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  1. No idea. I first saw it in 1984 when it was a blue and white Eddie Lawson shaped bike with GS1000 wheels, 850 engine and longer swing arm and motocross handlebars. Over the years it has been multicoloured like a 70s shirt with matching plug leads, it was winning rat bike trophies then. In fact I have found two picture from the 80s and the 90s of it. Same bloke, but without the orange shorts in the bottom picture. It has had about 6 different looks over the years before it got put under a cover outdoors for a few decades. It's been used for commuting, bike rallies in Europe, trips to the IoM TT and multiple touring holidays over the years. I have pictures of it in the snow being kickstarted somewhere.
  2. What have the Romans ever done for us? Love this picture.
  3. I forgot, on top of my concreting, birthday drinks and quiz I also helped move a 1977 GS750 (bored out to 850 I think) that hadn't run since 1995 from outside a house that is being sold, into a large van (yes, a van) and then out again to a temporary overnight location. Then in the morning after checking for any obvious old bill hovering about we pushed it through a nettle filled alley with the owner sitting on it in shorts to steer. He didn't half make a fuss about his lower legs dragging through the nettles, I was nearly wetting myself laughing. We then emerged onto the high street, had another look up and down before pushing it the last hundred yards to a friend's garden where it has gone into further storage. The brakes were not seized on, but on the other hand they didn't do any actual braking either which made it interesting getting it back down the ramp from the van. There was a little troll on the front and some sort of moss had grown whilst it was under the cover, looking like a little green wig. One of the pictures shows the concreting, you can see the GS owner with his non nettle proof shorts on. The GS was his first bike after passing his test in 77 so he is a bit sentimental about it and seeing it uncovered again has made him want to get it going again. The other pics are of work I'm doing in Fish Island which is the new location for arty type rich kids to slum it and draw over all the surfaces. A future Shoreditch I reckon.
  4. I did a pub quiz followed by a birthday drink on Thurdsay night after work. We always come second in this particular quiz because the usual winning team always ace it in the 'music intro' round. Strangely the team leader always seems to play with his computery type watch during that round, we are sure there is a connection there, but not being as clever as them we can't work it out. Then on Friday morning I did a zoom meeting with my boss who told me I have to give more work to my underlings even if they fuck it up. Christmas came early. Friday afternoon me and my mate were waiting to hear if a concrete mixer had turned up at a third mate's house as we would be laying a concrete base for a small shed. Luckily it was late so we went out to Birthday drink number 2 at the same pub, this one was for Ted, 75 this year. Ted is currently umming and arring about changing his bike yet again. These old codgers are never happy with the bike they have I have found!!!!! Saturday morning a little worse for wear the concrete mixer has turned up so it was 4 hours of shovelling, mixing, plopping and tamping down the concrete base. I don't ache as much today as I thought I would, must be because we dug the bloody thing out last week and there are no back muscles left to upset. Halfway though mixing and laying I got a phone call from Ted. Trying to get my concrete covered gloves off and the phone out of my pocket I missed the call, so had to ring him back. Turned out he was outside the back garden on one of his son's motorbikes to show us. I opened the garage door and there he was on a Suzuki 1000 V Strom which he is thinking of buying when his son's PCP ends soon. He had one about 10 years ago and got rid of it because he was having trouble pushing it about as he got older.
  5. Possibly here, he has the same look on his face that I do when secretly piddling in the shallow end.
  6. It's practically written off.
  7. Anything with a heavy butt in case it misfires and you have to bludgeon it to death.
  8. Excellent, Can you have two motorcycles in a bike of the month picture because that is one? That chiselled landscape is brilliant.
  9. They've taken it for one last last walk for old time's sake, told it to look at something so it turns its head, then a quick double tap with a pistol to put it out of its misery.
  10. I've got that kit, it's very good. Had to use it to dismantle guard rail and Heras fencing quite a few times at work, yet to use it on the bike though.
  11. That reminds me, I keep forgetting to tell you. Get some of those net type seat covers for the new bike Pete. They keep you back side dryer on hot days and should stop the 'ballcock' problems you normally get riding in very hot weather. I have some and they also keep your backside dry if you sit on a rained on seat, but I know you will never have to worry about that.
  12. I always had the feeling that when a nurse took my catheter out we are officially engaged. The old 'I'm going to count to three' routine (but pull on two).
  13. On Sunday I was helping to dig a hole in a mate's back garden for a concrete shed base. I dug out an old pair of work boots I had knocking about in my garage, they'll do I thought. Big mistake, within 15 minutes of starting work the left hand boot's sole decided to make a break for it, including a steel plate inside which I caught as I was walking and bent out of shape. I had a roll of duct tape with me so I got my mate to tape it up. That fell off after a few minutes so I did it again myself and this time really went for it. That stayed on for the rest of the day, BUT!!!! the other boot went after an hour or so and did exactly the same thing and I had used up all my duct tape. I had no other footwear for digging in (I was a long way from home) so I had to manage as best I could with a steel plate hanging out at a funny angle. I had to walk slowly lifting my foot high up on each step. I looked like one of those Dressage horses.
  14. I thought it would be a woman as well, I was surprised when he said it was a bloke. Husband of someone he had been messing with perhaps, or maybe the bloke was gay and had strayed? Or of course he could have been caught fiddling at Poker.
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