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  1. Hope it will settle. I wonder if a hypnotist could put you under the 'fluence' and convince you that if your three toes hurt you can squeeze your ear or something and the pain will stop? If you let us know before you go we could all have a whip round and add a few extra requests to your hypnotism. Imagine if every time you hear the word BMW you find yourself with custard filled pants and a banning notice from another local shop in your hand. Actually, there's this old bolllocks where if you have a head ache there's a bit of your hand between thumb and forefinger that if you press on it the pain eases. I know it's bollocks but it works for me. Maybe there is an equivalent place for toes, worth a go. Just googled it and it's a real thing??? "Pressure point LI-4, also called Hegu, is located between the base of your thumb and index finger. Doing acupressure on this point to relieve pain and headaches. Find pressure point LI-4 by placing your thumb in the space between the base of your thumb and index finder "
  2. Is on and off phantom pain how it was before or better than before?
  3. I was late back from lunch at work because I'd been skiving and thought I would be in trouble. But I walked in to find a portable tv had been set up and everyone was gathered around it and all telling me that a plane had hit a building in America. I think I was there when the second one hit, not sure.
  4. I did see it live once, in Plymouth. I had to have therapy for years afterwards. Very steep bank of seats so the row behind was at crotch level to my eyes and I made the mistake of turning round when I heard a loud noise. What some blokes will try to pack into unsuitable underwear is unbelievable.
  5. Getting a phone call mid week whilst on a day's leave to be told that my work colleague had hung himself the afternoon before just after he left work. A few hours later having trouble trying to decide if I had really taken that phone call or was remembering one of those realistic dreams I sometimes have but wondering how you can call people and ask that question.
  6. I have learnt a new word "patootie". Now, how to slip it casually into a conversation?
  7. You can leave it on the bike, the ferry has plenty of life jackets available.
  8. I am sure that some bike tail lights double as reflectors, but I might have dreamt that. Worth a try with a torch in the dark though eh. I had a similar circular doodah stuck onto my DR350 number plate many years ago whilst it was being MOTd. The bloke was just finishing up and he reached over to a box, grabbed one and just stuck it on. I asked and he said my bike needed a reflector and that's what they did when the bike didn't have one rather than fail it.
  9. I don't think would even know how to do that, never had to bother before, but you're right, life's too short to do anything else, thank you for a good idea.
  10. You know all this constant sniping back and forth is getting a bit wearing now, I've mostly been reading around it, but if anything it's getting worse. Why don't the main contenders just pm each other so the rest of us don't have to read it?
  11. Once his balls dropped he sat higher on the seat.
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