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  1. It's not the regulators, generators are at fault. Not really big enough so over heat and burn out.
  2. Are you 2 are referring to the spiders webs, I can wash them off and they're back a couple of days later so don't normally bother any more.
  3. Warmer today so jumped on the spider infested dominator as next-door have builders in, noisy basteds. Finally got to see what these tyres are like off road. Some deep sand further along here and once I got my arse on the back of the seat all was well. However, trying to go around a big muddy puddle too slowly the back wheel slipped in and I was nearly in the bushes. Both these lanes I used to do every weekend, the start of this one is now single track and I suspect now a foot path only. I wasn't responsible for that pile either. All the times along here I've never noticed this before. Thought I'd read it when I get home but not that easy, will have to go back sometime. Tyres seemed ok. Feels like I'm to far forward when standing so just sat back down and bimbled through it all.
  4. Riding the Dominator today and while going through a couple of lanes I thought about the old xl600lmf I had. The engine was a bit tame for a 600, really under powered although it would get up to speed after a while and id would plod though anything. But the plush seat, soft suspension and the bike fitted me better got me thing about stuffing a dominator engine in it.
  5. I take it this is the brit gutter press?
  6. Got out for a bit lunch time. The sun over the beach makes it look nice and warm but it's a lie. Headed for some back roads and found supermarket like Petes. Ok a road as quiet as. A road with an impressive tree. A few miles on and I've no idea where I am and I took this pic. Only for the fact I got 2 churches in one pic. When I got closer I could see the one to the left was just a shell of its former self, Headed for Norwich for a cupper and home. Must admit the cold was getting to me, should have checked the forecast as it was much cooler than it looked.
  7. Sorry, perhaps I should of said month of reg. Thought it might help.
  8. Stick your reg No in here. Won't know about the MOT but it'll tell you the date of reg. https://www.gov.uk/get-vehicle-information-from-dvla
  9. Size of it you'd be beating it for a good while. As for the big DR I remember a mate having one back in the day but can't remember riding it. Ship one over Bob, I need to know what it's like.
  10. I said yes on the poll but the new tracer looks fugly. So tempted by another xt1200. Honda Dominators, not so fussed now I've had them for so long and know their list of faults. As for the TDM, I seem to go find another as soon as I trade/sell one.
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