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Going underground

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Saturday saw a ride out to the Pentland Hills and surrounding countryside. Only about 100 miles in total but it was a good wee jaunt.

I went up a military road that led to a firing range.



Then I left the bike and walked up to Castlelaw hill fort and earth house. The earth house is actually a storage cellar and was in use in the 2nd century so is nearly as old as Pete.



@Pedro this is what the bracken is looking like now, I remember you commenting on a previous ride about it looking dead.




You can go into the earth house, the construction is pretty amazing considering it is likely built at a time when our Lord Jesus was fulfilling God's prophecy over Israel. 





I didn't crawl through to the additional rooms, but there some accessible for the more adventurous. Looked like the kind of place you could get bummed by dago midgets.


I took a circuitous ride home after this which included popping into Morrisons for fuel where they would not activate the pump unless I took off my open face helmet, I told them to fuck off and went to my local Jet station instead.




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Nice ride  @Buckster 👍 i had a garage do that to me years ago with an open face helmet on and i told them the same but started panicking riding to the next fuel station because i was already on reserve and didn't think i would make it. And another time i was told to remove my helmet i did but had a ski mask on which covered all my face they were fine with that though the dopey cunts :classic_laugh:

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43 minutes ago, Buckster said:

Looked like the kind of place you could get bummed by dago midgets.

Really? What's the best time to go?

Great report though!

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