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  1. I've just increased my vast tea stocks with a trip to Costco.
  2. The cash machine was in Brick Lane and I just thought, who would risk using that and felt compelled to take a picture. How would you even spot if it had been interfered with. The record was for sale, part of the scummer market in Sclater Street, the place where people just turn up and lay a few items down on the pavement in the hope of selling them. Usually items such as a single shoe (Bob?), secondhand polishing cloths (Pete?). It was only when I looked at the photo I realised the title on the record and the cover don't match. Plays alright though....I mean probably plays alright.
  3. I'm sure it will set up somewhere else. Lot of work wasted otherwise.
  4. I won't tell all, but at one point there was an egg on the deck of a ship and when I stuck my head into it, I couldn't see anything outside the egg, just lots of stars inside. I called out and suddenly a friend's head appeared inside with me as I had disappeared from their view to them, you can only see other people's heads and golden hands when you have the head sets on.
  5. Dali was excellent, the virtual reality part at the end is a bit overwhelming, loved it.
  6. That's the jobbie. I'm off to my friends' house tonight for a double birthday celebration, then up early on Sunday morning to get the bus and tube to Brick Lane with them. Roads are all shut in London tonight and tomorrow AND where I live 50 miles away for some stupid bicycle race, so no way can we drive or ride in. Dali is at mid day. Apparently there is an Australian couple on holiday meeting us there and I have to amaze them afterwards with Jack the Ripper facts and show them the local yahoos spray painting the railway viaduct. I may have to make some stuff up, show them Jack's old disabled bay, or Mary Kelly's favourite take away.
  7. Take him home!!! I'm still trying to learn his bloody name. I say the word kibbutz over and over again in my head, it's actually something like Janutz and that's how I remember. He claims it is their version of Ian, but he'll say anything to stay on a cushy number like this one.
  8. No, but we do have one, I will try and get a picture of him next time I'm there.
  9. I'm going to see a Dali type exhibition thing doodah. I loves a drippy clock me.
  10. I only know the name because there was a tv programme about him a few years ago. Unfortunately only the name stuck and that it was from the latin to drink.
  11. No, that's when he washes his bike.
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