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  1. Now thinking I should of gone as Mandi wants to go shopping for window blinds. Witch didn't mention that yesterday. Doesn't she know BSBs on.
  2. Laid in bed this morn thinking about moving my toolbox in the passage to get a bike out for Matlock. Toolbox didn't move and neither did I.
  3. Bit late but happy birthday Rich.
  4. The white socks and sliders seems to be the latest fashion in the high street along with a BMW and pug dog. Looks like the socks have to be a dirty off white to.
  5. My misses is the same, and daughter come to that. I think they're cute.
  6. That one of the things putting me off if honest. Rather go in the week.
  7. Could be off to Matlock Sunday. Got to get a few jobs sorted around the house before I commit to it.
  8. Me too, linked via bluetooth to my helmet.
  9. I'd imagine the rubber construction dampens a lot of the vibes. Good cheap alternative.
  10. Been over a couple of times and still a little moving to see agin. Top marks to the French for keeping the sites so well.
  11. You can keep the food other than the eggs n chips, looked fine to me. Me and her have got to come back to that area again, we both really enjoyed the welcome and the roads. Bloody hot at the time though. Keep the good stuff coming and thanks for making the effort.
  12. ok spelling can be a chore.
  13. smile at demanding customers, that's me out then.
  14. Catteeclan


    Na, her next-door has gone out.
  15. Have a great day Clive.
  16. Same chaps that done the almost impossible gameshow
  17. It's fashionable to be WOKE.
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