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  1. Won't argue that but it got me home and as I was booked on the ferry the next morn it was the perfect bodge.
  2. As you know I had a couple of days to go see the daughter. Best start with an apology as there's not much in the way of content, you know I don't stop unless I have to as it was a boring blat down to the ferry and back. But once or the other side I dumped the bike and gear and off to the pub we go. Samantha says Hi. As you can see lovely weather although the wind was a bit keen. These are from the south west coast. We travelled along part of the route which will be the IOW TT. Riders won't have time to enjoy the views though. Samantha and Matt said hi. Stop off for dinner in the hot sun and than onto Gods hill, doesn't get much more picturesque than this. Stopped for petrol where you have to tell the "attendant" how much you put In as there's no screen to tell her in the shop, but they did have this old gem in there. Sorry, could hardly see the window reflection on the phone. We then stopped off at the "shop" where Matt got his Bandit. He'd told me of this place before with bikes and part over 2 floors of this unit and he now spilling out into the surrounding area. As always with me the basted decides to have a holiday, back June the 3rd. Gutted. We had a quick stop at Robin Hill, where Matt works and then back to their house. Don't think I've mentioned that they like on a street which it more akin to something Bob and fed would have fun on. I've been up and down it many times but this time I picked the wrong line and had Samantha on the back. I'd switched off the engine and we were rolling down to her house when we went over a large rock, this was the result. Basted rock Engine oil contents The fix was a trip the the local Halfords, fresh oil, some 80 grit, carb cleaner to get rid of the oil and some metal putty. This was the result that got me home, well happy. Got to decide on a new sump or get it off and weld. Bloody thing stunk of oil all the way home which kept me checking. Don't think I'll leave it as a repair but def got me out of trouble. It'll now be something I carry in the top box along with the tyre seal.
  3. Put your feet up for a while and have that nap. We,re getting older so it’s allowed.
  4. That was quick, you got nothing to do going to the isle of white for a couple of days see daughter.
  5. Just got on the ferry and the suns come out.
  6. Getting a monthly occurrence, Getting rid of guns won't do much as you can buy one over here for a grand, bet they're much cheaper over there. Bikes loaded so finish my coffee and off to Southampton I go.
  7. Just dropped a "weekend" food tablet for Samanthas goldfish that lives with us. Bugga hasn't left it alone, it'll be gone before the day's out then he'll have to go hungry.
  8. Talk is social media and drugs are the catalyst, how the hell do you shut them down. Was so simple when I was a kid. Just horrifying to loose a child.
  9. What the hell has got to happen to shut down these shootings over Tyms side of the pond, Just seems so random.
  10. You were right about the pics and you ain't finished yet ya bugga. Is Sofia always smiling, good girl.
  11. Easy mistake to make but you'd expect a little help after an error. Blokes a nob.
  12. That would be fine for me. Many dealers here need to make a packet on the tyre sale and the fitting/balancing. I don't mind fitting tyres myself so not too fussed. A few years ago while away Mandi got a puncture and we found an off road garage with a tyre in stock at the good price, wish they were nearer.
  13. Today I've been waiting for the electrician to finish off and he didn't show up. So as my daughter is off work after fracturing her wrist and is feeling down I've been packing a few clothes and checking around the tracer ready for a run tomorrow. Back again Saturday so hopefully there long enough to cheer her up a little.
  14. Yes. While working at the garage, which I couldn't get any real discount from the suppliers anyway, I'd price from them and always get one online. Getting rid of wasn't a prob as we did get a discounted service on them. Not many places around here doing bike tyres anyway although there's a new "Superbike Superstore" opened a few weeks ago a few miles down the road so I will try to support them if they're ain't to pricey.
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