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  1. I didn't blow up when I switched the new freezer on, the wires must have been the right way round. This colour blindness can kill ya!
  2. Got a new freezer today, I've just wired it into the mains, switching it on around 5pm after it's sat for a while. I will do it fingers crossed and wearing rubber wellies, I hates electrics, especially the sort that can do you a mischief.
  3. You should buy a BMW if you don't like adjust..... oh hang on.
  4. Those Triffids always shit me up, you were lucky it didn't lunge.
  5. We could have a vote on it. But hang on, could people change their minds on that vote? We should first have a vote on whether people can change their minds on the Can people change their minds on votes vote and then go for the proper Can people change their minds vote. Democracy in action.
  6. I did, he was wearing some sort of branded Louigi/Marmite hat, he was one of the two blokes who helped Chris push my bike up the ramp because he'd done his shoulder in. I went with no panniers because of my experience in Canterbury the other week (if anything it was worse!!) so only had a top box rammed full, but inside was another bag squashed up with some bungees as I had been asked to bring back some Rum and Raisin Cider from the place in the same farm yard. However they had their shop shut, the people in the warehouse said because of Covid. They had shedloads sitting behind them as well. I've ordered it online now. The squashed down bag came in handy in the end though as I got given some beer today on my way home as a thank you for clearing a pensioner's front garden of a zillion bags of hardcore and half his houses floorboards last weekend.
  7. He had a good reputation and the other bloke with a good reputation was up 'North' and that was a journey too far.
  8. Well I arrived at this place and you know when you have that feeling you've been somewhere before, even though you know that's impossible, the place seemed eerily familiar. After about half an hour it clicked! I'd seen photographs of the bikes parked around. Yes Bob, after asking the men mooching about there if they knew anyone with one leg, they said ,"Yes we do, Bob, he works here!" So I spent about 5 hours at your workplace on Friday. As I had my luggage on the bike from staying down the road at The Hunters' Rest, I was sorely tempted to leave a note and a pair of pants draped over something you worked with, but then I figured you wouldn't be in for a few months so decided to leave that treat for another day. Bike runs lovely now, just as well, I have never ridden between so many cars as Friday evening. I rode 160 miles and it took me 4 hours, I reckon I filtered about a 100 of those, starting in some town near your work, Christ it was like London but more rural, then the M4 with accidents. road works, fuckwits etc, then the M25, the worst of the lot, God knows what caused that. But now I can plod through between the wing mirrors on a whiff of throttle in 3rd gear and it is steady as a rock.
  9. I'm off to the wild west tomorrow to get my ECU flashed for super smooth running hopefully. This is my third F.I. bike and my car is F.I and none of them run at low speeds as well as a carbed vehicle without a bit of fettling. I blame the EU or whoever pushed all the emissions crap through that the manufacturers have to meet nowadays. I plan to keep this bike for a long time so want it perfect. My Varadero was bloody dangerous riding round small roundabouts unless you slipped the clutch. I bought a power commander and with just the standard map the bike was transformed, smooth as silk when doing u-turns etc and no more cutting out as you slowed for a red light after a fast run. My Versys was a lot better, but nothing was ever as well running as my various carbed bikes, the ATs, FJ12s, the GPzs, all were nice when trickling if you know what I mean. My car never does the same thing twice when pulling out of a side road from a standstill, fly by wire accelerator I suppose, I either nearly stall it or rev the bollocks off it and I move my foot the same amount each time. Luckily I only drive that a few times a month.
  10. I saw them live once, Milton Keynes Bowl it was. We left early and I was jostled and nearly knocked over by the ZZ Top dancers cutting across my path in a bit of a hurry. They won't remember it, but it made my day!
  11. One of they ones with a beard.
  12. Seeing as he's popped his clogs
  13. Well his wife would remain by his side, otherwise she's in the firing line.
  14. Now I've found they are back together.
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