and both my Tracer and TDM. Bit of a squeeze too. Prob is they're all out of MOT. The dominator has MOT but is landlocked in the rear garage shed as I've just sorted the front and rear calipers with new seals and stainless pistons with a fluid change. The rear res screws wrung out so there was a drill involved and now waiting for new screws. I can see some tie wraps doing the job for now.
  7. We have a lad on the estate with an electric bike. Christ that thing shifts. He's a very skilful rider as he can wheelie the thing for ages but yes he's going to hit something soon and hopefully injure himself and I'll be the first to laugh at him.
  8. Haven't heard that one, I've got a different bit that gets hard.
  9. Can still carry 6 midgets pillion and maybe 2 in the box too.
  10. Males are born with the groin weakness to allow the spuds to drop into the satchel at the right time. That weakness doesn't go away apparently..
  11. Keep it coming Saul, love seeing your playground.
  12. I used to have a smooch with a mate girlfriend to this. Crap song but the girlfriend had big tits.
  13. I smell bullshit, trust me you're paying labour too.
  14. Prob not far out. Did a clutch on a VW Eos a couple of weeks ago. Clutch kit was 180, Dual mass flywheel was 300. Couple that with garage rates and a grand is soon gone.
  15. Na, I could get passed that.
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