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  1. Monday and the tourists have all gone home. I'm going out for a ride! Dunno where to yet, will have to figure that out as I leave the driveway.
  2. Probably another reason why they rarely go over 45-50 mph. Slowest guys I've ever ridden with.
  3. Yup. They rode out here via South Dakota so that they could skip Nebraska (which has a helmet law) and not wear helmets the entire way out and back. The noise, wind, sun, bugs and other crap in your face is enough to make me wear one - crash safety issues aside.
  4. Shit, that thing isn't even road legal ! It's an off road side by side. In many of the smaller towns here, the cops ignore no reg, no lights etc of the tourist vehicles as they bring in all of the cash that the town needs to survive. Guy drove that into town from the trails to eat, get fuel, etc. Not unusual to see full blown motocross bike being ridden down the high street and cops ignore it. If the rider doesn't do anything stupid (wheelies, etc.) the cops don't care.
  5. It does kinda suck. But my bike would have a million miles on it if I could ride all year - I need the break!
  6. Yup - it'll be here all year, never melts completely. Hell, it just snowed about 3 weeks ago.
  7. Aspen,. being lower, was very warm. And it was getting dark. So I gassed up, said bye to my friends and hauled non-stop all the way back home, arriving after dark. Didn't take a single pic on the way back - sorry. But still, another successful ride.
  8. My wife's nieces are named Emma and Gabby - they're gonna love this pic....
  9. Tibetan monk guy at the top along with a lot of other tourists...
  10. Wish I could day that I was a fan of these bikes, but alas....
  11. Cooler but very windy at the Pass....
  12. Up and over Independence Pass on our way to Aspen for fuel.....
  13. Town was hoppin' though - lots of tourists in the area. The major roads were also crowded as people are getting out now that Covid seems to be over with
  14. Stopped off at the Silver Dollar Saloon in Leadville for lunch (see: https://legendarysilverdollarsaloon.com/history ) . It sucked beyond all that has sucked before. I haven't eaten there in 10 years and it'll be at least another 10 before I go back....
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