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  1. I thought it looked a little larger than before.
  2. I voted for that one just because it has a bush growing out of the throttle grip. That's class that is.
  3. Noooo, not the monkey pox???
  4. I've got a big shiny blue one, arrived today just as I was leaving to go for a site visit. I recall them saying they had to use up all the red ones first before they would switch back to blue.
  5. Made it back from my boat trip. Managed to put a very large dent in my passenger car door when I didn't see a knee high bollard in the car park this morning and drove into it. Just a few pics today, time for bed, I am shattered.
  6. From my sett laying detail drawing, including my rogue dog turd I try and pop in most drawings.
  7. Ahh, the IKEA home assembly road kit!
  8. Pockets are for:- Heart Pills Inhaler Spare truss Indigestion tablets Hay fever tablets The Observer Book of Polish insults Emergency Brasso bottle Emergency buffing cloth Spare emergency Brasso bottle Spare emergency buffing cloth Name and address written down in case he forgets who he is French Lesson cards for distribution around local phone booths (cash in hand) Bag of Werthers Originals (Grandad size extra large) Normal glasses Reading glasses Bi Focal glasses Spare reading glasses Teabag shop loyalty card with nearly all spaces stamped Castrol Oils loyalty card BMW Glee club membership card
  9. I'm going on my boat trip on Sunday, the one to see the WW2 forts. A delightful trip on a summer's day or four and a half hours of chucking my guts up, who can tell? I visited Strange Dave last night. He has a new part time job. He shoots rabbits, squirrels and rats for pest control. His gun sight has a video function, so I got treated to many rodent deaths, they don't know when to give up when shot, I'll say that for them. One of his regular jobs is a warehouse full of old loaves of bread which gets chopped up to go into animal feed. The piles are swarming with rats at night, he said it's nearly made him turn vegetarian as the bread must be full of rats' piss. I watched the gunsight films of mass slaughter, all the rats have glowing eyes in the night scope.
  10. It's the flared fannies and the kipper balls that let you know it's true vintage.
  11. I just thought the bike had a stereo playing cheesy 1970s porn music.
  12. Did some setting out this morning with a contractor and one of my underlings and the underling asked me how to set out a radius to two kerb lines that met at an acute angle which stunned me a bit. So on Friday him and underling number 2 (number 3 is on leave) will be joining me in a place called Barmy Park and we will be doing basic geometric tricks on the asphalt basket ball courts using measuring tapes, string lines and road chalk until they can set out any shape asked for. I learnt this stuff in a maths class at a run down comprehensive using a set square, pencil and a set of compasses thinking I would never use it again but it's been very handy over the last 30 years. I shall show them a few different ways to set out a right angle, a 45, 60 and 30 degree angle (for echelon parking bays), how to divided a line up into equal parts without knowing its length or doing any maths and how to draw parallel lines the quick way. The basket ball players will just see lines all over the court for a few days until the rain washes it off. The journey to work was a bit tricky this morning. With the rail strikes going on every fucker and his dog decided to drive to work, I reckon I did about 15 miles between stationary or slow moving cars today, so glad I have a motorbike or I'd have gone insane.
  13. Changed the oil in the shaftey drive wossname when I got home last night, then today after I had finished producing the work thing I went to Harlow to collect a new crash helmet I bought online this morning. Used a brand new junction on the M11 that opened this week. It is romantically named Junction 7a, I don't know how these dreamer types come up with these humdingers. Mind you the slip road coming back was designed by a Kamikaze, I think there is about 20m to either merge or die when it rejoins the motorway. I predict pensioners having to stop at the end if a platoon of lorries comes through with no gaps between them.
  14. Pizza, everyone should have a back up job.
  15. Beat me to it there.
  16. They're all in the RMT so easy to find.
  17. By the time they finish swapping out parts as they find more problems you will only have that top box left of the original bike. Henceforth your bike shall be known as TRIGGER'S BIKE. The terrible thing is, the top box is Italian.
  18. What are the chances of it pouring oil all over the garage floor, maybe we can narrow the manufacturer down?
  19. Going to be 32 degrees and sunny here tomorrow according to the Met's graph of lies. I've lowered my screen a tad in readiness for tomorrow's journeys. I shall still take my waterproofs cos they is lying bastards at the Met Office.
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