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  1. yes i only use mine in the dry
  2. yep you dont hear much of them now
  3. i still use now and again my dad's old flying jacket he used when he was riding his 650 golden flash it's seen inside lancaster bombers that thing
  4. i saw engine in blackburn and dumpy's rusty nuts twice in the iom on douglas beach and the summerland
  5. i still have my original 76 fs1e number plate
  6. bring back OGRI MITZI and MAL plus KICKSTART
  7. be better if we could understand it
  8. it's the same with me with more crap news (MCN) its full of plastic rockets and adverts haven't bought it for years
  9. or become a lolipop person and only start work when you are 65
  10. well that's politicians for you i don't vote never have and never will
  11. not a chance never had a bike bigger than a 600 anyway
  12. the year 2000 Joey dunlop was killed in estonia after just winning his 26th TT
  13. that's not garbage that's Bobs slice of toast that got dropped
  14. do you mean the expensive coffee or the nice young lady ?
  15. oh well leave the cleaning till after the weekend then
  16. that front tyre looks a bit dusty Pete
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