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  1. That's ace. I spent a weekend getting totally fucked up with a Brit in Quito who'd sold up and settled there with six secondhand XR650s. He was living his absolute best life. Hope it kicks off for you, Grace.
  2. Wife popped on the latest Clarkson/May/Gerbil thing last night. I find the whole format a bit tired now but it delivered a few laughs at the expense of the French. Decided to look how much 2CVs are now afterwards. I bought one for a couple of hundred quid in the 90s when I got sick of falling off in the snow and ice on my commute. £7000-£15000! Jesus fucking Christ. People have seriously too much money/taken full leave of their senses.
  3. Mawsley

    180 !!

    Not if you’re one of those vocal people who believe prisons are like holiday camps.
  4. Mawsley

    180 !!

    We've got a mega-prison being built just down the road. All the locals are still up in arms because they're worried about cons in their back garden. Either they know something about budget cuts to the design I'm unaware of or don't get the point of prisons. There's something about a prison though. Well, for those of us who haven't spent time inside one. Princetown has always struck me as an incredibly severe edifice - especially when the mist is rolling off Dartmoor. Gartree too, which I ride by fairly often when doing my Rutland loop. For some reason they're never that happy if I stop to take a photo
  5. The only thing in favour of them here is investment value unless you like spending riding time constantly fettling. That, powerbands and daft consumption figures are not my cup of tea at all. Reckon if I was pushed, I'd go for ones not on your list, the Suzuki X7 or the RD400E - but for no other reason than I fancied one or the other when I got into bikes and wanted anything other than my piece of crap CJ250T. I reckon that you'd probably pick one up far cheaper that 2T exotica goes for here now, they command daft prices. Why you wanting two stroke?
  6. Better tasting than the stuff your Mum eats.
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