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  1. Nothing to do with camera ability, just like to see a little more of the surroundings.
  2. Wider lens or maybe move back a tad could be good too.
  3. Bloody marvellous, and look at that sunshine.
  4. 7 euros, how will we ever afford it.
  5. That looks a good deal for someone.
  6. No bikes out here but we're going to Norwich to look at a new tele.
  7. Not interested myself but I'd bet pics would help.
  8. I've just read it was their underwriter thats gone into admin and they're still trading with another. Not that it helps anyone left without cover.
  9. The serviced one still stink inc those with a DPF, they just fully stick when they're regenerating.
  10. The torque and out right power will beat most petrol cars out there but we'll all die faster.
  11. The first bunch to have a DPF were the worst, they are better now but still need good runs to keep them clean, well as clean as a dirty stinking diesel can get. Norfolks a pain in the arse as we haven't got many good lengths of road. I find 50mph in 4th gear for 10 mins sorts out many of the newer models.
  12. Exactly, thats one of the reasons I walk out.
  13. Disappointed now, was expecting this.
  14. This is normal for diesels. Anything going wrong with the engine, Including the EGR, will stop the DPF regenerating there for filling it full of soot to the point it can't sort itself when the fault is repaired. The lesson is, engine light on, get it on a diag quick. Did a 2014 transit connect yesterday, managed to clean the EGR told the car to relearn it and forget what it's learned about the DPF. Forced regain timed out so its drive it and see. No lights or faults returned so I'm hopeful. Next step would be remove and flush DPF or a new one. Either way I'm doing neither.
  15. There is proper terminal grease but vas is just fine. Tayna batteries are good with plenty of choice. As they turn lots around you shouldn't get one thats sat around either. https://www.tayna.co.uk/motorcycle-batteries/
  16. Should of posted this one but I like the other one too.
  17. Mrs Krauss has just reminded me of the lady in this band.
  18. Catteeclan


    Manual gearbox, you'll be the only one over there who can drive it.
  19. Not the same lab is it. Perhaps they're missing the attention.
  20. There's been lots of rumours and plenty of info popping up and soon disappearing online with very similar details. True will come out but maybe not in our life time, which could be shorter than we think.
  21. Got ours in the shed outside, can do what it likes out there.
  22. I know that roundabout well. We had people come in the garage after hitting it. Maybe the peeps coming out of snetterton are the ones having trouble.
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