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  1. That's probably the bloke who knocked me off on one of the corners by riding straight into my back wheel a few laps later. Apart from eating a load of grit and mud from the speedway track as I slid along on my chest and face, the little finger on my left hand now has a bend in it, I think I broke it, it certainly hurt enough for a few weeks. A marshall had to get my seat back from the middle of the track.
  2. The word sperm just leapt out of the page at me..........................which is a bit worrying! https://spitalfieldslife.com/2022/01/17/the-metropolitan-machinists-company/
  3. I've had to pay to enter a few countries, including one in the EU. I paid a tenner for Egypt (cash only, had to be a new note I think) and there was a similar charge for Rhodes a few years ago. Turkey did the same I think, although that was a while ago. No country that wants tourists is going to bite the hands that feed it with anything too costly. I know someone who had been on holiday in Australia, spent all their Oz money and then got hit with a tax at the airport when leaving, her relatives who were dropping her off had to pay for her.
  4. Get a few spares out of the skip round the back! Drill a hole through two or three and bolt to your bikes. Then in the event of a repeat of the best motorcycle story I have ever heard you can use one as a 'get you home'.
  5. I've got that on my Kindle. My favourite is 'Deja Poo', the turd that keeps reappearing even though you have flushed multiple times. i recall reading it on a plane to Malta and nearly wetting myself laughing at the word Tummy Banana.
  6. I was knocking out some parking signs on KeySIGN software and had to use the Sign and Sub plate function which lets you choose the upper sign, gives a choice of lower plates and that you can put on a backing board for neatness. Saw this upper sign as I was scrolling down and realised you can edit the lower part.
  7. Let me know how it is. I haven't got Amazon Prime but if I can be arsed my son says I can sign in as him on my firestick.
  8. Himalaya Calling - Overland to the highest passes in the world. Amazon Prime.
  9. Every time you mention that place I have the same thought. When I was but a child my parents would go out shopping and leave me and my brother to beat each other up and annoy the dog (this was how my brother nearly lost an eye to an Alsation fang). I also used to play their record collection or listen to their audio tapes. There was one tape which I struggled to understand due to the accent (I was about 8 then), it was an unknown Scotsman talking about all sorts. He taught me how to swear in front of kids. By the power of the t'internet it's on youtube now.
  10. At least they keep our throats warm when they hide away from the cold.
  11. Con men have always been with us. https://spitalfieldslife.com/2022/01/11/billy-charleys-shadwell-shams-o/
  12. Did you not have a turkey then?
  13. yen_powell


    I have got blue eyes, although I once had one blue eye and one black eye when a tyre lever decided it wanted to ping back and crack me one. Note the contact lens sitting off centre, my right eye always does that.
  14. Not yet, but never say never. I do sometimes put it on the back of pads, but they seem to come copper coated nowadays. I also put a tiny amount where the pad slides back and forth on the mount/shoulder if it's a tight fit.
  15. Just had my lunch and this is what I have to look at, the foot of a welsh hobbit.
  16. Put some new rear brake pads in on the XT. Removed the reservoir bolt and zip tied it to the outside of the frame so I could watch the level and top if required. Opening the bleed valve and pushing the piston in with my fingers resulted in fluid coming out of the bleed nipple and rising in the reservoir, although not quite to the upper mark. Fitted the new brake pads to the disc, refitted the caliper and pressed the brake lever plenty of times to seat everything, then I put a tiny amount of fluid in to get it back up to the upper level. I was just congratulating myself and taking a picture of what material was left on the old pads when I saw the metal backing plates still on the old pads. Bugger!!! Back off with the caliper and fitted them on to the new pads. Luckily I could still get the caliper back on as they aren't very thick. 15,000 miles on the rear pads, still a small amount of material on them, but not enough to last much longer I reckon.
  17. This is how we convinced Charlie to get into this damp patch. He was a bit miffed when we didn't join him and went round another way. Legal byway that is!
  18. On my Versys I gave up turning off the traction control because as soon as you turned the ignition off and back on again it reset to 1. One day in the wet I set it to 3 on a whim. What I noticed was I could see the TC light flash on and off very quickly when riding over wet manhole covers at about 40mph. I could feel nothing as the light flashed and riding the same road in 1 and 2 it didn't do it. I put it back to 1 and left it at that. The only time I felt the ABS kick in was at walking pace on a deep gravel car park (front brake) when skidding wasn't really an issue anyway and I was coming to a stop. I've felt it on the car when braking on snow though.
  19. Just seen this picture on another bike forum. Sidney Potter (Poitier)
  20. I don't know why you were worried, you were going to wash the bike anyway when you got home. Now in my case I would have been cautious exactly the same as you were, but mainly because I would have to live with the resulting muck on the bike till the next decent rain shower cleaned it off.
  21. My 1967 drum braked VW Beetle must have had ABS. You definitely had no chance of locking them up anyway.
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