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  1. No, it's on the cards though. We disgust it just before covid. 32 years and counting.
  2. You keep hauling that gut in like that you'll have buttocks where your spuds should be.
  3. I've never married but might as well have.
  4. But the plastic would still be there for a 100 years or so.
  5. That middle bit sounds like a right bore, hope the both ends make up for it.
  6. Well I like them and there's a good forum of likewise thinking people. I had a 850 for a time and the carbs were a bitch. Talked into a test ride by a mate who tested a FZ1 and we both purchased new. 4 years later swopped for a new red one, 5 years later traded for a super 10. A few months later I went a got a second hand yellow one which I still have. They have all been super reliable, easy to work on and economical. Snatchy in the low revs but I've learned to ride around that, when I remember which bike I'm on. Front is a little vague but I've never had any probs getting it round a corner in fact it's far more capable than me.
  7. Genuine strat? Very nice, I'd be nervous too.
  8. Has that thing got a band wide enough to call a range.
  9. It seems the less cylinders the worse the low end running. Didn't think the S10s were too bad, mine wasn't anyway. Had 3 TDM900s and this one's the worst. Got bored of messing and just ride around it.
  10. Fun. It'll turn you into a bloody hooligan.
  11. What a pic. Have a great weekend.
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