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  1. Doesn't mean you got a soul. You're still one of them.
  2. A lifetime of being ginger has made you a pretty angry and bitter man.
  3. Fuck off - I've almost lost two stone now.
  4. We kinda had it when I was a kid. My Dad objected to someone's planning permission to the parish council or something. It wasn't really stalking as such - but we had incidents: a pig's head on a stake in the front garden. Then there was the family car covered in blood. Then there was the flaming pentacle in the grass. Village life, eh.
  5. Why the fuck would anybody stalk me?
  6. I think two people ditching their votes for the chunk of shit farm machinery is funny. It should happen every month.
  7. Yes. But the residents of Little Rock are still laughing at me calling their state Arr-Kansas. Probably. Stupid people who can’t spell their state properly.
  8. He’s the same as all these conspiracy anti-vax cockwands, they’re all in it for the grift because dumbfucks keep sending them money for spouting bollocks. But yes, he probably fucks children or goats too.
  9. Is she the 7yr old from the beach with a crush?
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